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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board

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Berkeley Has Rent Control 

What is rent control? 

In 1980, the voters enacted a law – the Rent Stabilization and Eviction for Good Cause Ordinance (the “Rent Ordinance”) – that regulates most residential units in Berkeley with two key purposes:
1) to protect tenants from unwarranted rent increases, and
2) to protect tenants from evictions without a “good cause.” With few exceptions, even units not covered by rent controls are guaranteed eviction protections.

And what does it mean for you?  

  • Tenants can petition to reduce rent due to poor housing conditions
  • Landlords cannot tell you to leave just because they don’t like you, want to sell the property, or can get higher rent from
    someone else
  • You have the right to interest on your security deposit
  • You can get advice on your rights and responsibilities
    as a tenant

3 Things You Should Know


The Berkeley Rent Board Can Help 

Who We Are

We are dedicated public servants: Professional staff and elected Rent Board Commissioners.

The Rent Ordinance serves “to address the City of Berkeley’s housing crisis, preserve the public peace, health and safety, and advance the housing policies of the City with regard to low and fixed income persons, minorities, students, handicapped, and the aged.” Berkeley Municipal Code 13.76.030

Services We Provide 

  • Rental Housing Counseling & Advice
  • Workshops
  • Mediation & Hearings 

Check out the Rent Board's schedule of free, drop-in counseling on campus!

Call and Speak
with a Rent Board
Housing Counselor at
510- 981- 7368 (RENT) 























Students 101_Pt 1_Know Your Status

STEP 1:    Understand what types of units are covered by rent control, eviction protections and the right to interest on a security deposit.


Types of Rent Control Coverage for Units in Berkeley

Renting in Berkeley 101_Table1_Types of Rent Control


Students 101_Pt 2_Know Your Rights

Renting in Berkeley 101_Table 2a_FAQsRenting in Berkeley 101_Table 2b_FAQs

Additional Resources for Cal Students

ASUC’s Renter’s Legal Assistance:  (510) 642-1755
Cal Legal Services for Students:  (510) 642-3916
Tang Center for Health and Mental Health:  (510) 642-2000
East Bay Community Law Center:  (510) 548-4040
Eviction Defense Center:  (510) 452-4541


 Students 101_Pt 3_Know Your Recourse


Call or e-mail the Berkeley Rent Board with any questions or
concerns you may have regarding housing or tenants’ rights in the City of Berkeley:

Phone: (510) 981-RENT (981-7368)



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