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Transportation Division
Transportation Division

Street Safety in Berkeley

It's up to all of us to help make Berkeley's streets safer for everyone. Whether you are biking, walking, skateboarding, running or driving, being fully aware of your surrounding and understanding the rules of the road will help make everyone's trip safer.

When indexed by its high rates of walking and biking, Berkeley ranks as the safest city in California with a population greater than 60,000 for walking and bicycling. The first two charts below, generated from data from Peter Jacobsen's Safety in Numbers study, shows how Berkeley compares to other California cities with respect to walking and biking safety.


Bike Index


 Biking Safety Tips 

Share the Road Bike SafetyWhen you are on your bike, being predictable, alert, equipped and riding courteously will help keep you safe. Here are some other tips to keep you safe.

Walking Safety Tips

Safe Walking TipsWe walk so often, its easy to forget that being a pedestrian can be risky. Here are some tips to keep you safe.

Its Up to All of Us - Public Education Campaign  

DriveLikeOurLivesDependOnItIts up to all of us to help make our streets safer. Read CA Department of Public Heath's "It's Up to All of Us" campaign material.

How to Use a Bicycle Detector Loop

Bicycle Detector LoopThe City of Berkeley wants to make it easier to bike in our city. Bike detector loops at traffic - actuated signals enable people biking to safely and easily cross busy intersections. Here is more information on bicycle detector loops in Berkeley.





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