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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board


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If you have questions about Rent Board forms, contact a Housing Counselor at 510-981-7368 (981-RENT).


■  Vacancy Registration Form (VR Form)
     This form must be filed within 15 days 
     after the start of a completely new tenancy, or after the 
     last original occupants have departed.
     (See back of form for instructions.)

      For Tenancies Starting ON or AFTER January 1, 1999

      For Tenancies Starting PRIOR to January 1, 1999   

■  Amended Registration Statement (ARS)
    for a Change in Ownership

■   Initial Registration Statement 
for units that have NEVER been registered with
the Berkeley Rent Board. Please be aware that
    if you are using this form to register a rental unit,
    you must ALSO file a Vacancy Registration form.

■  Request for Waiver of Late Registration Penalties

■  Pass Through Form and Information

■  Information about Registration

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Frequently Requested  Forms

Vacancy Registration (VR) Form

 Amended Registration (ARS) Form  


■  Information about the Petition Process

■  Petition Forms  

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■  Request for Certificate of Permissible Rent Level / Request for Advisory Determination Form  
    for confirmation of a rent-controlled unit's maximum lawful rent ceiling

■  Berkeley Rent Board's Administrative Fee Schedule (Resolution 17-04)

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Owner Move-In (Measure AA -- formerly Measure Y) Forms & Documents 

Landlord Forms

■  Deposit of Owner Move-In Relocation Benefits and Challenge of Eligibility to Receive Benefits (Landlord form)

Tenant Forms

■  Notice of Eligibility for Additional Relocation Assistance  

■  Notice of Interest in Renewing Tenancy

For more information: Visit the Rent Board's Owner/Family Move-In Information page.

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Ellis Ordinance Forms & Documents 

■  Table of Compliance: Forms and Sequence for Complying with the City of Berkeley's Ellis Implementation Ordinance

■  Notice of Tenant Rights

■  Notice of Intent to Withdraw Accommodations

■  Notice of Termination of Tenancy  

■  Initial Deposit of Ellis Act Relocation Benefits

■  Notice of Assertion of Age and/or Disability Form AND Length of Tenancy

■  Ellis Act: Disability Definition

■  Notice of Interest in Renewing Tenancy

■  Notice to City of Berkeley of Intent to Withdraw Accommodations from Rent or Lease

■  Recordation of Certificate and Memorandum

■  Deposit of Additional Ellis Act Relocation Benefits and Challenge of Eligibility to Receive Benefits

■  Notice of Extension of Date of Termination 
■  Notice of Intent to Offer Accommodations for Rent or Lease
■  Proof of Service

For more information about removing property from the rental market: 
Visit the Rent Board's Ellis Ordinance Information page

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■  Tenant Buyout Agreement Disclosure Form and Ordinance Information

■  Letter Notifying Tenant of Right to a WalkThrough Inspection

■  Letter Informing Tenants of the Result of a WalkThrough Inspection

■  Information for Payment of Rent and Information for Services of Process, Notices and Demands

■  Lease Addendum Prohibiting Smoking (Information on Smoking Prohibition)

■  Notice of Rent Increase (60 days/30 Days) for the Annual General Adjustment  (Spanish version forthcoming)

■  Lease Addendum for a Future Costa-Hawkins Increase after the Last Original Tenant Leaves

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