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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board


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■  Vacancy Registration (VR)

      For Tenancies Starting ON or AFTER January 1, 1999

      For Tenancies Starting PRIOR to January 1, 1999   

■  Amended Registration Statement (ARS)
    for a Change in Ownership

■  Initial Registration Statement 
for units that have NEVER been registered with
the Berkeley Rent Board. Please be aware that
    if you are using this form to register a rental unit,
    you must ALSO file a Vacancy Registration form.

■  Request for Waiver of Late Registration Penalties

■  Pass Through Form and Information

■  Information about Registration

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Frequently Requested  Forms

Vacancy Registration (VR) Form

 Amended Registration (ARS) Form  


■  Information about the Petition Process

■  Petition Forms  

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■  Request for Certificate of Permissible Rent Level / Request for Advisory Determination Form 
    for confirmation of a rent-controlled unit's maximum lawful rent ceiling

■  Request for Property and Hearings File or Audiotape/CD Duplication Form

■  Subscription & Publication Order Form  

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Owner Move-In (Measure AA -- formerly Measure Y) Forms & Documents 

Landlord Forms

■  Deposit of Owner Move-In Relocation Benefits and Challenge of Eligibility to Receive Benefits (Landlord form)

Tenant Forms

■  Notice of Eligibility for Additional Relocation Assistance  

■  Notice of Interest in Renewing Tenancy

For more information: Visit the Rent Board's Owner/Family Move-In Information page.

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Ellis Ordinance Forms & Documents 

■  Table of Compliance: Forms and Sequence for Complying with the City of Berkeley's Ellis Implementation Ordinance

■  Notice of Tenant Rights

■  Notice of Intent to Withdraw Accommodations

■  Notice of Termination of Tenancy  

■  Initial Deposit of Ellis Act Relocation Benefits

■  Notice of Assertion of Age and/or Disability Form AND Length of Tenancy

■  Ellis Act: Disability Definition

■  Notice of Interest in Renewing Tenancy

■  Notice to City of Berkeley of Intent to Withdraw Accommodations from Rent or Lease

■  Recordation of Certificate and Memorandum

■  Deposit of Additional Ellis Act Relocation Benefits and Challenge of Eligibility to Receive Benefits

■  Notice of Extension of Date of Termination 
■  Notice of Intent to Offer Accommodations for Rent or Lease
■  Proof of Service

For more information about removing property from the rental market: 
Visit the Rent Board's Ellis Ordinance Information page

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■  Tenant Buyout Agreement Disclosure Form and Ordinance Information

■  Letter Notifying Tenant of Right to a WalkThrough Inspection

■  Letter Informing Tenants of the Result of a WalkThrough Inspection

■  Information for Payment of Rent and Information for Services of Process, Notices and Demands

■  Lease Addendum Prohibiting Smoking (Information on Smoking Prohibition)

■  Notice of Rent Increase (60 days/30 Days) for the Annual General Adjustment  (Spanish version)

■  Lease Addendum for a Future Costa-Hawkins Increase after the Last Original Tenant Leaves

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