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Bicycle Corrals 


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Bike Corrals are on-street high capacity bike parking, that is used when demand for bicycle parking is higher then can be accommodated on the sidewalk. The bike racks are either placed so that they replace a car parking spot with 8-10 bike parking spots or are placed within a red curb. When installed adjacent to sidewalk cafes, corrals provide an additional buffer between people and passing vehicles.

Berkeley Bicycle Corral Map

Bike Corral FAQs 

What is a Bicycle Corral?
Most of Berkeley's bicycle parking is provided in bike racks on the sidewalk.  However, in a growing number of commercial areas sidewalk space is limited and the high demand for bicycle parking is too much for the sidewalk. 

On-street Bicycle Parking Corrals make efficient use of the parking strip for bicycle parking in areas with high demand. Corrals typically have 4 to 5 bicycle racks in a row and can park 8 to 10 bicycles. This uses space otherwise occupied by one car.

Why On-Street Bicycle Parking?

On-Street Bicycle Parking provides many benefits where bicycle-use is high and growing: Corrals provide a 8 to 1 customer to parking space ratio, they clear the sidewalks and act as a buffer between the sidewalk and the street, and corrals increase the visibility of bicycling.

Where will they go?

Where applicable, the City of Berkeley prefers locating on-street bike parking corrals in red zones (that are not bus stops or near fire hydrants), or defunct yellow or green zones rather than in an active parking space. However corrals may replace an active automobile parking space if a majority of the merchants or property owners on the block face sign on to the application.
Corrals should be located on the main street as close as possible to the main entrances.  The City requires that the immediately adjacent business owner and property owner approve of the corral installation and sign an agreement requiring minor, regular sweeping of the corral to discourage the accumulation of debris.



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