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Department of Public Works
Department of Public Works

Annual Construction Program
Planned Sanitary Sewer Projects

FY 2018 Capital Improvement and Rehabilitation Projects, subject to change:

MLK Jr. Way (Vine to Cedar)
MLK Jr. Way (Cedar to Virginia)
Bancroft Way (Shattuck to Milvia)
Jefferson Avenue (Allston to Bancroft)
Vine Street (Bonita to MLK)
Spruce Street Backline (2200 Block of Eunice)
La Loma Avenue, West Sidewalk Main (Virginia to Le Conte)
454 Vincente Avenue
Milvia Street (Blake to Carleton)

Virginia Street (9th to 2nd)
Murray Street (San Pablo to Seventh)
Idaho Street (Sixty-Sixth to Alcatraz Ave)
6th Street (Delaware to University)
Walnut Street (Eunice to Codornices Creek) and backline
Milvia Street (Cedar to Lincoln)
Boise Street (66th to Harmon)
10th Street (Page to Jones)
7th Street (Murray to Folger)
Sixty-Sixth Street (City' Limit to Idaho)
Harmon Street (Boise to Idaho)
Belvedere Avenue (Cedar to Virginia)

Haste Street (Piedmont to Shattuck)
Telegraph Avenue (Bancroft to Dwight)
2nd Street (City Limit to Gilman)
Visalia Avenue (Vincente to City Limit)
Colusa Avenue and Backline (City Limit to Visalia)
Bancroft Way (West to San Pablo)
Gilman Street (4th to 2nd)
Cedarwood Lane (Harrison to Gilman)
6th Street (Harrison to Gilman)
Sacramento Street (Bancroft to Channing)
4th Street (City Limit to Harrison)
Gilman Street (2nd to I-80)
Ellsworth Street (Durant to Haste)
Dana Street (Channing to Haste)
505 Vincente Ave Backline

9th Street (Pardee to Heinz)
Posen (Monterey to City Limit)
Indian Rock Avenue (Shattuck to Marin)
Beverly Place (Hopkins to City Limit)
Halkin Lane and Backline (Spruce to Cragmont)
Pardee Street (10th to 9th)
King Street (Ashby to Tyler)
California Street (Ashby to Tyler)
Northside Avenue (Bart ROW)
Gilman Street (Ordway to Acton)
Neilson Street (City Limit to Gilman)
Ordway Street (City Limit to Gilman)
Euclid Avenue Backline (930 Euclid to 901 Cragmont)

Emergency Projects:

Sanitary Sewer emergency repairs will be performed at several locations throughout the City identified by staff as high priority. Repairs will be made primarily in locations that have recently experienced sanitary sewage overflows, back-ups, clogs, and infiltration, and/or have increasing occurrences of maintenance issues. Such repairs may consist of a temporary patch or pipe replacement.

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