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 November 13, 2003  


Community To Give Out Courtesy 
Notices For Parking Violations

Berkeley, CA. – The Berkeley Police Department is working to make pedestrian travel on the sidewalks easier and safer.  To do this effectively, the community is being asked help. Citizens will be able to place courtesy notices on the windshields of cars blocking the sidewalk. 

The Police Department has created thousands of notices for dissemination to the public.  Citizens can simply place these bright green notices on the windshields of cars that are blocking the sidewalk.  The goal of these notices is to educate the drivers of the vehicles about the hazards they are creating and the possible penalties associated.  The notices are a courtesy only and there is no fine or other penalty attached.

The purpose of these notices is not to discourage anyone from notifying the Police Department of violations.  Police Officers and Parking Enforcement Representatives will continue to enforce all violations, including vehicles blocking sidewalks.  Parking legally will help keep the sidewalks safer for pedestrians.  The penalty for such a violation is $47.00. 

Reports of these and other violations can still be made to Parking Enforcement during business hours at (510) 981-5890 or the Police Department at all other times at (510) 981-5900. Stacks of courtesy notices are available for public pick-up at the Public Safety Building, 2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

This community project will help protect a high quality of life throughout the city and increase pedestrian safety.  Lieutenant Bruce Agnew, head of the Traffic Division says, “We hope to spread the word as quickly and effectively as possible that blocking the sidewalk is a violation of the law and that it presents great hazards to pedestrians, especially to kids and the disabled.”