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Department of Public Works
Department of Public Works

Construction Project Bid Results

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Current construction project bid opportunities

Bid results are listed in order of Bid Date, most recent date first, in the following format.

Specification No. - Project Name

Apparent Low Bidder - Bid Amount
Subcontractors listed if available

City of Berkeley contact name and phone number or e-mail address. TDD (510) 981-6903.

Documents in pdf format require Acrobat Reader for viewing. Download a free copy from Adobe's website: GetAdobeLogo
If you are unable to view the document online, contact the listed City staff.

New(1)October 20, 2020

21-11410-C - Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - Walnut, Vine, et al

Glosage Engineering - $2,465,051

21-11410-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Danny Akagi,

New(1)October 20, 2020

20-11407-C - Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - Parker, MLK, et al

Andes Construction - $4,517,058

20-11407-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Tiffany Pham,

June 2, 2020

20-11402-C - Aquatic Park Central Tide Tubes Maintenance Sediment Removal and Inspection Project

Sandstone Environmental Inc. - $480,750

20-11402-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Taylor Lancelot,

May 14, 2020

19-11324 - 125 University Ave Tenant Improvements

DMR Builders - $255,000

19-11324 Bid Results (.pdf)

Nick Cartagena,

May 12, 2020

20-11403-C - Echo Lake Camp Accessibility Upgrades

Pro Builders - $418,000

20-11403-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Taylor Lancelot,

April 23, 2020

20-11383-C - Grove Park Field Renovation and Park Improvements

Saboo Inc. - $868,000

20-11383-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Jesus Espinoza,

April 16, 2020

20-11381-C - San Pablo Park Playground and Tennis Courts Renovation

Suarez & Munoz Construction Inc. - $1,729,351

20-11381-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Wendy Wellbrock,

April 14, 2020

20-11382-C - Strawberry Creek Park Play Area and Restroom Renovation Project

ERA Construction - $782,715

 20-11382-C Updated Bid Results (.pdf)

Isaac Carnegie,

April 9, 2020

19-11302-C - Measure T1 Corp Yard Maintenance Building Upgrade and Marina Corp Yard Maintenance Building Upgrade

Alta Group Inc. - $668,712

19-11302-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Ingrid Lin,

April 9, 2020

20-11368-C - Codornices Creek Stabilization at Kains Avenue Project

McNabb Construction Inc. - $458,439

20-11368-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Srinivas Muktevi,

April 2, 2020

20-11394-C & 20-11387-C - Measure T1 Street Improvements and Green Infrastructure Project

Bay Cities Paving & Grading Inc. - $3,999,079.66

Subcontractors listed:

Professional Tree Care, Berkeley, tree removal
Rosas Brothers, Oakland, concrete
JJ Nguyen, San Jose, landscape
Griffin Soil, Stockton, lime/cement pulverize
Chrisp Company, Fremont, striping
Olivera Fence, Santa Clara, fence

20-11394-C & 20-11387-C Bid Results (.pdf)   20-11394-C & 20-11387-C Bid Abstract (.pdf)

Srinivas Muktevi,

March 31, 2020

20-11396-C - Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - West Frontage Road Crossing I-80 Project

Andes Construction - $505,720

20-11396-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Tiffany Pham,

March 12, 2020

20-11361-C - Berkeley Tuolumne Camp Project

Robert E Boyer Construction, Inc. - $35,290,583

20-11361-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Liza McNulty,

February 25, 2020

20-11392 - Playground Landing Material Replacement Project

ERA Construction, Inc. - $52,000

20-11392 Bid Results (.pdf)

Nyles Gregory,

February 20, 2020

20-11367-C - Street Rehabilitation FY 2020

Bay Cities Paving & Grading, Inc. - $3,732,423.96

Subcontractors listed:

Johnson Construction Co., Concord, adjust utilities
Rosas Brothers, Oakland, concrete
Graham Contractors, San Jose, crack seal & slurry seal
Chrisp Company, Fremont, striping

20-11367-C Bid Results (.pdf)   20-11367-C Bid Abstract (.pdf)

Wendy Wong,

February 11, 2020

19-11294-C - Berkeley Rose Garden Pergola Reconstruction & Site Improvements

Ghilotti Construction Company - $2,870,470

19-11294-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Jesus Espinoza, or Evelyn Chan,

January 9, 2020

20-11362-C - Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - Urgent Sewer Repair Project FY 2020

APB General Engineering - $353,172

20-11362-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Adadu Yemane, (510) 981-6413,

November 26, 2019

20-11366 - Softball Infield Renovation Project

Redwood Engineering - $54,750

20-11366 Bid Results (.pdf)

Nyles Gregory,

November 7, 2019

20-11352-C - Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - Neilson St, Thousand Oaks Blvd, et al

Cratus, Inc. - $3,322,144

20-11352-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Tiffany Pham,

October 24, 2019

20-11353-C - Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - Seawall Dr, Seventh St, et al

Pacific Trenchless, Inc. - $3,474,154

20-11353-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Ricardo Salcedo,

October 17, 2019

20-11351-C - Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - San Pablo Avenue

Precision Engineering - $2,042,017

20-11351-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Adadu Yemane, (510) 981-6413,

October 8, 2019

19-11331-C - Ninth Street Pathway Phase II

Redgwick Construction Co. - $1,346,743

19-11331-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Kenneth Jung,

September 5, 2019

19-11333 - Berkeley Tuolumne Camp Cabin Repairs

Don Fowler Construction - $198,900

19-11333 Bid Results (.pdf)

Liza McNulty,

September 5, 2019

19-11340 - South Cove ADA Accessible Gangway Project

The Dutra Group - $261,100

19-11340-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Roger Miller,

September 5, 2019

18-11177-C - Bay Trail Extension to the Berkeley Marina - Segment 3; Federal Project No. STPL-5057(042)

J.A. Gonsalves and Son Construction, Inc. - $439,725

18-11177-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Nelson Lam,

August 29, 2019

19-11320-C - Live Oak Community Center Seismic Upgrade

Mar Con Builders, Inc. - $4,923,570

19-11320-C Bid Results (.pdf)

19-11320-C Subcontractor List (.pdf)

Taylor Lancelot,

August 20, 2019

18-11216-C - James Kenney Park, Picnic and Play Area Renovation

Bay Construction Co. - $983,000

18-11216-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Taylor Lancelot,

July 30, 2019

19-11312-C - Central Library

DL Falk Construction, Inc. - $2,779,000

19-11312-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Ingrid Lin,

July 9, 2019

19-11274 - Airco Berkeley Transfer Station Office

Alta Engineering Group Inc. - $382,017

19-11274 Bid Results (.pdf)

Jennifer Allen,

July 9, 2019

19-11321-C - John Hinkel Park Improvements

CF Contracting, Inc. - $1,139,500

19-11321-C Bid Results (.pdf)

Wendy Wellbrock,


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