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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board

1232. Agreement Prior to Hearing

(A) The parties may make a prehearing agreement. The Board staff may contact the parties in an effort to clarify the issues and/or to reach agreement on the individual adjustment prior to the hearing. Any agreement between the parties prior to a hearing must be approved by the Hearing Examiner in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

(B) Any agreement made by the parties at the prehearing or hearing shall be made on the record and tape recorded. The terms of the agreement shall be read to the parties, and the parties shall state that they understand the terms of the agreement, that they do not want a hearing on the petition, and that they voluntarily agree to the terms of the agreement.

(C) Parties shall submit any proposed joint agreement in writing to the Board. The Hearing Examiner shall approve or reject the agreement as soon as possible. Written notice of the determination shall be mailed to the parties. The notice shall contain the reasons for any rejection. The agreement and its approval or rejection shall be entered into the record.

(D) Parties who prior to a hearing reach an agreement on an individual adjustment which is approved by the Hearing Examiner shall be deemed to have waived their rights to a hearing or appeal on the petition. Such an approved agreement shall also be deemed a hearing for the purposes of Section 1202 of these regulations. However, upon demonstration of fraud, misrepresentation, or similarly compelling reasons, either party may request that the Hearings Unit withdraw the settlement and set the matter for hearing. If such a request is denied, the party may appeal such denial to the Board.

[Revisions to Regulation 1232 (A), (B) & (C) effective 11/18/85; Regulation 1232 (B) added effective 6/19/87]

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