Agenda Committee Item #7
Council Draft Agenda - September 20, 2005

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

7:00 P.M.

Council Chambers, 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Teleconference Location – 1636 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA

This meeting will be conducted in accordance with the Brown Act, Government Code Section 54953, Teleconferencing.  Any member of the public may attend this meeting at either the Council Chambers or at the teleconference location.  Questions regarding this matter may be addressed to Sara T. Cox, City Clerk, 981-6900.

Preliminary Matters

Roll Call

Ceremonial Matters: In addition to those items listed on the agenda, the Mayor may add additional ceremonial matters.

City Manager Comments:  The City Manager may make announcements or provide information to the City Council in the form of an oral report.  The Council will not take action on such items but may request the City Manager place a report on a future agenda for discussion.

Public Comment:  A total of 30 minutes is scheduled.  Each speaker is limited to a maximum of 3 minutes.

Council Action:  The City Council may take action related to any subject listed on the Agenda.

Consent Calendar

The Council will consider removal and addition of items to the Consent Calendar prior to voting on the Consent Calendar.  All items remaining on the Consent Calendar will be approved in one motion.  Items removed from the Consent Calendar will be taken up after the "Action Calendar" unless the Council reorders the agenda.

1.      Contract: Annual Maintenance Support of CommITS

From: City Manager

Recommendation: Adopt a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to amend the contract with ClearFrame Solutions, Inc. (formerly JPH International) to provide annual support for the Community Issues Tracking System (CommITS) and to increase the contract by $11,995 for an amount not to exceed $133,495, and to extend the term to June 30, 2006.

Financial Implications: General Fund - $11,995

Contact: Arrietta Chakos, City Manager, 981-7000

2.      Lease Agreement: 1769 Alcatraz Avenue

From: City Manager

Recommendation: Adopt first reading of an Ordinance authorizing the City Manager to execute a lease agreement with Thomas Goetzl for real property located at 1769 Alcatraz Avenue in an amount not to exceed $24,000 for the purpose of leasing office space for the Black Infant Health Program for the period November 1, 2005 to October 31, 2007.

Financial Implications: Health Fund - $24,000

Contact: Fred Medrano, Health and Human Services, 981-5100

3.      Contract: Project Management Services

From: City Manager

Recommendation: Adopt a Resolution: 1) authorizing the City Manager to execute an amendment to the contract with William Gargan to provide project management services for the Hills Fire Station, and other projects, as needed; and 2) increasing the contract amount by $220,050 for a total not to exceed $245,000 for the period June 13, 2005 to December 31, 2006.

Financial Implications: Hills Fire Station Fund - $245,000

Contact: Claudette Ford, Public Works, 981-6300

4.      Environmental Review of Proposed Location for Ferry Service (PDF, 24 KB)

From: Transportation Commission

Recommendation: Request the Water Transit Authority (WTA) to proceed with an environmental review of ferry service for Berkeley in conjunction with a long range plan to expand ferry service in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Financial Implications: None

Contact: Peter Hillier, Secretary, 981-6300

Action Calendar – Old Business

5.      Appointment of Joint Zoning Adjustments Board/Planning Commission Subcommittee for Density Bonus/Inclusionary Ordinance Procedures (Held over from July 25, 2005, as revised)

From: City Manager

Recommendation: Adopt a Resolution appointing a joint subcommittee pursuant to the City of Berkeley Commissioner’s Manual comprised of members already appointed to separate subcommittees by the Planning Commission, the Zoning Adjustments Board, and the Housing Advisory Commission for the purpose of reviewing and recommending procedures for the implementation of State Density Bonus Law and any requisite changes or recommendations for the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and rescinding Resolution No. 63,032–N.S.

Financial Implications: None.

Contact: Dan Marks, Planning and Development, 981-7400

Action Calendar – New Business

6.      Amendment to the Condominium Conversion Ordinance

From: City Manager

Recommendation: Adopt first reading of Ordinance amending Berkeley Municipal Code (BMC) Chapter 21.28, Condominiums, Community Apartments, Stock Cooperatives and Tenancy in Common Projects.

Financial Implications: Unknown

Contact: Stephen Barton, Housing, 981-5400

7.      Downtown Area Plan Process

a.      From: Transportation Commission (PDF, 25 KB)

Recommendation: Request that Council: 1) direct the Transportation Commission to appoint a transportation representative to serve on any Downtown Area Plan (DAP) Committee or Task Force that may be established; 2) appoint the Office of Transportation (OOT) and Transportation Commission (TC) to be the lead City agencies for the development of transportation policies related to any new Downtown Area Plan and that the OOT and the TC review any proposed transportation policies before consideration by the Planning Commission or by Council and before inclusion in any Plan; and 3) create the Downtown Area Plan Committee/Task Force based upon the Hotel/Convention Center Task Force/Downtown Berkeley Plan model and include representatives of appropriate stakeholders groups, including transit providers and user advocates.

Financial Implications: None

Contact: Peter Hillier, Secretary, 981-6300

b.      From: City Manager

Recommendation: Oppose recommendations of the Transportation Commission at this time, take into consideration suggestions regarding the Commission’s membership on a potential Downtown Area Plan Task Force and conduct a review of transportation policies as a work plan is developed.

Financial Implications: None

Contact: Claudette Ford, Public Works, 981-6300

Information Reports

8.      Investment Report: Quarter Ended June 30, 2005

From: City Manager

Contact: Fran David, Finance, 981-7300


Council rules limit action on Communications to referral to the City Manager and/or Boards and Commissions for investigation and/or recommendations.

Downtown Area Plan Process

1.      Juliet Lamont

2.      Sierra Club, submitted by Andy Katz, Chair