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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board


Virtually all of the 26,000 rental units in the City of Berkeley are covered by some portion of the Rent Stabilization and Eviction for Good Cause Ordinance (the Ordinance).  There are over 19,000 rental units in Berkeley whose rents are currently regulated. Since January of 1999, landlords have had the right to set the initial rent for new tenancies, and then subsequent rent increases are limited by the Rent Board. This type of rent control is known as vacancy decontrol. In addition, with few exceptions, even Berkeley tenants who don't live in rent-controlled units are protected under the "Eviction for Good Cause" section of the Ordinance.

Is My Rental Unit Covered By Rent Control?
In most cases, all rented unit in multi-family buildings built before 1980 are covered by rent control. Find out if your rental unit is covered

How Much Rent Can My Landlord Charge?
Each rental unit covered by rent control has a rent ceiling, which is the maximum rent a landlord can charge for a particular unit. The rent ceiling limits the amount your landlord can increase the rent. You can look up your unit's rent ceiling online.

Rental Unit Registration
If your rental unit is covered by rent control your landlord must register your unit and pay an annual registration fee. Tenancies that commenced prior to 1999 may qualify for a registration fee pass-through reimbursement

Eviction Protections
Almost all tenants in Berkeley have eviction protections, even those in newer buildings not covered by rent control. 

Interest on My Security Deposit
The Ordinance requires landlords to pay tenants interest on their security deposits. Learn more about security deposits

Mediation & Petition Process
The Rent Board offers free mediation services to landlords and tenants who need help resolving residential tenancy-related matters.  Tenants can petition the Rent Board and receive a hearing and a legal determination on several matters including, but not limited to individual rent adjustment, rent withholding for owner's failure to register, and habitability issues. For more information, visit the petition process page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


 Moving In, Moving Out Guide

Security Deposit Information

My Rent Ceiling

 Learn About Evictions  

Tenant's Toolkit

The following tools will help rental property owners locate resources and information to help navigate Rent Board regulations and deal with various rental property issues:

For questions or additional information related to owning or managing rental property in Berkeley, please contact a Rent Board Housing Counselor by e-mail at or by calling 510-981-RENT (7368).

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