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The Bicycle Plan

On April 4, 2000  the Berkeley City Council adopted the Berkeley Bicycle Plan. This is Berkeley’s first Bicycle Plan. The goal of the Plan is:

"To create a model bicycle-friendly city where bicycling is an attractive, easy, safe, and convenient form of transportation and recreation for people of all ages and bicycling abilities."

Achieving this goal will require increasing the number of bikeways in Berkeley, implementing more extensive bicycle education and promotion programs, increasing the enforcement of traffic laws for autos and bikes and remedying bicycle safety hazards, all of which are outlined in the Bicycle Plan. The result, it is hoped, will be more people choosing to use a bicycle to get around and a reduction in bicycle collisions.

You can view the adopted Bicycle Plan in pdf format. The illustrations of the Existing Bikeway Network, the Recommended Bikeway Network, and the Study Area and Large Capital Projects are all in pdf format only.  If you are unable to access this information online, please contact us via email, telephone (510) 981-7010, or TDD (510) 981-6903. Please note that all of the appendices to the Plan are not included on this website. 

A range of metrics related to energy use, solid waste, transportation, urban forestry, water, and more are now available at:

2005 Bicycle Plan Update: An Addendum to the 2000 Berkeley Bicycle Plan

The 2005 Berkeley Bicycle Plan Update is not a stand-alone plan, but rather an addendum to the existing, previously approved plan. The primary purposes of this document are:

  • To reaffirm the 2000 Plan as a document that is still current, relevant, and useful as a guide for the development and maintenance of bicycle infrastructure and programs in Berkeley, and 

  • To update certain elements of the 2000 Plan and provide some supplementary information not contained in the original.  

You can view the 2005 Bicycle Plan Update in pdf format.  The Plan Area, Bikeway Network, and Parking, Transport and Showers maps are available in pdf format only. If you are unable to access this information online, please contact us via email, telephone (510) 981-7010, or TDD (510) 981-6903. 

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For additional information, please contact the Office of Transportation at (510) 981-7010, TDD: (510) 981-6903

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