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To see recent changes in Rent Board regulations, visit the Rent Board Regulation Changes Archive page.

The full text of all Rent Board Regulations may be viewed at the Rent Board Regulations page or in the Board’s Public Information Unit at 2125 Milvia Street weekdays between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. except for Wednesdays when the hours are noon to 6:30 p.m.  


AB551 New Bedbug Law: Beginning July 1, 2017, Assembly Bill 551 creates rules for landlords and tenants to help control bed bug infestations.  Landlords must give notice to prospective tenants about bed bug infestation and prevention.  Such notice is required for all other (existing) tenants by 2018.  Tenants who report bed bugs are protected from landlord retaliation. Landlords on notice of bed bugs are prohibited from renting infested units.  Tenants are required to cooperate in the inspection and treatment of bed bugs.  

AB2819 Masking Unlawful Detainers: Effective January 1, 2017, Assembly Bill 2819 changes state law on the masking of eviction court cases, or unlawful detainers (UDs).  Old law made UDs publicly available if the tenant did not win the case within 60 days of when the complaint was filed.  The masking did not filter out UDs in which the tenant prevailed after the 60-day mark or had their case dismissed.  As a result, those tenants would be captured by tenant screening companies.  The new law limits what UDs become public to only those where a landlord wins at trial.  

Measure AA Amends Rent Stabilization Ordinance: Effective December 19, 2016, the passage of Measure AA has amended the Rent Stabilization Ordinance to prohibit owner move-in evictions of families with children during the academic year; to increase the amount of relocation assistance required for owner move-in evictions; clarify protections for elderly/disabled tenants; require filing of eviction notices; change the source of interest rates for security deposits; and clarify exemptions and penalties to conform with state law.

Relocation Assistance Payments Increase:
Effective December 19, 2016, the relocation payments required for Owner Move-In evictions and Ellis Act evictions have been increased to a minimum of $15,000 per tenant household and $20,000 for households that include low-income tenants, minor children, elderly or disabled tenants, or tenants who moved in before January 1, 1999. Learn more about the Relocation Assistance Payments for Owner Move-In and Ellis Act evictions.


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