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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board

1208. Supplemental Information

(A) The petitioner shall notify the Board and each opposing party of any material change in the information set forth in the petition, especially a change in the identity of any opposing party, as soon as possible prior to the hearing. When there is a change in the opposing party, the petitioner shall comply with the requirements of Section 1205 (b, c, d). Notice and proof of service shall be in accordance with Section 1210.

(B) Changes in or additions to the information set forth on the petition may be grounds for a continuance, and may constitute good cause for delaying final Board action under Section 1243 of these regulations.

[Amendment effective April 11, 1997]

1209. Parties

Parties are the landlord of the affected property, the tenants in each affected rental unit (with all the tenants in one unit constituting one party), and any representatives designated pursuant to Section 1234. The person listed as the landlord in a tenant petition for rent adjustment shall be the landlord party, unless the Board is notified to the contrary.

1210. Notices to Opposing Parties and Board

(A) Manner of Notice. Notice(s) to opposing parties shall be served by first-class or certified mail, or by personal service on the party or the party's representative of record. Personal service shall be performed according to state law. Notices to the Board shall include a proof of service that proper notice was given to the opposing parties, by means of a written declaration by the server under penalty of perjury, stating the names and addresses of parties served and the date and manner of such service.

(B) Notice after Petition Filed. The Board shall notify the opposing party(ies) of the filing of a petition and send each opposing party a response form that includes notice that the party has a right to object to the petition, a statement of possible objections, notice that the party=s failure to object within the time specified may constitute a waiver of the right to have a hearing on objections to the petition, and a brief description of the hearing process.

(C) Other Notices. The Board shall send a copy of all notices, and parties shall send a copy of all documents or communications filed with the Board after the filing of the initial petition, except for documents or communications which are filed during the hearing or are confidential, to each party.

[Amendment to section (B) effective January 8, 2000]

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