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Department of Public Works
Department of Public Works

Scheduled Construction Activities
Week of August 10, 2020

Detailed information pertaining to construction projects and related activities within the city.

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  1. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Projects:

    1. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Clay Street, San Pablo Avenue, Garfield Avenue, Kains Avenue, Portland Avenue, Santa Fe Avenue, Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Curtis Street and Backline, Visalia Avenue, Arlington Avenue Backline, San Luis Road, 2nd Street, Hearst Avenue, and University Avenue
      Andes Construction, Inc.
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      rdbarrierTesting sanitary sewer main and maintenance holes on Hearst Avenue between 3rd and 6th.

    2. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Euclid Avenue/Regal Road backline
      D'Arcy & Harty Construction
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      No scheduled activity.

    3. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Neilson St Backline, Thousand Oaks Blvd Backline, Portland Ave Backline, Peralta Ave, San Lorenzo Ave/Washington Ave, Capistrano Ave, Miramar Ave Backline, The Alameda Backline, Arlington Ave Backline, Michigan Ave Backline, Alamo Ave Backline, San Diego Rd & Backline, Santa Barbara Rd & Backline, San Luis Rd Backline, Henry St Backline, Berryman St and Backline, Grizzly Peak Blvd & Backline, Cypress St/Buena Ave, Rose St, Grant St, Edith St, and Milvia St Backline
      Cratus, Inc.
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      rdbarrierSealing maintenance hole interiors.

    4. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      San Pablo Avenue at University Ave, at Parker St, at Carleton St, and from Grayson St to South City Limit
      Precision Engineering
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      rdbarrierPavement restoration. Testing of maintenance holes.

    5. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Dwight Way, Fourth St, Camelia St, Seventh St, Heinz Ave, University Ave, Dana St, Ward St, Dover St, Haskell St, and Seawall Dr
      Pacific Trenchless
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      rdbarrierRehabilitation of existing sanitary sewer and maintenance holes on University Avenue from Fourth Street to UPRR railroad (in front of Fourth and U Apartments).

      rdbarrierRehabilitation of sewer laterals on Fourth Street from Camelia to Gilman.

      rdbarrierSealing maintenance hole interiors at Berkeley Marina area.

    6. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Cragmont Ave, Spruce St, Alamo Ave, Wildcat Canyon Rd, Park Hills Rd, Woodmont Ave, Woodside Rd, Oxford St, Tamalpais Path
      APB General Engineering
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      rdbarrierTesting of maintenance holes.

  2. Sidewalk Projects:

    1. FY 2020 Sidewalk Shaving Project
      Various locations
      Trip Stop Sidewalk Repair
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      No scheduled construction activity.

  3. Storm Drain Projects:

    1. Hillview Road and Woodside Road Drainage Improvement Project
      Hillview/Woodside intersection, Wildcat Canyon
      APB General Engineering
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      No scheduled construction activity.

    2. FY 2018 Measure M Low Impact Development, Woolsey Street
      Woolsey from Adeline to Tremont
      Cratus, Inc.
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)


  4. Street Rehabilitation Projects:

    1. Measure T1 Street Improvements
      Adeline, Hearst, Milvia
      Gallagher & Burk, Inc.
      Project Notice (.pdf)    Location Map (.pdf)
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      Miscellaneous minor items.

    2. Street Rehabilitation FY 2020
      Acton, Arcade, Cedar, Center, Deakin, Dohr, Michigan, Roosevelt, Rose, Santa Fe, Shasta, West
      Bay Cities Paving & Grading, Inc.
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

       No scheduled construction activity.

    3. Measure T1 Street Improvements and Green Infrastructure Project
      Street Improvements - Monterey, Ward
      Green Infrastructure - Channing, Dwight, Grayson, Page, Piedmont
      Project Notice (.pdf)
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      rdbarrierConcrete work on Monterey.

  5. Transportation Projects:

    1. Shattuck Reconfiguration and Pedestrian Safety Project
      Shattuck Avenue between Allston and University, Addison Street between Shattuck SB and Shattuck NB, Center Street between Shattuck SB and Shattuck NB, University Avenue between Shattuck SB and Shattuck NB
      Ghilotti Construction Company
      Link to Shattuck Reconfiguration and Pedestrian Safety Project webpage
      Link to Letter to Businesses and Residents Regarding Conversion to Two-Way Traffic Flow and Closure of Intersection of Shattuck East and Center for Construction

      rdbarrierConcrete restoration tentatively scheduled.

    2. Ninth Street Pathway Phase II
      at and around the intersection of Ninth Street and Ashby Avenue, from about 200 feet north of Anthony Street to the north and from Murray Street to the south
      Redgwick Construction Company
      Public Notice (.pdf)
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      Work within City right of way completed. Construction suspended until work within Caltrans right of way can commence.

    3. Sacramento Complete Streets Project
      Sacramento Street at the intersections of Virginia Street, Delaware Street, University Avenue, and Addison Street
      CF Contracting, Inc.
      Public Notice (.pdf)
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      rdbarrierInstall signage. Investigative digging at Addison, University, Delaware, and Virginia tentatively scheduled.

  6. Parks Projects:
    For additional information on Parks projects, please visit the Parks Recreation & Waterfront Department and Temporary Park Closures.

  7. Outside Agency Projects:

    1. PG&E
      E-mail link to City contact person

      rdbarrierHeinz from 9th to 10th - Install gas regulator.

      rdbarrierRussell/Mabel - Install gas regulator.

      rdbarrierSan Antonio Ave (Avis to San Luis)/San Luis Rd (~#623 to Montrose)/Southampton Ave (northeast of San Luis) - Contractor Miller Pipeline installing new gas main and services.

      rdbarrierOregon from San Pablo to Mabel/Wallace from Ward to Russell/Mathews from Ward to Russell - Contractor Miller Pipeline installing new gas main and services.

      rdbarrierBlake from Shattuck to Dana, Parker from Shattuck to Dana, Fulton from Blake to Parker, Ellsworth from Blake to Parker - Installation of new gas main and services.

      rdbarrierMathews from Dwight to Carleton, Blake from San Pablo to Mabel, Parker from San Pablo to Mabel - Installation of new gas main and services.

      rdbarrier1100 - 1300 blocks of Ward Street - Relocate gas service lines.

      rdbarrierVirginia St from Curtis to Sacramento - Install new gas main and services.

      rdbarrier#1200 and #2138 7th Street - Replace gas valve assembly.

      Lead Cable Replacement Project

      PG&E Contact: Lina Tate, (510) 423-8279,
      Sample PG&E Notice (.pdf)
      rdbarrierCable removal. Shattuck Ave from Bancroft to Addison. Night work on August 13.

      Restoration work at the following locations:

      Quail from Northgate to Queens
      Mabel St between Dwight and Carleton
      Carleton and Derby between Sacramento and San Pablo, Acton, Mabel and Mathews from Parker to Ward
      Ellsworth St from Derby to Carleton
      Oxford St from Hearst to Berkeley - striping
      Belrose from Tanglewood to Avalon - striping
      Cedar/MLK - pavement and curb
      1499 University - sidewalk and striping
      2625 Durant

      Ongoing AC/concrete restorations and pole replacements throughout the City.

    2. EBMUD
      E-mail link to City contact person

      rdbarrierColusa from San Lorenzo to Tacoma, San Lorenzo from Ensenada to Santa Rosa, Capistrano from Miramar to The Alameda, Tacoma from Colusa to The Alameda, Ensenada from San Lorenzo to Tacoma, Ensenada from Peralta to Portland - Install new water main and services.

      Restoration work at the following locations:

      Santa Barbara from Florida to Montrose, Northampton from Spruce to Santa Barbara - Restoration pending
      Hilldale from Grizzly Peak to Poppy Ln, Bonnie Ln from Marin to Hilldale, Poppy Ln from Hilldale to Keeler, Miller from Poppy Ln to Keeler, Marin from Euclid to Hilldale - Restoration pending
      Rock Lane from Poplar to Cragmont - pavement restoration pending
      2640 MLK - pavement restoration pending
      Numerous small areas throughout the city.

      Panoramic Hill Improvements

      Arden Path from Arden Road to Panoramic Way, 200 block of Panoramic Way - Starting April 1, Installation of temporary pipelines on Arden Path for subsequent construction of new University Pumping Plant at Arden Path/Panoramic Way. There will be intermittent full road closures of the 200 block of Panoramic Way. Detours will be in place.

      Update from EBMUD Community Affairs
      Laura Luong, (510) 287-0140,

      Replacement of Arden Steps

      Arden Steps Closed August 10 through August 28.

      rdbarrierReplacement of Arden steps will begin the second week of August and will take approximately two weeks to complete. This includes construction of the new steps and demolition of the existing steps. This was not complete as part of the last Arden Steps closure because the materials didn’t arrive in time. Schedule is subject to change.

      rdbarrierBeginning August 10, 2020, EBMUD's contractor will begin installation of a new retaining wall at University Pumping Plant. During construction, Panoramic Way in front of University Pumping plant will be closed. Detours will be posted ahead of the road closure. Road detours will be between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and construction hours at University Pumping Plant are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

      Construction is currently underway at the University Reservoirs and University Pumping Plant sites.

      Intermittent closure of Panoramic Way at University Pumping Plant
      Beginning Monday, June 1, for the next couple of months, construction at University Pumping Plant will require intermittent closure of Panoramic Way in front of the site. Neighbors can detour around the loop down to Panoramic Way and detour signs will be posted at the time of any closure. Any closure will occur between 9 am to 4 pm.

      For updated information and contacts regarding EBMUD Reservoir Replacement and Transmission Pipeline projects please follow the appropriate link below:

      Summit Reservoir Replacement Project (Spruce at Grizzly Peak)
      As of December 2018, EBMUD’s new 3.5 million gallon Summit Reservoir tank is in service and the new pumps installed at the Shasta Woods Pumping Plant are being tested. All associated landscaping work is complete. Finishing site work including paving of access roads, water line tie in and paving on Spruce Street, as well as drain work and installation of metal bird structures will take place through early 2019. Standard project work hours are Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

      EBMUD Summit Reservoir Notice - December 2014 (.pdf)
      Summit Reservoir Update Notice - October 2015 (.pdf)

      Wildcat Pipeline Project
      EBMUD is planning to install a new 48-inch transmission pipeline in Berkeley to improve and expand the water system in an area that serves customers from Berkeley to Crockett. Prior to the initiation of pipe installation, a large valve was installed on Bancroft Way in January 2018 at Ellsworth Street in Berkeley to connect the new transmission lines to the existing distribution system. Exploratory work to gather information about existing infrastructure in Ellsworth St. and Stuart St. will take place intermittently leading up to major project work.

      Starting in summer 2019 for approximately 6 months, EBMUD crews will begin preliminary work to relocate existing pipes and install new valves at 5 locations along the project alignment on Ellsworth Street from Bancroft Way to Stuart Street and on Stuart Street from Ellsworth Street to Benvenue Avenue. Construction of the Wildcat Pipeline in Berkeley is anticipated to begin in early 2021 and last for about two years.

      rdbarrierContractor Ranger Pipeline working on Ellsworth between Blake and Carleton. Road Closed to through traffic.

    3. AT&T Telephone
      E-mail link to City contact person

      rdbarrierAlvarado from Tunnel to Slater, Bridge from Tunnel to Alvarado, Vicente from Alvarado to Tunnel - Install fiber.

      Restoration work at the following locations:

      2033 University - Sidewalk restoration
      Tacoma at Solano - Pavement restoration

      Crews removing old poles throughout Berkeley.

      Investigative and cable pulling work within existing manholes and vaults throughout the city

    4. Caltrans
      Chiconda Davis, Public Information Officer, (510) 286-1227,

      rdbarrierProject 04-2G4824 - Ashby Avenue from San Pablo Avenue to Shattuck Avenue
      Ray's Electric
      Replace signals and curb ramps at Mabel, Sacramento, King, Ellis, and Adeline.

      rdbarrierProject 04-2G6604 - Ashby Avenue from College Avenue to Roble Road
      California Highway Construction Group
      Replace sidewalks and curb ramps.

    5. University of California at Berkeley
      UC Berkeley Capital Strategies

      Information about campus construction is available on the web at Questions or concerns can be addressed to UC Berkeley Capital Strategies, Other campus resources include the UC Office of Environment, Health and Safety at (510) 642-3073.

In all construction areas:

  • Please observe all "NO PARKING" signs
  • Tie or keep pets away to assure both pet and worker safety
  • Keep children out of work area
  • Dust and noise will be prevalent, please take proper precautions

If you did not find the project you were looking for, it may have moved to the Recently Completed Projects page.

Recently completed sanitary sewer projects

Recently completed storm drain projects

Recently completed street rehabilitation projects

Recently completed sidewalk and pathway projects


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