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City Council District 3
City Council District 3

Council Items

Date Items Authored
Vote Pass?
7/25 Referral to the City Manager and the Planning Commission: Adeline Corridor Community Benefits Ordinance
8-0-0 Yes
7/25 8-0-0 Yes
7/11 Referral to the Community Environmental Advisory Commission: Cigarette Butt Pollution Prevention Program in South Berkeley 8-0-0 Yes
7/11 Support for AB 932 – Bill Giving San Francisco and San Diego Flexibility to Build Shelters and Transitional Housing for Unsheltered Homeless Resident 8-0-0 Yes
7/11 Support for SB 33: Bill Prohibiting Financial Institutions from Forcing Consumers to Give up Legal Rights when the Bank has Committed Intentional Fraud Against Them 8-0-0 Yes
Amendments to the Housing Retention Program
8-0-0 Yes
6/13 Electric Vehicle Charging Ordinance
8-0-0 Yes
6/13 Direction to the Children, Youth, and Recreation Commission: Tackle the Summer Learning Loss for Elementary School Children 8-0-0 Yes
5/31 Expedite the Process of Beacon Lights at Dwight Way & California 8-0-0 Yes
5/30 Referral to the Parks and Waterfront Commission: Greg Brown Park 8-0-0 Yes
5/16 Month of Inclusion – Proclaim May 2017 as a Month Of Inclusion in Recognition of the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Harm Caused by Racially Discriminatory Immigration Measures, and to Honor the Contributions of All Immigrants and Refugees Who Have Enriched Our Communities 8-0-0 Yes
5/16 Referral to the Labor Commission and the Commission on the Status of Women: Paid Family Leave Ordinance 8-0-0 Yes
4/25 Budget Referral: Wearable Body Cameras for Berkeley Police Department Officers 8-0-0 Yes
4/25 Support AB 946 Resist the Wall Act 8-0-0 Yes
4/25 Budget Referral: Approximately $75,000 to Fund a Feasibility Study and an Impact Analysis Regarding the Creation of an African-American Holistic Resource Center in South Berkeley 8-0-0 Yes
4/25 Anti-Displacement Public Advocate 8-0-0 Yes
4/4 Referral to the Public Works Commission and the Commission on Aging: Rename the South Berkeley Senior Center the “Henry Ramsey Jr. South Berkeley Senior Center” 8-0-0 Yes
3/14 Bridges Not Walls -- Resolution denouncing the Presidential Executive Order to Build a US-Mexico border wall; and directing the City of Berkeley to divest from all companies involved with designing, building, or financing any such wall   8-0-0 Yes
2/28 Refer to Homeless Commission: "Research Grants and Other Sources of Funding for the City's Homeless Services"   8-0-0 Yes
2/14 Direction to City Manager: “Step Up Housing” Initiative - Supportive Housing for Homeless and Very Low-Income People 8-0-0 Yes
2/14 Black History Month and Berkeley Juneteenth Festival: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Fund to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds 8-0-0 Yes
1/24 Budget Referral: “Berkeley Inclusion in Opportunity Index” - Request Availability Study to Achieve Equity in City Contracting 8-0-0 Yes


Date Items Co-Sponsored
Vote Pass?
7/25 Land Value Recapture Policy and Inclusion in the Adeline Corridor Plan   7-0-0 Yes
7/25 Support SB 169: Strengthening Enforcement of Sex Equity in Schools Receiving State Financial Assistance 7-0-0 Yes
7/11 Support of AB 214: Postsecondary Education, Student Hunger 8-0-0 Yes
6/27 Referral to Community Environmental Advisory Commission and Energy Commission: Residential Wind Turbines 8-0-0 Yes
6/27 Official City Sponsor of 2017 Berkeley High School All-Class Reunion: Relinquishment of Council Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Fund 8-0-0 Yes
6/13 Referral to the Commission on the Status of Women and the Labor Commission: Banning Prior Salary Considerations on Job Applications in the City of Berkeley 8-0-0 Yes
6/13 Referral to the City Manager to Provide a Bi-Annual Housing Pipeline Report 8-0-0 Yes
6/13 Adding Threat of Displacement of a Berkeley Resident to the Current Income Qualification Guidelines Which Would Place an Applicant in Priority Status for BMR (Below Market Rate) Units 8-0-0 Yes
6/13 Support of Assembly Bill 1701 (Thurmond)
8-0-0 Yes
6/13 Support of Energy Upgrade California
8-0-0 Yes
5/30 A Ban On The Use of Plastic Straws in Berkeley 8-0-0 Yes
5/30 Establish Socially Responsible Investment Policies 8-0-0 Yes
5/16 Against HB 142: North Carolina’s Inadequate Repeal of the HB2 Transgender Bathroom Bill 8-0-0 Yes
5/16 Prioritizing Pedestrians at Intersections 8-0-0 Yes
5/16 Budget Referral: Feasibility Study for the Construction of Affordable Senior Housing 8-0-0 Yes
5/16 Supporting Environment California’s Statewide Goal of 100% Renewable Energy 8-0-0 Yes
5/16 Joining the National League of Cities Letter to the President Regarding the Protection of Our Environment #Cities4Climate 8-0-0 Yes
5/2 Support of AB 71: Bring California Home Act 7-0-1 Yes
5/2 Support of SB 179: Gender Identity: Female, Male, or Nonbinary 8-0-0 Yes
5/2 Budget Referral for the César Chávez Solar Calendar 8-0-0 Yes
5/2 Support AB 391 (Chiu &Gomez) – Medi-Cal: Asthma Preventive Service 8-0-0 Yes
5/2 Referral to Planning Commission to Provide Ordinance Language for the Creation of Junior ADUs 8-0-0 Yes
5/2 Oppose HR 38 (Hudson) and S 446 (Cornyn), the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 8-0-0 Yes
5/2 Referral to the Budget Process: Funding for Anti-Displacement Programs 8-0-0 Yes
5/2 Support of AB 45, California School Employee Housing Assistance Program 7-0-1 Yes
4/25 Defense of the Fair Housing Act 8-0-0 Yes
4/25 Support AB 291 Immigrant Tenant Protection Act 8-0-0 Yes
4/25 Comprehensive Study of Emergency Services Call Center, Staffing and Development Systems 8-0-0 Yes
4/25 Support of AB 42 and SB 10, the California Money Bail Reform Act 8-0-0 Yes
4/25 Budget Referral: Equitable Planning & Development Proposal 8-0-0 Yes
4/25 Referral to the City Manager: Adopt Section 8 Landlord Incentives 8-0-0 Yes
4/25 Oppose President Trump’s Proposed 2018 Budget 8-0-0 Yes
4/25 Citywide Restaurant Event to Support Deportation Defense: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds 8-0-0 Yes
4/25 Budget Referral: $25,000 to the FY 2017/18 Budget Process for SupplyBank.Org to Expand School Supply Distribution 8-0-0 Yes
4/4 Fresh Start Resolutions: Reconstitution of the Board of Library Trustees, by removal and replacement of President Julie Holcomb 6-2-1 Yes
4/4 Fresh Start Resolutions: Reconstitution of the Board of Library Trustees, by removal and replacement of Vice President Jim Novosel   5-3-1 Yes
4/4 Signage Ordinance, Amending Berkeley Municipal Code to Install Signage at Tarea Hall Pitman Library (cont.)
8-0-0 Yes
3/28 Support AB 1316 (Quirk and Weber) Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention 8-0-0 Yes
3/28 Support for the Investigation to Impeach Donald Trump 8-0-0 Yes
3/14 Non-Citizen Voting in Berkeley Elections   8-0-0 Yes
3/14 Resolution opposing religious and ethnic registries, participation in the federal executive order of an immigration ban, and restricting the use of city resources to support such registries and bans. 8-0-0 Yes
3/14 Tenant Protection Ordinance
8-0-0 Yes
3/14 Potential Recreational Opportunities at Willard Park and Pool
2/28 Proclamation in Honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day   8-0-0 Yes
2/28 Supporting CA Assembly Bill 43 - State Incarceration Prevention Fund 8-0-0 Yes
Small Sites Acquisition Program and Tenant Opportunity to Purchase 8-0-0 Yes
1/31 Supporting HR 5 and SR 9 in Support of Planned Parenthood 8-0-0 Yes
1/24 Support for SB 54 California Values Act   8-0-0 Yes
Financial and Infrastructure Opportunities Workshop 8-0-0 Yes
1/24 Socially Responsible Banking Services for the City of Berkeley
8-0-0 Yes
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