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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board

1211. Response to Petition

(A) A party wishing to object to the petition may do so on the form provided within twenty (20) days of the mailing of the notice of Section 1210(B). Failure to respond may constitute a waiver of the respondent's right to object to the petition. Notwithstanding a party's failure to respond, no petition for an individual rent adjustment shall be granted unless the adjustment is authorized by these regulations and supported by a preponderance of the evidence.

(B) Response to Petitions Filed for Violations of Rent Ceiling. In response to a petition filed solely on the basis of violations of rent ceilings, the landlord may defend as to the issue of violations of rent ceilings, but may not counterclaim for an increase of the lawful rent ceiling. To make such counter-claims, the landlord must file a separate petition in accordance with Chapter 12, and Section 1202 shall not prevent such a petition from being accepted.

[Amendment to section (A) effective January 8, 2000]

1212. Consolidation

(A) All landlord petitions pertaining to tenants in the same building and all petitions filed by tenants occupying the same building shall be consolidated for hearing unless there is a showing of good cause not to consolidate such petitions.

(B) In its discretion, the Board or the Senior Hearing Examiner may consolidate petitions pertaining to different buildings on the same property or different properties of the same landlord.

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