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Department of Public Works
Department of Public Works

Center Street Parking Garage Replacement Project

The City of Berkeley is replacing the Center Street Parking Garage, located in Downtown Berkeley between Milvia Street and Shattuck Avenue. The new parking garage will increase the supply of public parking in the Downtown area, and meet current seismic standards.

The Center Street Garage closed on June 30, 2016. For information on alternate means of transportation to Downtown Berkeley and alternate parking facilities downtown, click here.

For recent pictures of demolition of the Center Street Garage, click here

 Center St Garage Addision St Rendering

The new garage is planned for 8-levels on a footprint of 128 feet by 258 ½ feet with a height of 92 ½ feet above grade, exceeding the maximum allowed height of 60 feet for which a Use Permit approval is required for the height limit to be exceeded. The Project is projected to have a gross floor area of 248,000 SF, with 720 parking spaces; garage operations (including offices, a break room, restrooms, and supply room); micro-retail spaces and an art gallery; secure self-park and valet bicycle parking; electric vehicle charging stations; service area and storage; and would incorporate public art into its design.

Rendering of Addison Street elevation for new garage.

The Center Street Garage is located in the heart of the City’s Downtown Arts District and close to a variety of restaurants, retail and office uses, educational institutions, mixed-use commercial and residential buildings. These include, along Addison Street, the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Aurora Theatre, California Jazz Conservatory, and the Freight & Salvage Coffee House; Berkeley City College is on Center Street; and within a few blocks are the Berkeley YMCA, Mangalam Centers, Hotel Shattuck Plaza, Berkeley Public Library, an array of restaurants, shops and banks, numerous office buildings, and Berkeley City Hall/Civic Center and Martin Luther King, Jr. Park.

The existing garage was built in the late 1950s on a parcel approximately 259 feet by 134 feet and is 5-stories high, about 61 ½ feet. It had 420 parking spaces, vehicle access from both Addison and Center Streets, about 1,600 square feet of ground floor retail (currently vacant) facing Center Street, office space for garage operations, and a public restroom. The 5 split-level floors had a “double helix” design that separated ascending and descending vehicles. Center Street Garage

Features of the New Garage

The garage is designed as a “double helix” parked on-ramp structure with 90° parking spaces. Vehicle access will be from 3 lanes on both Center and Addison Streets, and all lanes will be flexible to allow for multiple entry and exit lanes as determined by use. Vehicle circulation will be on an inclined ramp for both ascending and descending vehicles. Pedestrian access will be at the northeast corner on Addison Street and the southwest corner on Center Street, with 2 elevators and a stairwell at each location.

 Parking Mitigation Plan

The Center Street Garage closed on June 30, 2016, and construction activities began in late July 2016.

Here are some alternative ways to reach your downtown Berkeley destinations:

As an option for those who must drive to downtown Berkeley during construction, see the attached map of parking facilities in Downtown Berkeley and/or refer to the list of nearby parking facilities below. It is advised that you inquire with these facilities as early as possible. 

Public Parking: Weekdays & Weekends

Allston Way Garage
2061 Allston Way
b/w Shattuck & Milvia
Parking Concepts

Telegraph Channing Garage
2450 Durant Avenue
b/w Telegraph & Dana
City of Berkeley/LAZ Parking
Kittredge Street Garage
(Library Gardens)
2020 Kittredge Street
b/w Shattuck & Milvia
Milvia Street Surface Lot
2109 Milvia Street
b/w Addison & Center
Regional Parking
Oxford Garage
2165 Kittredge
b/w Shattuck & Oxford
City of Berkeley/LAZ Parking
Promenade Garage
1936 University Avenue
b/w Milvia & MLK Jr. Way
Douglas Parking
UC Golden Bear Garage
1995 University Avenue
Enter on Bonita b/w University 
& Berkeley Way
UC Berkeley

Public Parking: Evenings & Weekends Only

UC Banway Lot
2111 Bancroft Way
b/w Shattuck & Oxford
UC Berkeley
M-F: 5p-2a; Sa: 7a-2a; Su: 9a-2a
UC Genetics Underground
Parking Garage
Oxford Street at Berkeley Way
UC Berkeley
M-F: 5p-5a; Sa: 7a-5a; Su: 9a-5p
UC University Hall, West Lot
Enter on Addison b/w Shattuck
& Oxford
UC Berkeley
M-F: 5p-2a; Sa & Su: 5a-2a

Public Outreach Meeting Schedule 

June 29, 2016

Informational Meeting: Center Street Garage Construction Plan
North Berkeley Senior Center Multipurpose Room 
1901 Hearst Avenue 
Berkeley, CA 94709 
7:00 pm 

April 21, 2016:

Informational Meeting: Center Street Garage Mitigation Plan 
North Berkeley Senior Center Multipurpose Room 
1901 Hearst Avenue 
Berkeley, CA 94709 
7:00 pm 

May 4, 2017:

Informational Meeting: Center Street Garage Construction Update
North Berkeley Senior Center - Workshop B Room
1901 Hearst Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709
6:30-8:30 pm

Project Schedule

  • April-May 2016: Parking Mitigation Plan public outreach.
  • Thursday, June 30, 2016: Center Street Garage was closed for demolition.
  • July 1-10: Salvage/decommission work at garage.
  • July 11-18: Fences go up with sidewalk encroachment. Traffic orientation changed around construction site: Addison Street becomes one-way street westbound, and Center Street becomes one-way eastbound with angled parking.
  • July 20, 2016: Demolition begins.
  • Summer 2018: New Center Street Garage opens.

Construction Gallery

Week 1: July 25-29, 2016

CSG Week 1 Overhang Removal     CSG Construction Week 1: 2nd Fl Office Demo

Overhang removal   



Second floor office demolition


CSG Construction Week 1: Parking Sign Dismantling    
Dismantling of "parking" sign    


Week 2: August 1-5, 2016

CSG Construction Week 2: Demo Lv 1-3    CSG Construction Week 2: More Demo
Demolition of Levels 1-3   Further demolition of all levels


Week 3: August 8-12, 2016

 CSG Construction Week 3: Crushing Equipment    CSG Construction Week 3: Trucks
 CSG Construction Week 3: Stairway Demo    
 Week 92: April 23-27, 2018  
 Center view 1 Center view 2
Center street view  
 Addison view 1  Addison view 2
Addison street view  


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