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General Information

Zoning Applications in Appeal Period
LAST UPDATED 12-03-2019 

Projects listed below have been acted on by the Zoning Adjustments Board or the Zoning Officer.

  • Staff has issued a Notice of Decision announcing the action, appeal deadline and appeal instructions.
  • Decisions on Zoning Applications may be appealed:
    • Zoning Officer decisions are appealed to ZAB
    • ZAB decisions are appealed to City Council
KEY: Guidelines:
Click on address to view the Notice of Decision  
Click on the Assigned Planner's name to email them





Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2019-0121   999 Anthony AUP to change of use from warehouse to Research and Development and (5500 sq. ft) and construction of 12,000 sq. ft. new floor area for R &D. Additionally, this permit includes designation of 10% automobile parking required for a use for bikes. Nicholas Armour 12-12-19
ZP2019-0066   919 Bataan ADU which exceeds 14 feet in height. Analisa Garcia 12-17-19
ZP2018-0153   1533 Beverly  Major residential addition over 14' in average height with the addition of a 5th bedroom Allison Riemer 09-03-19
ZP2019-0093   3020 College Existing 5-unit residential building. Eliminate one unit on a parcel over density and combine it with another unit for a total of 4 units on the parcel. Construct a new roof deck at the second story (addition over 14' and enlargement of a non-conforming building over density). Ashley James 12-02-19
ZP2019-0122   3015 Dohr  To construct a 422 sq. ft. residential addition over 14’ in average height to an existing single family residence on a 4,000 sq. ft. lot. Vicky Schlepp 12-05-19
DRSA2019-0014   800 Dwight Replacement of three illuminated wall signs Anne Burns      12-17-19
 ZP2018-0236   0 Euclid New 50' high monopine wireless facility with related equipment Layal Nawfal 07-17-19
ZP2018-0108   2422 Fifth Convert existing dwelling unit into a medical office. Construct duplex at rear of property. Waive one residential parking space. Sharon Gong 11-19-19
ZP2019-0134   2431 Fifth Establish a light manufacturing use making cannabis food products in MU-R district. Leslie Mendez 12-02-19
LMSAP2016-0002   2234 Haste Extension of unit into basement area with new exterior windows and doors Fatema Crane 12-03-19
ZP2019-0022   1284 Hearst Turning an existing building into an ADU. To convert an existing structure in the rear yard into an ADU greater than 14 feet in maximum height. Annelise Dohrer 12-17-19
ZP2019-0126   2348 Hilgard Legalize a 24.47 square foot storage room addition to an existing 908 square foot condo unit. Leslie Mendez 12-02-19
ZP2019-0183   790 Hilldale  Add an ADU to the basement on a lot with a frontage less than 26 feet wide. 
Allison Riemer 12-17-19
ZP2019-0065   1312 Josephine Legalize balcony and sliding door located within required rear setback. Annelise Dohrer 12-03-19
ZP2019-0042   1407 Kains Legalize the existing accessory building that is 75' from the front property line and above 10' in average height (Notice of Violation), and add an ADU within the existing building. Annelise Dohrer 12-16-17
ZP2019-0061   1581 Le Roy To make alterations to a landmark property including, (1) converting an existing K-12 School into a single family residence with 5 bedrooms, (2) establishing an ADU within the main building, (3) establishing a moderate impact home occupation, (4) adding 18 off-street parking spaces, (5) replacing existing fencing and constructing new fencing over 6 ft. in height, (6) creating a new deck over 14 ft. in average height and installing a hot tub on the new deck area, and (7) constructing an attached elevator shaft over 20 ft. in height. Fatema Crane 12-03-19
LMSAP2019-0004   1581 Le Roy  To make exterior alterations to an city landmark property, the Hillside School, including constructing new fences, off-street parking spaces, new window openings, an elevator shaft, and a new deck area. Fatema Crane
ZP2018-0058   1446 Scenic Construct new ADU on a street 24' wide Vicky Schlepp 09-19-19
ZP2019-0165   2693 Shasta  Alteration over 14' in height to reconfigure portion of the roof. New ADU within the footprint on lower floor on street that is less than 26' in width. Excavation within lower level.  Analisa Garcia 12-16-19
ZP2019-0154   2949 Shasta 930 sq. ft. major residential addition to existing single-family home, average height of 16'-3," maximum height of 20,' continuing a non-conforming side setback, including an ADU on the lower level. Additional AUP for an ADU on a road less than 26' in pavement width. Ashley James 12-16-19
ZP2019-0068   1403 Stannage Construction of two car garage in rear yard, modification to existing ADU per ZP2017-0079, and 8 ft high fence. Nilu Karimzadegan 12-17-19


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