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Rent Stabilization Board
Rent Stabilization Board

 Full Agenda Packet (PDF Copy)

Regular Meeting

 Monday, February 26, 2018
      7:00 p.m.

Maudelle Shirek Building 
2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way 
Council Chambers, Second Floor,
Broadcast Live – KPFB – 89.3 
(N. Berkeley) and BTV Cable Channel 33

Teleconference location: 7101 Arvada Avenue NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110
This meeting will be conducted in accordance with the Brown Act, CA Government Code Section 54953(b)(2), and Teleconferencing. Any member of the public may attend this meeting at either location. Questions regarding this matter may be addressed to Jay Kelekian, Executive Director and Secretary to the Board, (510) 981-7368 

Video Archive (2:06)


 Many of the links below lead to PDF files that require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. 
You can download Acrobat Reader for free.     

*Times allotted for each item are approximate and may be changed at the Board’s discretion during the course of this meeting.

1. Roll call – 1 min.*

2. Approval of Agenda – 2 min.*

3. Public Forum – 3 min. allotted per speaker*

4. CONSENT ITEMS – 1 min.*

a. Approval of the January 22, 2018 meeting minutes  

5. SPECIAL PRESENTATION by Brian Augusta & Associates, Rent Board Legislative Advocate, on housing-related legislation – 30 min.*

a. State Legislative Report


a. From Board Members, Executive Director and Committees

(1) Recommendation that the Board take positions on four pieces of housing-related legislation: AB 2219 (Ting), AB 2364 (Bloom), AB 2343 (Chiu) and AB 2925 (Bonta, Bloom, Chiu & Skinner) (Executive Director) – 15 min.*

(2) Recommendation that the Board oppose Senate Bill 827 (Wiener) – Planning and zoning: transit-rich housing bonus (Commissiers Tregub, Simon-Weisberg, Chang and Chair Selawsky) – 10 min.*

(3) Authorizing the Executive Director to take the necessary steps to secure short-term administrative assistance, if the need arises, in an amount not to exceed $25,000 (Executive Director) – 5 min.* Distributed at the meeting.

(4) Proposal to approve staff recommendations on the following requests for waiver of late registration penalties (Executive Director) – 10 min.*

Ministerial Waivers  

Waiver No.      Property Address
     4675            1400 67th Street
     4677            2200 Roosevelt Avenue
     4678            1317 Shattuck Avenue
     4681            1816 Virginia Street
     4682            1124 Dwight Way
     4690            1423 9th Street

Discretionary Waivers

Waiver No.      Property Address
     4624            2311 Le Conte Avenue
     4652            2911 California Street
     4669            1813 Sacramento Street

7. APPEAL8:00 p.m.** Case No. IRD-129 (2733 Woolsey Street, Unit #2) – 45 min.*

** This appeal will not be heard before 8:00 p.m. but may be heard any time thereafter.

Landlord appeals a hearing examiner’s decision that found that Landlord is not entitled to a Costa-Hawkins vacancy rent increase because at least one original occupant still permanently resides in the subject rental unit. It is undisputed that Landlord originally registered the building in question as two rental units and operated it as two units for at least sixteen years. Substantial evidence in the record supports the hearing examiner’s finding that in June 2016, after service of written notice that the last original occupant had departed, Tenant-Petitioner became an original occupant. Tenant-Petitioner continues to reside in the subject unit, and therefore the landlord is not entitled to set a new initial rent. Legal staff recommends that the hearing decision be upheld.


Please Note: The Board may move Information Items to the Action Calendar.  

a. Reports from Board Members/Staff

(1) Short-Term Rental applications update (Executive Director) – 2 min.*

(2) New Tenant Protection Ordinance (TPO) disclosure notice (Executive Director) –  2 min.*

(3) Copy of Apparent Lawful Rent Ceiling mailings to Berkeley tenants and landlords (Executive Director) – 2 min.*

(4) Staffing Model update regarding Staff Attorney II position – Verbal (Executive Director) – 2 min.*

(5) Urban Habitat January 2018 report titled, Strengthening Communities Through Rent Control and Just-Cause Evictions: Case Studies From Berkeley, Santa Monica, and Richmond (Executive Director) – 2 min.*

(6) Announcement of Adeline Community Open House and Workshops from Saturday, March 10 to Friday, March 23, 2018 (Executive Director) – 1 min.*

(7) Communication from Joan Miro of her submittal to the East Bay Times related to isolation and creating community for the homeless, those at risk of homelessness and the seriously mentally ill (Executive Director) – 1 min.*

(8) January 23, 2018 Daily Californian editorial titled, “Sen. Scott Wiener’s housing bill fails to meet Berkeley’s needs” (Commissioner Tregub) – 1 min.*

(9) January 26, 2018 SFGate.com article by Edvard Pettersson titled, “Bay Area housing market shows no signs of cooling” (Executive Director) – 1 min.* 

(10) January 29, 2018 Daily Californian article by Danielle Kaye titled, “’A necessary first step’: Berkeley may soon fund housing for low-income, homeless UC Berkeley students” (Commissioner Tregub) – 1 min.*

(11) January 31, 2018 Sacramento Bee article by Angela Hart titled, “’Extreme’ rent control could be coming to California soon” (Vice Chair Laverde) – 1 min.*

(12) February 4, 2018 Daily Californian article by Alicia Kim titled, “’In for a big battle’: Californians petition to remove limits on rent control” (Commissioner Tregub) – 1 min.*

(13) February 5, 2018 Mission Local article by Joe Eskenazi titled, “SF goes after city’s cruelest landlord, snatching away her rent payments” (Executive Director) – 1 min.*  

(14) February 12, 2018 Curbed Los Angeles article by Elijah Chiland titled, “Long Beach coalition gathering signatures for rent control ballot measure” (Vice Chair Laverde) – 1 min.*   

(15) February 13, 2018 Orange County Register article by Kevin Smith titled, “Renters outnumber homeowners in some Southern California cities” (Vice Chair Laverde) – 1 min.*  

(16) February 14, 2018 Governing article by Natalie Delgadillo titled, “Does Rent Control Do More Harm Than Good?” (Vice Chair Laverde) – 1 min.*

(17) February 15, 2018 Daily Bulletin article by Jeff Collins titled, “Southern Californians scrimp to get by as average rents hit $1,900” (Vice Chair Laverde) – 1 min.*  

(18) February 15, 2018 Los Angeles Daily News article by Kurt Snibbe titled, “California rents have risen to some of the nation’s highest. Here’s how that impacts residents” (Vice Chair Laverde) – 1 min.*

(19) February 15, 2018 Mercury News article by Katy Murphy titled, “California renters could get a tax break – and new protections from eviction” (Vice Chair Laverde) – 1 min.*

(20) February 15, 2018 Pasadena Business Now staff article titled, “$5 Million Pasadena Multifamily Property Traded in Multiple Offer” (Vice Chair Laverde) – 1 min.*   

(21) February 16, 2018 East County Today article titled, “Senator Glazer Introduces Legislation to Offer Renters Relief” (Vice Chair Laverde) – 1 min.*  

(22) February 16, 2018 GlobeSt.com article by Sturai Yusufi titled, “What You Need To Know About The Rent Control Meaure” (Vice Chair Laverde) – 1 min.*  

(23) January 29, 2018 Berkeleyside opinion by Igor Tregub and Luis Amezcua titled, “Opinion: Don’t require underground parking at Berkeley’s ambitious housing project for the homeless” (Commissioner Tregub) – 1 min.*

9. COMMITTEE/BOARD MEETING UPDATES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS  a. Budget and Personnel – 2 min.* (1) February 15th agenda

a. Budget and Personnel – 2 min.*

(1) February 15th agenda

b. Eviction/Section 8/Foreclosure – 2 min.*

(1) January 24th agenda

(2) February 21st agenda  

c. Habitable & Sustainable Housing (HASH) – 2 min.*

d. IRA, AGA and Registration – 2 min.*

(1) February 1st agenda  

e. Outreach – 2 min.*

(1) February 5th agenda  

f. 4 x 4 Joint Committee on Housing: City Council/Rent Board – 2 min.*

g. 4 x 4 Ad Hoc Committee on Safety, Occupancy and Affordability of Converted Artist Warehouses and Workspaces – 1 min.*

h. Ad Hoc Committee on the Effects of Costa-Hawkins – 2 min.*

(1) February 21st agenda  

i. Ad Hoc Committee on Technology Issues – 1 min.*

j. 2 x 2 x 2 Committee on Housing: Council / Rent Board / BUSD – 1 min.*

k. Updates and Announcements regarding future Special Meetings – 2 min.*

l. Discussion of items for possible placement on future agenda – 2 min.*


At this point, the Board will adjourn to reconvene in Closed Session to discuss the item(s) listed below. Upon the Board’s return, the Chair will announce any action(s) taken by the Board during Closed Session.

CLOSED SESSION – Pursuant to California Government Code Section 54957(b)(1), the Board will convene in Closed Session to discuss:

Title: Executive Director



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