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Berkeley, California (Wednesday, May 22, 2019) - Every month, there are over 300 crimes (UCR Part 1 crimes) occurring in the City of Berkeley.  Below are some of those cases that have occurred over the past few days that involve weapons, violence or incidents that people have asked us about. 


Information about those arrested (juveniles excluded) can be found by visiting the City’s Open Data Portal using the associated case number:




On May 13th at 5:50 pm, a woman was sitting at one of the exterior tables at Whole Foods Market working on her laptop.  While there, two suspects walked over to the table and grabbed the woman’s laptop.  The suspects then ran away.  A good samaritan and the store’s security guard chased after the suspects and the suspects ended-up dropping the laptop while running away.  Witnesses described one of the suspects as a Black male, 28-32 years old, 5’11” tall, wearing a gray sweatshirt and blue jeans.  Witnesses described the other suspect as a Black male, 18-22, 5’8” tall, wearing a collared shirt under a dark jacket.

Case 2019-00026258




On May 13th at 6:44 pm, a44-year-old Oakland man was walking on 61st Street (near Market Street) when a suspect approached him from behind.  The suspect tried to grab the man, but the man pushed him away.  Two other suspects quickly approached the man and took his cellphone.  The suspects then fled the area.  Witnesses described one of the suspects as a Black male juvenile, about 5’8” tall, wearing dark clothing.

Case 2019-00026262




On May 14th at 9:15 pm, a 52-year-old Berkeley woman walking on the 1600 block of Alcatraz Avenue when she stopped for a moment and set her cellphone on a nearby utility box.  While there, a suspect walked up, grabbed the cellphone and ran away.  When a passerby chased after the suspect, the suspect dropped the cellphone and continued running.  Witnesses described the suspect as a Black male, in his 20’s, about 5’6” tall, with black shoulder length dreadlocks, wearing a black jacket and blue jeans.

Case 2019-00026443




On May 15th at 9:10 pm, a 27-year-old Berkeley man was walking on the 2300 block of Ellsworth Avenue when two suspects approached the man from behind.  One of the suspects pulled out a knife and demanded the man’s cash.  Startled by the suspects, the man fell to the ground.  When the man told the suspects he had no cash, the two suspects ran away.


Witnesses described the suspects as:

    • Suspect #1: Hispanic male adult, 17-21 years old, wearing a black hooded top, with a skinny build, armed with a knife.
    • Suspect #2: Hispanic male adult, 17-21 years old, wearing a light gray hooded top, with a heavy build.

Case 2019-00026694




On May 15th at 11 pm, a 43-year-old Oakland man was delivering pizzas to the 900 block of Addison Street when two suspects approached him.  The suspects pointed a handgun at the man and demanded his wallet and cellphone.  Once the suspects took the man’s wallet and cash, they drove away in 4 door sedan—last seen westbound on Addison Street.  Witnesses described one of the suspects as a Black male, in his 20’s, 5’5” tall, with a thin build, wearing a long blackjacket and pants.  Witnesses described the other suspect as a White male, in his 20’s, 5’5” tall, with a thin build, wearing a dark hooded top.

Case 2019-00026715




On May 16th at 9:30 pm, a 17-year-old Berkeley female was walking on the 2000 block of Blake Street when a group of 10 teens approached her.  One female from the group demanded the 17-year-old’s property.  When she refused, the suspect snatched the cellphone from 17-year-old’s hands.  The suspects then left the area—last seen westbound on Blake Street.  Witnesses described the suspect as a Black (or mixed race) female juvenile, about 5’5” to 5’6” tall, with a skinny build, dark hair that was in a bun.

Case 2019-00026916




On May 17th at 10:24 am, a 27-year-old Berkeley woman was withdrawing cash from the Chase Bank (2150 Shattuck Avenue) ATM.  When the ATM dispensed the cash, a female suspect grabbed it from the ATM.  When the woman tried to get her money back, the suspect pushed her away and ran down Shattuck Avenue.  As the woman chased after the suspect, a patrol officer driving on Shattuck Avenue saw what was happening.  The officer was able to detain the suspect without incident.  The suspect [a 42-year-old woman (no address given)] was arrested on suspicion of robbery at an ATM.

Case 2019-00027009




On May 18th at 5:04 pm, a 19-year-old Berkeley woman was standing on the corner of Durant Avenue and Dana Street when two juveniles (reportedly a 16-20 year-old male along with an 8-12 year-old male) asked to use her phone. The youngest of the pair told the woman that his cellphone was broken and that he wanted to call his mom.  The two suspects then passed the phone between each other and the woman lost track of who had the phone.  Suddenly, the suspects ran away in different directions.


BART Police later located the oldest suspect (a 17-year old Fairfield male) at the Downtown BART station.  Witnesses described the remaining suspect asa Black male, 8-12 years old, 4’8” to 5’0” tall, with a chubby build, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and shoes. The 17-year-old was arrested on suspicion of grand theft.

Case 2019-00027303




On May 19th at 4:53 am, officers responded to a community center on the 700 block of Harrison Street on a report of a fight.  On arrival, officers found a 59-year old man who had been stabbed and was bleeding severely.  While officers administered first aid to the man—applying a patrol tourniquet, other officers located the suspect in another part of the facility.  Officers arrested the suspect (a 55-year-old Berkeley man) and the Alameda County DistrictAttorney’s Office has since charged him with Assault with a Deadly Weapon—with an enhancement for causing great bodily injury. The victim was transported to the hospital with injuries to his arm.

Case 2019-00027374



Incidenton Parker Street

On May 19th at 5:50 pm, officers responded to the 2300 block of Parker Street on a report there was a man was waving around a sickle (a farming tool for cutting).  When they arrived, officers learned that the man had attacked the homeowner and his friend inside the residence.  The homeowner and his friend were able toescape the building and called for help.


Patrol officers established a perimeter around the residence and used a PA speaker to call for the suspect to come outside of his residence, but he would not.  The Department’s Special Response Team responded to the scene along with Department Negotiators as well as a canine unit from the San Leandro Police Department.


On May 20th at about 2 am, the Special Response Team entered the residence and found the suspect hiding on one of the upper levels.  In the course of the arrest, officers used less lethal projectiles to gain the suspect’s compliance.


The suspect (a 40-year-old Berkeley man) was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and felony battery.  The suspect has since been taken to a local hospital for medical evaluation.


During the attack, the suspect cut the homeowner’s friend (a 70-year-old Oakland man) with the sickle and he was taken to a local hospital with injuries to his hands and legs that are not believed to be life-threatening.

Case 2019-00027465



Attempted Robbery

On May 20th at 10 pm, three men (ages 18-19 years old) were walking from the UC Channing/Ellsworth parking garage.  When the group reached the Channing Way sidewalk, a suspect approached them.  The suspect pulled out a knife and demanded the group’s property.  The group then ran away from the suspects, and the suspectsleft the area.  Witnesses described one of the suspects as a mixed race male, in his 20’s, 5’11” to 6’0” tall, with a slim build, with a short goatee or beard, wearing a burgundy zip up hooded top.

Case 2019-00027655


A familiar theme among many of these incidents is the theft of personal electronic devices.  When traveling with your personal electronic device—such as a cell phone or laptop, consider keeping it out of sight when possible.  If you see something that you think is suspicious, be sure to say something by notifying the nearest police agency.



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