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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board

Guide for Property Owners Fees Payable to the City of Berkeley






Rent Stabilization Board

(510) 981-7368

Annual Registration Fee

$270 per non-exempt unit*

July 3, 2017

Rent Stabilization Program

2125 Milvia Street

Berkeley, CA 94704

*Per covered, non-exempt residential unit
for more information, see: 

  ** 100% penalty if not received or postmarked by July 3, 2017. (i.e. the bill will double)

Rental Housing Safety Program (RHSP)

(510) 981-5445



Annual Per Unit/Room Fee

$26.00* per rental unit, or

$13.00* per room

(Residential hotels and boarding houses with 5 or more rooms.)

Billed by the Finance Dept. in October/November of each year.



*If a unit/room is owner occupied, that one unit/room is exempt from RHSP program fee. 


Late Payment Fees:

10% of the billed amount when delinquent 30 days

20% of the billed amount when delinquent 60 days

Finance-Customer Service Center

(510) 981-7200  

New Business License*

$77 per rental property +

$25 registration fee

Within 30 days of the commencement of business activity.


Finance-Customer Service Center
1947 Center Street
Berkeley, CA 94704

*If the housing provider owns three or more properties, they must pay this one time licensing fee. If business ownership changes, the properties must be re-registered.

Finance-Customer Service Center

(510) 981-7200

Annual Business License Renewal


Fee subject to change based upon gross receipts of business.

Dec 31st Business Licenses expire, grace period for payment until Feb 28th**


Finance-Customer Service Center

1947 Center Street
Berkeley, CA 94704

** Businesses failing to meet this deadline will incur late payment penalties of 10% March 1st, and an additional 40% on April 1st, and accrue interest at 1% per month after March 1st.


Fire Prevention

(510) 981-5585

Residential and Business Fire Inspection Fee

$87.50 for every 15 minutes inspector on site*



Inspections occur on a rotating basis, approximately every 12 months the city requires properties to be inspected by a Fire Prevention specialist.


Usually invoiced within 30 days of inspection, payment due within 60 days of receipt of invoice**


* One time fee if inspection is satisfactory, re-inspections subject to various fees, depending on length.

** If payment is not received within 60 days of the invoice date, a 20% penalty will be added.


Finance-Customer Service Center

(510) 981-7200

Sewer Service Fee


Fee based on dwelling type and amount of water used*

SSF are billed on the EBMUD water bill

*Responsibility for payment varies depending upon the date tenancy began and the agreement met by landlord and tenant regarding SSF payment.

for more information about fees and billing, see





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