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Transportation Division
Transportation Division

Parking Meters

Enforcement at parking meters resumed July 1, 2020. Meters are priced at a minimum of $0.50 per hour citywide. Rates are higher in some areas, based on demand. For a complete list of current rates, see COVID-19 parking meter rates.

The Telegraph Channing Garage (2450 Durant Avenue) and Center Street Garage (2025 Center Street) are open for off-street parking, with reduced hours (closing at 8pm). The Oxford Garage (2165 Kittredge Street) is closed. 

The City of Berkeley uses parking meters as a parking management tool, primarily in commercial areas and around public spaces or facilities that are major trip generators. Meters are typically used to improve access, promote commercial activity, and discourage long-term car storage. The City may adjust a meter’s hourly rate and/or limit the amount of time one may park in a metered parking space to encourage turnover and increase parking availability for short-term visitors and customers. Parking customers interested in long-term parking (over 2-hour, all day, or commuter parking) may park in the City’s off-street parking garages and lots or goBerkeley Value pricing areas around downtown Berkeley and the Southside/Telegraph areas.

Parking meters in Downtown Berkeley, Southside/Telegraph, Northside, and the Elmwood are managed under the goBerkeley demand-responsive parking management program. 

Over the years, parking meters have evolved from wholly mechanical devices to the state-of-the-art smart parking meters we use today. Currently, the City of Berkeley uses two types of meters: multi-space (IPS pay stations) and single-space, to monitor over 3,700 parking spaces. All meters accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, as well as nickels, dimes, quarters, and small one dollar coins.

For the City's guidelines on Disabled Parking Placard use, click here.  

Chapter 14.52 of the Berkeley Municipal Code describes rules and procedures for the management and use of the City's parking meters.


Hours of Operation  

On-Street Meters: In general, on-street meters are in operation from 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday including some holidays. There are exceptions to these general hours, so be sure to check the meters themselves and/or posted signs nearby to confirm hours of operation.

Metered Parking Lots:
Berkeley Way Lot: 7 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Saturday
Elmwood District Lot: 7 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Saturday

Pre-Pay and Sleep Modes: All City of Berkeley meters revert to “sleep” mode from the end of one operating shift until the start of operating hours the following business day. A “pre-pay” mode is available two hours before metered time begins. This allows you to park and pre-pay if you expect to remain parked at that spot once hours of operation begin. The meter will start charging time once the enforcement hours begin.

 Parking Meter Holidays 

Meters are not enforced on the following holidays:

New Year's Day, January 1 (Holiday observed on Monday if it falls on Sunday) 
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Third Monday in January 
President's Day, Third Monday in February 
Memorial Day, Last Monday in May 
Juneteenth, Monday June 18, 2021 (observed) 

Independence Day, July 4 (Holiday observed on Monday if it falls on a Sunday) 
Labor Day, First Monday in September 
Indigenous People's Day, Second Monday in October 
Veterans Day, November 11 (Holiday observed on Monday if it falls on Sunday) 
Thanksgiving Day, Fourth Thursday in November 
Christmas Day, December 25 (Holiday observed on Monday if it falls on Sunday) 

 goBerkeley: Increasing Parking Availability and Making Streets Safer for Everyone

 goBerkeley logo(1)    

goBerkeley is the City's data-driven, demand-responsive parking management program. Its aim is to improve the safety and ease of travel in metered parking areas by adjusting parking rates and time limits to better match local needs. goBerkeley raises or lowers parking rates to achieve 1-2 open spaces per block. Consistent parking availability means less circling, cleaner air, and safer streets for all.

goBerkeley is currently used to manage parking in five of the City's vibrant commercial districts: Downtown Berkeley, Euclid/Hearst, North Shattuck, Southside/Telegraph, and the Elmwood.

News and Updates 

On February 1, 2020, new parking rates and time limits will go into effect in Downtown Berkeley, Southside/Telegraph, and Euclid/Hearst goBerkeley areas. For more information, please review the February 1, 2020 flyer and the City Council Information Report

Following goBerkeley program principles, the goal of the new price is to open up at least 1-2 parking spaces per block so drivers do not need to circle for a parking space. Parking occupancy will be analyzed periodically to ensure that we are still achieving this goal. With the price helping to generate parking turnover, longer time limits allow visitors a consistent experience and greater freedom to visit the neighborhood. 

The goBerkeley Way

goBerkeley uses a transparent, collaborative, and evidence-based approach to increase parking availability, find the right time limits for healthy turnover and customer flexibility, and make parking easier to understand. In establishing goBerkeley areas, staff talk to local businesses to better understand what time limits may be appropriate for each area's blend of customers and visitors. After analyzing parking activity, staff adjust meter rates to ensure that 1-2 parking spaces are always available, so drivers don't have to circle for a spot. goBerkeley also increases driver choice by lengthening time limits in some areas, providing legal parking alternatives for those who need to stay for longer periods of time. In goBerkeley areas, bright, clear signs provide simple instructions on how long to park and where to pay, reducing sidewalk clutter and enhancing the attractiveness of neighborhood commercial districts.

Pilot Project Results 

goBerkeley began as a three-year pilot project to explore and test methods of reducing local traffic congestion, improving parking options, and promoting alternatives to driving one's own car. Results from the pilot project are available in the Berkeley City Council Information Report (5.7MB PDF) from December 16, 2014.


Interested in more information about goBerkeley? Write to us at

Parkmobile Pay-by-Phone Services 

Paying for parking in Berkeley is now even easier! Using the Parkmobile service, parking customers are able to pay for parking on-the-go via a smartphone app or by phone.

The mobile app for iPhone and Android phones is available at Parkmobile's website. Customers may also initiate parking sessions by calling 1-877-727-5718. Once registered, users can also choose to receive custom alerts and reminders prior to the expiration of a parking session, and if applicable, remotely extend their parking session. Click here for a video overview of the Parkmobile service.

How to Register

  1. Once you have downloaded the app, you will be asked to fill out basic information.
  2. You have the option to continue with registration or explore the app and complete registration at a later time.
  3. If you decide to complete registration, you will be asked for your license plate number. You can add up to five (5) license plate numbers per account.
  4. Lastly, you will be asked to enter payment information.

How to Pay by App

  1. Once you have registered your account, enter the appropriate zone code for your parking space, which is located on bright green stickers on the meters. At single-space meters, you will be asked to provide a zone code and space number, both of which are included on the sticker.
  2. Choose the duration you wish to park.
  3. Confirm your information, including location, license plate number, and payment method.
  4. Upon final confirmation, a ticker will begin counting down your time remaining. You may also be given the option of adding an alert prior to the expiration time, which will give you the option of adding more time to the meter -- up to the maximum posted time limit.
  5. Note: Your payment status is immediately transmitted to Parking Enforcement. Single space meters will NOT display your paid time, and the light will continue to flash red.

How to Pay by Phone

  1. Dial 1-877-727-5718. We recommend registering an account in advance (either online at or by calling) for a quick and easy parking transaction.
  2. Enter the appropriate zone code for your parking space, located on bright green stickers on the meters.
  3. Choose the duration you wish to park.
  4. Agree to the charged amount.

 Time Limit Enforcement

Time limits are strictly enforced and may not be extended by adding more money after the posted maximum time limit has expired. In other words, “feeding the meter” is illegal per BMC 14.52.060. Use these links for information on other local parking restrictions and California Vehicle Codes.

Parking Before Payment, or After Time has Expired
It is unlawful to occupy a metered parking space without paying. Per BMC 14.52.040, drivers must pay for parking immediately after occupancy of a parking space. And per BMC 14.52.050, it is also unlawful to remain parked at a single-space meter or pay-and-display parking space after the meter or your dashboard receipt has expired. Only stay for the time you pay!

Broken Meters
Parking at a space served by a broken or inoperable single space meter or pay & display station is limited to the posted time limit. It is not legal to park in a space served by a broken meter or a pay & display station longer than the posted time limit.
To report a broken meter or pay & display station, call 311 or (510) 981-CITY (2489), and provide the meter or pay station number.

Parking Meter Rates

The City of Berkeley has two rate structures for parking meters: 

  • In goBerkeley program areas (approximately 2,000 parking spaces in Downtown, Southside/Telegraph, Northside, and the Elmwood) hourly rates range from $1.25/hour in Value areas to $4.00/hour in Premium areas. Premium and Value areas are identified using color-coded signs (Premium areas are blue, and Value areas are green).
  • In all other metered areas, the hourly rate is $1.50. Other metered areas in Berkeley include Solano Avenue, Telegraph Avenue, Claremont & Ashby, College & Alcatraz, San Pablo Avenue, the Gilman District, and University Avenue. 

 goBerkeley Program Areas and Rates

Current goBerkeley program locations and rates are described below.   


goBerkeley Area

 Rate Zone

Parking Location

Hourly Rate

  Maximum Time Limit

Downtown Berkeley


Hearst Avenue (North) to Bancroft Way (South), between Oxford Street (East) and MLK Jr. Way (West)  


2 hours


Bancroft Way (North) to Dwight Way (South), between Fulton Street (East) and Milvia Street (West)


8 hours



Bancroft Way (North) to Durant Ave (South), between Piedmont Avenue (East) and Fulton Street (West)  
Durant Ave (North) to Dwight Way (South), between Bowditch St (East) and Dana St (West)


2 hours


Durant Ave (North) to Dwight Way (South), between College Avenue (East) and Bowditch Street (West)


8 hours 

Northside (Euclid/Hearst)


Ridge Road (North) to Hearst Ave (South), from Le Roy Ave (East) and to Scenic Ave (West);
Hearst Ave 2200 & 2600 Blocks


2 hours


Scenic Ave (1800 block)


4 hours



Stuart Street (North) to Webster Street (South), between Piedmont Avenue (East) and Benvenue Avenue (West)   


3 hours


Elmwood Parking Lot


3 hours

North Shattuck      Premium Rose Street (North) to Hearst Avenue (South), between Oxford Street (East) and Milvia Street (West)    $2.00 3 hours
(Effective February 1, 2020.)  

Other Citywide Parking Areas and Rates

Non goBerkeley program locations and rates are described below. 

Metered Area  Metered Area Boundaries  Hourly Rate   Time Limits 

Solano Avenue 

The Alameda (East) to Tulare Street (West), between Tacoma & Catalina Avenues (North) and Marin Avenue (South)  


30 mins. to 2 hrs.  

Telegraph Avenue  

Telegraph from Dwight Way (North) to Woolsey Street (South), to Regent Street (East)
Regent Street between Ashby Avenue (North) and Prince Street (South)
2400 block of Blake Street 


30 mins. to 2 hrs.  


Ward Street (North) to Essex Street (South), between Shattuck Avenue (East) and Adeline Street (West) 


30 mins. to 2 hrs. 

Claremont & Ashby

Russell Street (North) to Ashby Avenue (South), between Domingo Avenue (East) and Claremont Avenue (West) 


30 mins. to 1 hr. 

College & Alcatraz 

Vicinity of intersection of College Avenue & Alcatraz Avenue north of the Berkeley city line 


1 hour 

San Pablo Avenue 

San Pablo Avenue between Harrison Street (North) and Heinz Avenue (South) 


30 mins. to 2 hrs.  

Gilman District 

9th Street, 10th Street and Camelia Street south of Gilman Street  


30 mins. to 2 hrs.  

Fourth Street 

Fourth Street between Virginia Street (North) and Hearst Avenue (South) 


30 mins. to 2 hrs.  

University Avenue 

Hearst Avenue (North) to Addison Street (South), between MLK Jr Way (East) and 3rd Street (West) 


30 mins. to 2 hrs.  


Payment Increments And Credit/Debit Card Minimum Payment 

When using a credit/debit card payment option, all meters require a 12-minute minimum transaction time. All City of Berkeley meters accept coins, credit and debit cards. Coins do not require a 12-minute transaction minimum. The table below shows parking meter coin increments by meter rate.

goBerkeley Premium


$3.50 or $4.00

goBerkeley Premium


$2.75 or $2.00




4-Hour or 8-Hour



3 Hour


Up to 2 hours


1 Nickel = 1 min  

1 Dime = 2 min  

1 Quarter = 4 min 

1 Nickel = 1 min 

1 Dime = 2 min  

1 Quarter = 5 min

1 Nickel = 1 min   

1 Dime = 2 min   

1 Quarter = 5 min

1 Nickel = 2 min  

1 Dime = 5 min   

1 Qrtr = 12 min 

1 Nickel = 2 min
1 Dime = 4 min  

1 Qrtr = 10 min

Parking Meter Revenue 

Revenue collected from on-street parking operations is used to support City services. Currently, parking meter revenue is used to fund Parking Enforcement operations of the Berkeley Police Department.

Meter Maintenance

The City's Public Works Department has a Meter Maintenance Team consisting of a Supervisor and 8 staff people who are responsible for the collection of revenues, as well as the maintenance and repair of the City’s on-street meters. The Meter Maintenance Team is responsible for routinely replacing meter batteries, lubricating locks, maintaining meter identification numbers, replacing domes and removing graffiti from meters and poles.  

Whenever the Meter Maintenance Team finds a vehicle parked at a malfunctioning meter, they initiate repair and place the maximum time on the meter.  However, the maximum time you can park in a meter space (during enforcement hours) is the maximum time allowed if the meter were functioning (e.g.1 hour; 2 hours).  Therefore, you run the risk of getting a ticket if you are parked at a malfunctioning meter longer than this allotted time – functioning or not.

If you have any questions for the Meter Maintenance Team, please use our Online Service Center, call  311, or (510) 981-CITY (2489).

How to Use Berkeley’s Parking Meters

Multi-space Pay Stations 

 IPS Pay Station machines accept 3 convenient forms of payment:

  1. Coins (nickels, dimes, quarters, small one-dollar coins)
  2. Credit card (Visa or Master Card) 12-minute minimum transaction required
  3. Debit card (w/credit card logo) 12-minute minimum transaction required

Payment instructions, and hours of operation are posted at each pay station. 

            IPS Multi-Space Meter    

 At the meter you need to: 
  1.  Pay for the time you need to park.
  2. If using credit/debit card, adjust time when prompted on screen.
  3.  Press the green button (“OK”).
  4.  Place your receipt ticket on the driver side dash of you vehicle (face up).
  5.  Return to your vehicle before your time expires.

Multi-space Pay Station Receipt Ticket

Single-Space Meters 

Single space meters feature an illuminated display to view parking rates, hours, time limit and other important information.

Single space meters accept 3 convenient forms of payment:

  1. Coins (nickels, dimes, quarters, small one-dollar coins)
  2. Credit card (Visa or Master Card) 12 minute minimum transaction required
  3. Debit card (with credit card logo) 12 minute transacation required.  

Payment instructions, and hours of operation are posted at each meter. 

 IPS Credit Card enabled meter   

At the meter, you need to:

  1. Pay for the time you need to park.
  2. If using a credit/debit card, adjust time when prompted on screen with  Add/Plus and  Less/Minus buttons.
  3.  Press green ok button.
  4. Return to your vehicle before your time expires

Parking Meter Signs and Decals

goBerkeley Zones You can tell you are in a goBerkeley zone when you see signs like this:

 goBerkeley 2hr parking sign  goBerkeley 8hr parking sign

Multi-space Pay Stations

 IPS Multi-Space Meter 

On blocks with pay stations, signs are posted to direct users to "Pay to Park” with arrows pointing towards the closest pay station (Figure 1a). In non-goBerkeley parking areas, green and white regulation signs advise of the zone limits for areas (Figure 1b). If an arrow is not present on the zone limit sign, the limit is enforced for the entire block. 

  EZParking Sign A- 90 Minute Zone       
Diagram 1a

 EZ Parking sign B 
Diagram 1b


In non-goBerkeley areas, "Pay Here for Parking" signs are posted above each pay station (Diagram 1d and 1e):

        ParkEZ Station Location Sign A      

Diagram 1d  

    ParkEZ LocationB-90 minutes         

                   Diagram 1e 


      Enforcement Info Sign     

  Informational Signs with enforcement rules        

Restricted Parking Rules - Sample
 at Farmers Market Location 
 Diagram 2b-Farmer's Market Location  

Single-Space Meters 

Parking rate and hours of operation information is displayed on screen at the head, or crown, of the meter as shown below (Diagram 4a).

          Diagram 4a - IPS Display ScreenDiagram 4a


 Diagram 4C - Duncan Meter Decal - Time Limits Enforced(1)  
Diagram 4c


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