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Council Agenda Committee**



February 2, 2004

  1. Roll Call: 2:31 p.m.


    Present: Councilmembers Hawley, Maio and Mayor Bates


  2. Public Comment: None


  3. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of January 20, 2004 (PDF, 9 KB).

    Action:  Moved, seconded, carried (Hawley/Maio) to approve the minutes.


  4. Review and Action on draft Work Session Agenda for February 10, 2004 (PDF, 13 KB).

    Action: All items approved for placement on the agenda.


  5. Review and Action on draft City Council Agenda for February 10, 2004.

    Action:  All items approved for placement on the agenda with the following changes.


    Item 8  Support Measure A:  Alameda County Health Services Tax

    From: Mayor Bates

    Recommendation:  Adopt a Resolution supporting Measure A, the Alameda County “Essential Health Services Tax”, which will increase the sales tax in Alameda County by a half of a percent to fund health services.  This measure will appear on the March 2, 2004 ballot.

    Contact: Tom Bates, Mayor, 981-7100

    Action:  Mayor Bates passed out the Alameda County Fact Sheet to include with this report.


    Item 11  Traffic Circle Implementation

    From: Councilmember Maio

    Recommendation:  1) Direct the City Manager to hold on the installation of any $25,000 traffic circles that have not yet begun construction. 2) Request that staff and the Transportation Commission select among the attractive but much less expensive circles that other cities have implemented, and make a proposal to Council on appropriate circle designs and how to best distribute the circles throughout the City based on need.

    Contact: Linda Maio, Councilmember District 1, 981-7110


    From: Transportation Commission

    Recommendation:  Direct the Office of Transportation to: 1) aggressively develop new, lower cost traffic circle designs that emphasize effective width and landscaping; 2) review designs of current traffic circles in light of the new designs to determine if their cost can be reduced prior to going out to bid; 3) direct the Traffic Calming Subcommittee to meet and review the new designs; and 4) continue to investigate the abnormally high construction costs of circles in Berkeley compared to other municipalities.

    Contact: Peter Hillier, Secretary, 981-7010


    From: City Manager


    Contact: Peter Hillier, Transportation, 981-7010

    Action:  Moved to Action Calendar by Councilmember Maio.  Mayor Bates asked the City Attorney for advise as to whether or not he will need to recuse himself on this matter.

    Item 17  East Bay Sports Field Recreation JPA Appointment
    From:  City Manager
    Adopt a Resolution appointing a member of the Council to be the City’s point of contact with other cities’ representatives for the sports field Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) and appointing a member as an alternate.

    Financial Implications: None.

    Contact: Marc Seleznow, Parks, Recreation and Waterfront, 981-6700

    Action:  Mayor Bates announced he would place a complimentary item on the agenda nominating the Mayor as the appointee and Councilmember Olds as the alternate.


  6. Review and Action on scheduling of Calendar, Public Hearings, Presentations and Work Session topics.

    Actions:  The City Clerk presented a report regarding the development of a comprehensive master calendar to facilitate better management in scheduling upcoming matters before Council. 

    The City Manager distributed a memo asking for guidance on the process to be used for an upcoming work session on the creek ordinance and any proposed amendments.  The Committee asked for specific information at its next meeting including a copy of the current creek ordinance and a list of issues raised by various councilmembers that were referred to staff.


  7. Discussion and Action regarding process for review of Agenda Committee and amendments to Council Rules of Procedure.

    Action:  None


  8. Adjournment:  3:28 p.m.

*To read PDF files, download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you are unable to access .pdf documents online, please contact us via email (clerk@ci.berkeley.ca.us), telephone (510) 981-6900, or TDD (510) 981-6903 so that we can provide an alternate format.


**At its March 11, 2003 meeting, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 61,968-N.S. changing the name of the Rules Committee to the “Agenda Committee” to better reflect its duties.

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