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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board

1202. Previous Recent Hearing

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Chapter, the Board or Senior Hearing Examiner may refuse to hold a hearing and/or grant an individual rent ceiling adjustment for a rental unit if an individual hearing has been held and decision made with regard to the recent ceiling for such unit within the previous six months.

1203. Petition Filing Fee

(A) A filing fee for each individual rent adjustment petition shall be paid at the time the completed petition is submitted to the Board. Except as provided in Section (C), the fee is sixty dollars ($60.00) for the first unit and thirty dollars ($30.00) for each additional unit included in the petition, up to a maximum of three hundred dollars ($300.00). No hearing shall be held until the requirements of this subsection have been fulfilled.

(B) Filing fees are nonrefundable, except that one half of the filing fee may be refunded if the petition is withdrawn or if settlement is reached prior to the hearing.

(C) The filing fee for individual rent adjustment petitions filed solely on the basis of violations of rent ceilings and/or violation of security deposit provisions (including, but not limited to failure to pay interest on security deposits), shall be the same fee as for a petition for "Tenant Rent Withholding for Violations of Rent Ceilings" in accordance with Section 1541.

(D) The petition filing fee may be waived in accordance with Section 1204.

[Revised regulation effective March 19, 1993]

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