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Highway 13 Corridor Improvements Project 

The Highway 13 Corridor Improvements Project, funded by the Caldecott Fourth Bore Settlement with Caltrans, includes implementing transportation improvements along the Highway 13 Corridor (Ashby Avenue and Tunnel Road).   For  project background, click here.     A map of project improvement locations can be  found here.

Caltrans recently issued permits to install the majority of the programmed improvements. The improvements will be constructed as two separate contracts due to the project components and locations.  All the approved improvements are scheduled to be installed Summer and Fall of 2017. A description of each package of improvements is stated below.

Package 1 – Ashby/Claremont & Ashby/Hillegass Improvements

This package includes improvements at the intersections of Ashby/Claremont (Location “A”) and Ashby/Hillegass (Location “M”).

Location A – Ashby/Claremont – Improvements include upgrading the signal to video detection, providing protected/permissive phasing for westbound approach, high visibility crosswalks, and a leading pedestrian interval

Location M – Ashby/Hillegass – Improvements include installing a new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) at the intersection, including new curb ramps and enhanced crosswalk striping.

For informational flier on using a PHB click here. Videos on using a PHB are here and here.

Package 2 – Tunnel Road Access and Safety Improvements

This package includes improvements on Tunnel Road from Domingo Ave to the City Limit. A description of the projects included in this package are as follows:

Location B – Tunnel/Uplands – – Improvements include installing a new Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) at the intersection, including new curb ramps and crosswalk striping.  Work also includes a curb extension to reduce the speed at which vehicles can safely turn onto The Uplands. 

Location E – Bicycle Improvements – Includes striping a dedicated bicycle lane in the eastbound direction, and improved bicycle markings in the westbound direction.  

Location H – Tunnel/Oak Ridge – Improvements include adding detection to the Oakland Ridge approach that when activated, would trigger the signal at the Claremont Hotel driveway to provide a red light to vehicles on Tunnel Road to increase the likelihood for left turns from Oak Ridge. 

Location K – Ashby/Telegraph – Includes new left turn signal heads and signal timing changes at the intersection.
Page last updated:  June 2, 2017 

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