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Worthington Authored and Sponsored Items

Below is a general listing of council items authored or sponsored by Kriss Worthington. For more information, please contact our City Council office at kworthington@ci.berkeley.ca.us or (510)981-7170.

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Date Item Vote Pass?
4/22 Support of HR 2831, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2007 (PDF)  7-0-2 yes
4/22 Sponsorship of Annual Celebration of Berkeley Conscientious Objectors and War Resisters Day (PDF)  8-0-1 yes
4/22 Opposition to Initiative 1326, Runner Initiative (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
4/22 Sponsorship of 6th Annual Holocaust Remembrance Day Event and Approval of Proclamation (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
4/22 Support Assembly Bill 2586, Protections for Tenants in Foreclosed Properties (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
4/22 City Sponsorship of the 2008 Rainbow Berkeley LGBT Pride Celebration on May 18th (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
3/25 Urging Chinese Government to End its Violent Suppression of Peaceful Demonstrations in Tibet 7-0-2 yes
3/25 Support of Re-Establishing an East Bay Public Safety Corridor Partnership 9-0 yes
3/25 Support of Human Rights Torch Relay 7-0-2 yes
3/25 Restore Civic Arts Coordinator position at full-time 6-2-1 yes
3/25 Opposing "Ban on Killing a Viable Unborn Baby Prior to Birth Act"  5-0-4 yes
3/25 Support for Global Marshall Plan  7-0-2 yes
3/11 Letter to Canadian Officials Requesting Sanctuary for US War resisters 8-0-1 yes
3/11 Opposing Governor Schwarzenegger's Proposed 08-09 Budget 8-0-1 yes
2/26  Condemn Construction of Border Wall 7-2 yes
2/26 Use of Berkeley Veterans Building for Veterans Activities 9-0 yes
2/26 Support Proposition 99, Homeowners Protection Act 9-0 yes
2/12 Sponsorship of 2008 Bike to Work Day 9-0 yes
2/12 Enforcement of Agricultural Workplace Safety Laws 9-0 yes
2/12 Proclamation: February 2008 as Freedom to Marry Month 9-0 yes
1/29 Medical Cannabis Sanctuary Resolution and Opposing U.S. DEA Raids 9-0 yes
1/29  Reaffirmation - US Record of Armenian Genocide 9-0 yes
1/29 Condemn Construction of Border Wall - US-Mexico Border 9-0 yes
1/15 Opposition to the Nomination of Richard Honaker to the U.S. District Court of Wyoming 9-0 yes
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Date Item Vote Pass?
12/18 Budget Referral: Violence Prevention and Response Plan referred  
12/18 Support of Oil Independent Berkeley 9-0-0 yes
12/11 Support Proposition 92 9-0-0 yes
12/11 Support for Prevention Through Affordable Access Act 9-0-0 yes
12/11 Recommend Policies to Address Foreclosures and Subprime Lending 9-0-0 yes
12/11 Opposition to Unfair Gaming Initiatives, Propositions 94-97 9-0-0 yes
12/11 Opposition to Initiative 1248 - California Property Owners and Farmland Protection Act 9-0-0 yes
11/27 Opposing Land Lease Near Teshekpuk Lake in Alaskan National Petroleum Reserve 8-1-0 yes
11/27 Support Increased Internet Access and Protections for Workers and Consumers 7-1-1 as amended yes
11/27 Urging State Department of Pesticide Regulation to Refuse Approval of Methyl Iodine 9-0-0 yes
10/23 Political Situation in Myanmar/Burma 9-0-0 yes
10/23 Reinstating Funding for Berkeley Food and Housing Project 9-0-0 yes
10/09 Letter in Support of Jena 6 9-0-0 yes
10/09 Iraq Moratorium 9-0-0 yes
10/09 Increase Percentage of Bio-Diesel Fuels for City Vehicles 9-0-0 yes
9/11 Boycott Valley Power Systems Inc. 9-0-0 yes
9/11 Supporting Boycott of Woodfin Suite Hotels 7-1-1 yes
9/11 Proclamation Honoring Single Payer Health Care Advocates 9-0-0 yes
9/11 Opposing Initiative 1249 - Sexual Abuse Reporting Act 9-0-0 yes
9/11 Letter Regarding Kenneth Foster 9-0-0 yes
7/17 Budget Allocation: San Pablo Park Neighborhood Council 9-0-0 yes
7/17 Recent Lockout of Waste Management Inc. Employees 9-0-0 yes
7/17 Endorsing "LIVE EARTH Pledge" 9-0-0 yes
7/17 Sweat-Free Consortium 9-0-0 yes
7/17 12th Annual Watershed Poetry Festival 9-0-0 yes
7/10 Amend BMC Section 21.28 to Prohibit Condominium Conversion for No-Fault Evictions 9-0-0 yes
6/26 Discretionary Budget Allocation: West Berkeley Neighborhood Development Corp. 9-0-0 yes
6/19 Budget Priorities to Prevent Proposed Cuts to Community Agencies referred
6/19 Special Residential Pilot Parking Policy for Southside 9-0-0 yes
6/12 Budget Referral: BOSS Ursula Sherman Village Project referred
6/12 Budget Referral: Sweat Free Ordinance Implementation referred  
6/12 Budget Referral: Housing Rights referred 
6/12 Amendment to Public Commons for Everyone Initiative approved in part  
6/12 Halcyon Commons Rejuvenation Project 9-0-0 yes
5/22 Reaffirm Berkeley as a City of Refuge 9-0-0 yes
5/22 Support H.R. 2015 Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2007 9-0-0 yes
5/08 Community Involved Policing for Telegraph Avenue 9-0-0 yes
5/08 Support for Women's Equality Amendment (H.J.Res 40) 9-0-0 yes
5/08 Options Recovery Services 9-0-0 yes
5/08 Sex Reassignment Surgery as Part of Employee Healthcare Benefits ref to CM
4/24 City Support for Aurora Theater Company 9-0-0 yes
4/24  Programs at Willard Park Clubhouse 9-0-0 yes
4/24 Support the California Universal Healthcare Act (SB 840 and SB 1014) 9-0-0 yes
4/24 Housing Trust Fund Allocation 9-0-0 yes
3/27 2006 Regional Transportation Improvement Program (Ed Roberts Campus) 9-0-0 yes
3/27 Cesar E. Chavez Day - National Holiday on March 31st 9-0-0 yes
3/27 Support the Safe Climate Act, A Science-Based Global Warming Prevention Legislation 9-0-0 yes
3/27 Discretionary Budget Allocation to the Tibetan Cultural Center 9-0-0 yes
3/27 Discretionary Budget Allocation to MLK National Memorial 9-0-0 yes
3/20 Making a More Manageable Move-Out 9-0-0 yes
3/20 Oppose Governor Schwarzenegger's Budget Cuts To Education and Transportation 9-0-0 yes
3/20 Holocaust Remembrance Day Proclamation 9-0-0 yes
3/13 Opposition to US Military Intervention or Use of Force in Iran 8-1  yes
2/13 Berkeley World Music Weekend 9-0-0 yes
2/13 Repairs to the Step Van for Needle Emergency Exchange Distribution 9-0-0 yes
1/30 Resolution to Eliminate Racial Discrimination 9-0-0 yes
1/30 Designate February 7, 2007 as Nation Black AIDS/HIV Awareness Day 9-0-0 yen
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Date Item Vote Pass?
12/12Fire Department Flexible Deployment9-0-0yes
12/12Ed Roberts Campus Transportation for Livable Communities9-0-0yes
12/05Telegraph Avenue Economic Development Assistance Plan9-0-0yes
10/24Opposition to New Homeland Security Rules Regarding "No Match" Letters9-0-0yes
10/10 Major Residential Additions9-0-0yes
10/10City Manager Evaluation9-0-0yes
10/10Violation of 1994 Convention Against Torture9-0-0yes
10/10Catalytic Converter Theft Protection9-0-0yes
9/26Expansion of Eco Pass Program9-0-0yes
9/19Support for Proposition 87: Alternative Energy Research Tax on California9-0-0yes
9/19Support Proposition 86: Tax on Cigarettes for Health Services9-0-0yes
9/19Support Proposition 84: Water Quality, Flood Control and Natural Resource Protection Bond9-0-0yes
9/19Funding for Campus Neighborhood Watch Programheld overn/a
9/19Economic Development Quarterly Reports and Work Sessions9-0-0yes
7/25Oppose Proposition 85: California Constitutional Amendment requiring Parental Notification for Abortion (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/25Pilot Residential Parking Program for Southside (PDF)9-0-0 yes
7/25Support AB 2068: Workers Right to Continue Physician Predesignation (PDF)9-0-0 yes
7/25Proclamation: Celebration of Americans with Disability Act's 16th Anniversary (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
7/18Conversion of Rental Units to Condos: Protections for Low-income Tenants (PDF)8-0-0yes
7/11Employee Representation at the West Berkeley Bowl (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/11Clean Money Ballot Measure for Public Finance of Future Elections (PDF)4-4-1not yet!
6/27Reaffirm Support for S.809/HR 1652 Access to Legal Pharmaceuticals Act to Ensure Pharmacies Fill All Prescriptions (PDF)9-0-0 yes
6/27Workers Retention Ordinance (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
6/20Ed Roberts Campus Transportation for Livable Communities Grant Application (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
6/13Designating May 19, 2006 as "Wayne Dismuke Day" (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
6/13Proclamation: Designating June as Lesbian Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Month (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
6/13Resolution for a Positive Revitalization Model in the Wachovia Acquisition of World Savings Bank (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
6/13Budget Referral : Sweatfree Berkeley Ordinance Monitoring and Enforcement (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
5/23Telegraph Avenue Economic Development Assistance Package (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
5/23Berkeley Juneteenth Festival 2006 (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
5/23Referral to Fair Campaign Practices Commission - Ballot Measure: Clean Money for Public Financing of Some Berkeley Elections (PDF)9-0-0 yes
5/23Notice to the Public Regarding Signatures In-Lieu of Filing Fees for the November Elections (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
5/16Budget Referral: Warm Water Pool (PDF)9-0-0yes
5/16Support Security Officers Rights to Unionize and Bargain Collectively (PDF)9-0-0yes
5/16Support AB 2420- Asian Pacific Islander Data Categories (PDF)9-0-0yes
5/16Support AB 2927- A Stronger California Public Records Act (PDF)9-0-0yes
5/16Proclamation: Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month (PDF)9-0-0yes
5/16Proclamation: Honoring June 3-4, 2006 as Berkeley World Music Weekend (PDF)9-0-0yes
5/16Budget Referral: Reinstatement of the Community Health and Safety Team and Restoration of Two Bike Patrol Officers (PDF)9-0-0yes
5/16June Ballot Measure: Clarify IRV policy and Allow Alameda County to Implement IRV in Nov 2006 (PDF)withdrawnn/a
5/16Budget Referral: Housing Trust Fund Allocation of $1,000,000 (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/25Support Prop 81: Literacy, Learning and Libraries (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/25Impeach President Bush Ballot Measure (PDF)9-0-0 yes
4/25Reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act (PDF)9-0-0 yes
4/25Right to Know Ordinance - Allow Hotel Visitors to Make an Informed Decision when there is a Strike or Boycott (PDF)9-0-0 yes
4/25Proclamation: Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day (PDF)9-0-0 yes
4/25Support Prop 82: Public Preschool Education (PDF)8-0-1 yes
4/18Support for a Sweatfree Ordinance (PDF)9-0-0 yes
4/18Extension for Public Comment Period for the Draft Environmental Assessment of Bevatron Demolition (PDF)9-0-0 yes
4/18Adopt a Holocaust Remembrance Day Proclamation (PDF)9-0-0 yes
4/18Adopt a Proclamation in Honor of Maggie Mayer (PDF)9-0-0 yes
4/18Adopt a Proclamation in Honor of Stem Cell Day (PDF)9-0-0 yes
4/18Budget Referral: Housing Trust Fund Allocation of $1,000,000 (PDF)held over n/a
4/18Budget Referral: Warm Water Pool (PDF)held over n/a
3/21Proclamation Honoring 40th Anniversary of the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute (PDF)
3/7Support SB 1180, Regulating Advertisements Targeting Minors (PDF)9-0-0 yes
3/7Oppose HR 4437: Federal Anti-Immigrant Legislation (PDF)9-0-0 yes
3/7Support Prop 82: Public Preschool Education (PDF)held overn/a
3/7Stop Doubling of Plutonium Storage and Usage at Livermore Labs (PDF)9-0-0
3/7June Ballot Measure: Clarify IRV policy and Allow Alameda County to Implement IRV in Nov 2006 (PDF)9-0-0 yes
3/7Independent Scheduling of Land Use Public Hearings (PDF)6-1-2 yes
2/21Raising the Tibetan Flag in Solidarity with the Tibetan People (PDF)9-0-0 yes
2/21Removal of Psychedelic Striping and Surplus Motorcycle Parking on Telegraph Ave, between Parker St and the Oakland Border (PDF)9-0-0 yes
2/21Support for ACA 28: Establishment of a California Citizens Assembly (PDF)9-0-0 yes
2/21Support of the 2006 Class Pass Referendum (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
2/21June Ballot Measure: Clarify IRV policy and Allow Alameda County to Implement IRV in Nov 2006 (PDF)withdrawnn/a
2/21Downtown Area Plan---UC Berkeley can appoint 3 to serve on DAPAC (PDF)2-6-1no
2/7Dog Licensing on the Internet (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/7Support Commission Diversity (PDF)6-2-1yes
1/17Holocaust Remembrance (PDF)9-0-0yes
1/17Preservation of Glen Cove Sacred Grounds (PDF)9-0-0yes
1/17Proclamation in Celebration of East Bay Housing Organizations' 10 Year Anniversary (PDF)9-0-0yes
1/17Support HR 635, 636, 637: Censure and Investigation of the Bush Administration (PDF)9-0-0yes
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Date Item Vote Pass?
12/13Ed Roberts Campus Transportation for Livable Communities Grant Application (PDF)9-0-0yes
12/13Immigration Relief for Hurricane Katrina Victims Act of 2005 (PDF)9-0-0yes
12/13Pledge for Racial Equality (PDF)9-0-0yes
12/13Support Violence Against Women Act of 2005 (PDF)9-0-0yes
11/29Oppose Execution of Stan "Tookie" Williams (PDF)9-0-0yes
11/29Support the National Day of Counter-Recruitment (PDF)9-0-0yes
11/29Support Commission Diversity (PDF)held over by Mooren/a
11/29Affordable Housing Loophole(PDF)9-0-0yes
11/15Ed Roberts Campus Transportation for Livable Communities Grant Application (PDF)9-0-0yes
11/15Heat Illness Regulation (PDF)9-0-0yes
11/15Support UC Students Association (PDF)9-0-0yes
11/15Support Commission Diversity (PDF)held over by Batesn/a
11/15Questions Regarding Radio Frequency Identification Devices (PDF)8-0-1yes
10/18Finance Customer Service Center Number Waiting System (PDF)9-0-0yes
10/18Proclamation Observing United Nations Day(PDF)9-0-0yes
10/18Status of the Elmwood Quota System(PDF)9-0-0yes
10/18Support Commission Diversity (PDF)held overn/a
10/18Support Sutter Health Employees (PDF)held overn/a
10/18Demolition of B51 and the Bevatron at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PDF)held over by Wozniakn/a
10/18Disappearing News racks and the Constitutionality and Practicality of the Interpretation and Implementation of News rack Regulations (PDF)held overn/a
9/27Proclamation: Mario and Rosalinda Tejada Day (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/27Support ASUC Safety Week (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/27Support Marriage Equality (AB 897) and Oppose Two Anti-Gay Groups' Initiatives to Ban Marriage Equality and Domestic Partnerships (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/27Support Prop 80 Ballot Measure in Special Election (PDF)6-0-3yes
9/27Disappearing News racks and the Constitutionality and Practicality of the Interpretation and Implementation of News rack Regulations (PDF)held overn/a
9/20Abrogating Common Law Doctrine of Incompatible Public Offices on Two or More City Boards or Commissions-Second Reading (PDF)6-2-1yes
9/20Support Prop 80 Ballot Measure in Special Election (PDF)held over by Springyes
9/13Support UC Sustainable Transportation Initiative (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/13Opposition to SB 1056: GMO Foods (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/13Oppose Prop 76 in Special Election (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/13Support for Withdrawal of California National Guard Troops from Iraq (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/13Support IRV (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/13Abrogating Common Law Doctrine of Incompatible Public Offices on Two or More City Boards or Commissions- First Reading (PDF)6-2-1yes
7/19Follow-up on Referral to December Mid-year Budget Process (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/19Honoring Marla Bennett (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/19Support Equitable Class Pass Program (PDF)held overn/a
7/19Support HR 1652- Access to Legal Pharmaceuticals (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/19Support MoveOn PAC'S "Protect Our Rights" Campaign (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/19Support Prop 79 and Oppose Prop 78 (PDF)7-0-2yes
7/19Support UN International Day of Peace (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/12Support of Workers' Retirement and Workplace Rights at Doten Honda (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/12Support ACA17 to Lower Voting Registration Age to 17 (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/12Oppose Anti-Teacher Ballot Measure in Special Election Limitations (PDF) 9-0-0yes
7/12Oppose Anti-Union Ballot Measure in Special Election (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/12Oppose Mid-Term Reapportionment Ballot Measure in Special Election (PDF)8-1-0yes
7/12Support Investigation into Downing Street Memos (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/12Support of Equitable Funding for AC Transit Riders (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/12Support ACR 11 Encouraging PERS and California State Teachers' Retirement System's Companies to Divest from Sudan (PDF)9-0-0yes
6/28Support Establishing US Department of Peace (PDF)6-0-3yes
6/28Support UFW Boycott with Gallo of Sonoma (PDF)9-0-0yes
6/28Proclamation: Edith Kramer Day (PDF)9-0-0yes
6/28Requirement for Public Review of Tentative Agreements (PDF)withdrawnno
6/28Dedicated Revenue Stream for Affordable Housing Trust Fund: Sale of Surplus Property (PDF)8-1-0yes
6/21Requirement for Public Review of Tentative Agreements (PDF)held overn/a
6/21Budget Referral: "Save the Safety Net" Budget Proposal (PDF)7-1-1yes
6/21Dedicated Revenue Stream for Affordable Housing Trust Fund: Sale of Surplus Property (PDF)held overn/a
6/14Proclamation: Edith Kramer Day (PDF)held overn/a
6/14Welcome Iraqi Labor Leaders to Berkeley (PDF)8-0-1yes
5/24Budget Referral: Pedal Express9-0-0yes
5/24Youth Voting (PDF)4-2-3no
5/24Department of Toxic Substance Control's Proposal for Soil and Groundwater Contamination Cleanup at LBNL (PDF)substitute motion carried*n/a
5/17Opposition to AC Transit Fare Increases (PDF)8-0-1yes
5/10Proclamation: Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/26Proclamation: Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/26Proclamation: Holocaust Remembrance Day (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/26Restaurant Moratorium for North side (Euclid) Commercial District (PDF)ref. To Agenda committeen/a
4/26Support AB 781: Ownership of Rental Property (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/26Support SB 20 California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/19Chicago Climate Exchange (PDF) 9-0-0yes
4/19Oppose the Privatization of Social Security (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/19Oppose the Special Election in November (PDF)8-1-0yes
4/19Support the "Protect Women, Protect Medicaid" Campaign (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/19Proclamation Honoring College Student Commissioners Day (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/19Restaurant and Food Service Quota System (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/12Urge Congress to fully fund COB Program and Retain within program within HUD (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/12Oppose Governor Schwarzenegger's Petitions for a Special Election (PDF)8-0-1yes
4/12Support National Housing Trust Fund Campaign (PDF)9-0-0yes
3/22Zero Waste Goal (PDF)9-0-0yes
3/22Join City of Seattle in Support of Kyoto Protocols (PDF)9-0-0yes
3/15Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute Report on U.S. Human Rights Violations since 9/11 (PDF)9-0-0yes
3/15Budget-Community Choice Aggregation: Implementation and Business Plan in California Public Utilities Commission Rulemaking (PDF)8-0-0yes
3/8Raising the Tibetan Flag in Solidarity with the Tibetan People (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/15Free Credit Report Information (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/15National Freedom to Marry Week (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/15Support Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs (PDF)7-1-1yes
1/18Kyoto Protocol (PDF)9-0-0yes
1/18"Stand up for Choice Day" Honoring Roe v. Wade (PDF)9-0-0yes
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Date Item Vote Pass?
12/14Extend Service at the Winter Emergency Shelter (PDF)9-0-0yes
12/14Support Review of Tibetan Truck Tenzin Derek Riposte's Case and Urge for the Halt of his Planned Execution (PDF)9-0-0yes
12/14Support Sutter Employees and Patients (PDF)9-0-0yes
12/7Selection of Vice Mayor and Agenda Committee Members-Vote to Rotate Vice Mayor & Appoint Wozniak, Mayo to Agenda Comm. (PDF)9-0-0yes
11/9Ben venue Neighbors Association Proposal on American Baptist Seminary of the West (PDF)no actionn/a
10/12Oppose Prop 64: Limits on Private Enforcement of Unfair Business Competition Laws (PDF)8-0-1yes
10/5Support Grocery Employees from United Foods and Commercial Workers Bay Area Coalition (PDF)9-0-0yes
10/5Support Prop 60: Election Rights of Political Parties and Oppose Prop 62: Elections and Primaries (PDF)7-1-1yes
10/5Support Alameda County Measure BB: Increase and Extension of Parcel Tax for AC Transit (PDF)9-0-0yes
10/5Support Measure AA: Bond to Retrofit BART (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/21Support Prop 63: California Mental Health Services Act Initiative (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/21Proclamation: 9th Annual Watershed Environmental Festival (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/21Support Grocery Employees from United Foods and Commercial Workers Bay Area Coalition (PDF)held overn/a
9/21Support Proscription Drug Bills (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/21Support Prop 59: Public Records and Open Meetings (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/21Support Prop 60: Election Rights of Political Parties and Oppose Prop 62: Elections and Primaries (PDF)held overn/a
9/21Support Prop 66: Limitations on Three Strikes Law (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/21Support Prop 72: Healthcare Coverage Requirements (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/20Support SOLVE Act of 2004 (PDF)8-0-1yes
7/20Support SB1160: Immigrant Responsibility and Security Act (PDF)8-0-1yes
7/20Fee Wavier: Willard Middle School's Youth Support Program Annual BBQ(PDF)9-0-0yes
7/20Letter of Clarification regarding UC Berkeley's 2020 LRDP and DEIR (PDF)3-3-2no
7/20Benvenue Neighbors Association Proposal on American Baptist Seminary of the West (PDF)8-0-1yes
7/20Aggressive Debt Collection and Discriminatory Pricing Practices at Sutter Health Hospitals (PDF)held overn/a
7/13Oppose Computer Assisted Passenger Pre-Screen System II (PDF)9-0-0yes
6/22Books not Bombs (PDF)9-0-0yes
5/25Support Resolution "Welcome Home Veterans" (PDF)9-0-0yes
5/4Proclamation Honoring Julia Vinograd (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/27Repeal Tax Breaks for the Wealthy (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/27Support Tibetan Youth Congress' Hunger Strike (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/27Adopt Proposition 215 "The Compassionate Use act of 1996" Implementation Plan (PDF)3-3-2yes
4/20Basic Life Support Ambulance Service and Expansion of Non-Emergency Ambulance Service (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/20Fee Wavier: People's Park 35th Anniversary (PDF)7-0-2yes
4/20Proclamation: Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/20Support Resolution "Welcome Home Veterans" (PDF)9-0-0yes
3/23Proclamation: Holocaust Remembrance Day (PDF)9-0-0yes
3/23Support the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act (PDF)9-0-0yes
3/23Direct City Manager to Examine Options for New Revenue Measure Restoring Critical Youth Services & Youth Safety Programs (PDF)n/an/a
3/23Charter Amendment: Enables Mayoral Elections to Coincide with Presidential Elections (PDF)5-3-1yes
3/23Satellite Senior Homes Project (PDF)8-0-1yes
3/16Proclamation Honoring Cesar Chavez (PDF)9-0-0yes
3/16Oppose Constitutional Amendments Banning Marriage Rights for Same-Sex Couples (PDF)8-1-0yes
3/9Support New Management for Claremont Hotel and Spa (PDF)8-0-1yes
3/9Support MoveOn.org's Effort to Censure President Bush (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/17Berkeley Liberation Radio (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/17Proclamation Medical Marijuana Awareness Week (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/17Support Local Taxpayers and Public Safety Protection Action (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/17Support Prop 59: Kindergarten/University Public Education Facilities Bond Act (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/10Opposing SB 69: Notification and Action Regarding Public or Housing Accommodations for the Disabled (PDF)9-0-0yes
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Date Item Vote Pass?
12/9Support SB 916: Increase Bay Area Bridge Tolls to Fund Transportation (PDF)5-0-4yes
11/25Support SB 289: Solar Power on New Homes (PDF)9-0-0yes
10/21Eco Pass Program (PDF)8-0-0yes
10/21Clarity, Priority, and Responsibility Plan for Telegraph Ave. (PDF)9-0-0yes
10/14Creation of Homeless Storage Lockers (PDF)9-0-0yes
10/14Fee Waiver: Willard Neighborhood Association's Annual Picnic (PDF)9-0-0yes
10/14Precautionary Principle Resolution--Informing City of Impacts on Health, Environment, Etc. (PDF)8-1-0yes
9/16Funding for Traffic Circles (PDF)4-4-0no
9/16Truck Limit Weights on Residential Streets (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/16Fee Waiver: Youth Support Program at Willard Middle School (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/16Oppose Prop 53--Infrastructure Funding (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/16Proclamation: National Coming Out Day 2003 (PDF) 9-0-0yes
9/16Support HR 1684 and S 1545 permitting access to Higher Education and Legalization for Immigrant Students (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/16UC Long Range Development Plan's New 2020 Land Use Plan (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/16Proclamation Honoring Kent Nagano, Berkeley Symphony Conductor (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/9Immigrant Workers Freedom Rides Support (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/9Support Corporate Tax Accountability Act State Ballot Measure (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/9Oppose Prop 54: Racial Privacy Initiative (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/9SR 212: Honoring Dalai Lama (PDF)9-0-0yes
9/9Bicycle Boulevards/Traffic Circle Funding (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/15Support Budget Accountability Act (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/15Fee Waiver: Eighth Annual Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival (PDF)9-0-0yes
7/8Support HR 1157: Freedom to Read (PDF)9-0-0yes
6/24FCC Authorization on Media Consultation (PDF)9-0-0yes
6/24Access to Megan's Law CD ROM at Berkeley Police Dept (PDF)9-0-0yes
6/17Restaurant and Food Service Quota System (PDF)9-0-0yes
6/17Suitcase Clinic Storage (PDF)9-0-0yes
6/10Proclamation: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Pride Month (PDF)9-0-0yes
6/10Presentation: United Pool Committee (PDF)9-0-0yes
5/20Support AB 1409: Bike Racks on Buses (PDF)9-0-0yes
5/20Support AB 1268: Smart Growth and Inclusionary Housing Program (PDF)9-0-0yes
5/13Amendments to Berkeley Elections Process: Various Measuresn/an/a
4/8Excess Profits Tax (Urge Reps to tax excess profits on contracts for the war) (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/8Fee Waiver: Interfaith Women for Peace Mother's Day Celebration and Proclamation for Creative Force for Peace and Justice (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/8Fee Waiver: People's Park 34th Anniversary (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/8Proclamation:2003 Holocaust Remembrance Day (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/8Proclamation: Pacific Center 30th Anniversary (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/8Free the Cuban Five (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/8Community Process to Designate a Major Street in Honor of Cesar Chavez (PDF)9-0-0yes
4/1Proclamation of April 23, 2003 as Armenian Genocide commemoration day in Berkeley (PDF)9-0-0yes
3/25Precautionary Principle Resolution--Informing City of Impacts on Health, Environment, Etc. (PDF)withdrawnn/a
3/25Ask City Manager to Write a Memo Explaining the Applicability of State Law Changes Regarding the Brown Act (PDF)9-0-0yes
3/11Resolution to Support World Health Organization and their Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/25Waiver of Fees for 2nd Annual Interfaith Pagan Pride Parade (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/18Support of April 1, 2003 Civil Rights March on the Supreme Court Regarding Affirmative Action (PDF)5-2-1yes
2/18Council Rules of Procedure and Order (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/18Proclamation Honoring Berkeley Cub Scout Pak 30 support for gay scouts & Declaring Feb 23rd Berkeley Cub Scout Pak 30 Day (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/11Raising the Tibetan Flag in Solidarity with the Tibetan People9-0-0yes
2/11Study Impact of Segway Human Transporter on Sidewalks, Bike Lanes, Boulevards (PDF)9-0-0yes
2/11Freedom to Marry (PDF)8-1-0yes
2/11Medical Marijuana Awareness Week (PDF)8-0-1yes
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