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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board

State law regarding bed bug notification requirements

California Civil Code Section 1954.603 mandates that all landlords provide written information about bed bugs and a procedure for reporting suspected infestation in all residential rental property. The law requires landlords incorporate this information into all new leases that were drafted beginning July 1, 2017, and further required that the information be sent to tenants of existing tenancies by January 1, 2018

Several tenants have reported that they received and were told they must sign an addendum that includes new mandatory rules of conduct related to bed bugs and/or their behavior.  While there is a requirement that tenants inform landlords of suspected bed bug infestations, they may not be required to sign any such addendum, particularly when the language unilaterally changes the terms of the tenancy.

The bed bug notification must be in at least 10-point type and substantially in this form: Information About Bed Bugs

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