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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board


The Rent Board is pleased to offer the option to pay registration bills online.

This service is provided by Official Payments, a reputable and highly qualified third-party vendor that will be solely responsible for the transactions on its website. To make an online payment, please first read the instructions below. If an online payment is a good option for you, click on the "Make a Payment" button. 

Make A Payment

Is Online Payments Right for You? 

  • Your Bill is Correct. If your bill is correct and you intend to pay the exact amount shown on your bill, online payment is an option. If you believe your bill requires an adjustment, please contact our Registration Unit at 510-981-7368.
  • Voluntary Option. Please note that the Rent Board still accepts payments made by mail or in person. Online Payments is an additional method provided for your convenience.

Types of Payments  

Payment Type

 Service Fee
Collected & Retained by the Vendor



 $3.00 fee for payments under $10,000;
$15.00 fee for payments of $10,000 or more

 e-checks are electronic money transfers from a bank account. To make an e-check payment, you must
provide your bank routing and account numbers.

or VISA Debit
or Credit Card

 2.5% of the amount paid

 Example:  If you are paying a $468 bill,
the service fee for the online payment
will be $11.70 for a total payment of $479.70.


Retrieving Your Bills 

You can retrieve and pay your bills on the payment website by entering one of the following:
(1) the property address field to add individual properties to your cart, OR
(2) the
billing code field to view all of the bills that you own/manage.



Paying Multiple Bills 

A shopping cart feature is available and allows for up to 10 bills to be paid in a single transaction. (Example: If you plan to pay 12 bills using online payments, you will need to make two transactions.)

In order to complete the transaction, you must pay the exact amount billed. You may not overpay or underpay a bill. 

Make A Payment

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