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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board

1224. Continuances

(A) The date and time of the hearing may be continued, if the Senior Hearing Examiner (before the hearing) or the hearing examiner (at the hearing) finds good cause to do so. Such good cause shall be stated in the record and may include, but is not limited to, the failure of a party to receive notice, the illness of a party or witness or other emergency which makes it impossible to appear on the scheduled date, or the failure of a party to provide the hearing examiner with required pertinent information in a timely manner. Mere inconvenience or difficulty in appearing shall not constitute good cause. Continuances may also be granted upon consent of all parties.

(B) Requests for continuances shall be made as soon as possible. A written request for a continuance and the reasons for it must be received by the Board and all other parties at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled hearing, unless good cause is shown for a later request. The written request shall contain acceptable alternative dates and an explanation of what efforts were made to ascertain the position of the other parties regarding the request for a continuance. The request shall be served on both the Board and all opposing parties in accordance with the requirements of Section 1210.

(C) The hearing examiner or Senior Hearing Examiner, may deny a request for a continuance if it has not been made in compliance with subsection (B) or where a continuance has previously been granted to the requesting party in the same case.

(D) The Board shall notify the parties if a continuance is granted, and the time, date and place of the rescheduled hearing.

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