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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board

1215. Expedited Hearings

A. The purpose of this regulation is recognized that the Rent Board has an interest in how issues within its purview are decided. It is also recognized that consistency in rulings on the same issue by both the Rent Board and the courts is desirable. Therefore, in cases where both a Rent Board petition and an unlawful detainer action have been filed, in order to provide consistency of decisions on similar issues, the purpose of this Regulation is to ensure that the Rent Board rule on issues which are involved in petitions before it and in unlawful detainer cases prior to the Court ruling on the same issue.

B. Priority in the scheduling of hearings and in the issuance of decisions shall be given to pending petitions and appeals involving rental units on which eviction proceedings have commenced. An eviction is deemed to commence when either a 3 or 30 day notice to quit is served. A party may request that a petition or an appeal be given priority by filing a request to expedite, accompanied by a copy of either the notice to quit or the unlawful detainer complaint, with the Rent Board and serving a copy of the same on the opposing party.

[Effective 6/11/99]

1216-1220 [RESERVED]

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