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Berkeley, California (Tuesday, February 26, 2019) - Every month, there are over 300 crimes (UCR Part 1 crimes) occurring in the City of Berkeley.  Below are some of those cases that have occurred over the past few days that involve weapons, violence or incidents that people have asked us about.

Information about those arrested (juveniles excluded) can be found by visiting the City’s Open Data Portal using the associated case number:



Criminal Threats

On February 20th at about 6 pm, a man (age 38) had just parked his vehicle on Parker Street (near Dana Street) when another vehicle came speeding down the street.  The man yelled out to the passing car to “slow down!”  The speeding vehicle abruptly stopped (with skidding wheels) and a suspect jumped out of the vehicle yelling.  The suspect then reached in his waistband, brandished a handgun, and threatened to kill the man.  Fearing for his safety, the man quickly left the area.  Witnesses described the suspect as a White male, about 5’9” tall, with a medium build, wearing a baseball cap and a black hooded top.  Witnesses described the vehicle as a blue 4-door sedan—last seen driving westbound on Parker Street.

Case 2019-00009321



Guns found during traffic enforcement stops


On February 20th at about 10 pm, patrol officers spotted a vehicle speeding on Seventh Street (near Parker Street).  When officers stopped the vehicle, they discovered that the driver was unlicensed.  When officers searched the vehicle, they discovered a loaded handgun under the driver’s seat.  The driver (a 34 year old Oakland man) was arrested on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a loaded concealed weapon and a felon in possession of ammunition.

Case 2019-00009355


On February 23rd at 3 am, patrol officers spotted a vehicle swerving between lanes on the 2900 block of Sacramento Street.  When officers stopped the vehicle (now at Fairview Street/Baker Street) and made contact with the suspect, they began to suspect some type of impairment.  In the course of their investigation, officers discovered a loaded handgun hidden underneath the seat of the suspect’s vehicle.  The driver (a 39 year old Berkeley man) was arrested on suspicion of DUI and carrying a loaded concealed handgun.

Case 2019-00009804


On February 23rd at 7:38 pm, patrol officers spotted a vehicle with expired registration (over a year expired) on San Pablo Avenue (near Folger Street).  When the officers contacted the driver, they suspected that she had recently smoked marijuana inside the vehicle.  During the course of their investigation, officers discovered that the driver had a loaded handgun hidden in her waistband.  When officers searched the vehicle, they discovered marijuana and methamphetamines.  The driver (a 53 year old Oakland woman) was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a controlled substances, carrying a loaded concealed firearm and having false registration.

Case 2019-00009941



Theft from Person

On February 22nd at about 10 pm, a man (age 21) was standing on the 2600 block of Regent Street when a suspect approached him from behind.  The suspect grabbed the man’s backpack from off of his shoulder and ran away—southbound on Regent Street.  Witnesses described the suspect as a Black male, about 5’9” tall, with a heavy build, wearing a black sweatshirt.

Case 2019-00009755



Man detained after waiving around a replica firearm


On February 23rd at 12:18 am, patrol officers spotted a suspect walking on San Pablo Avenue with a visible gun in his hands, which he was swinging in the air as he walked.  When officers drove closer, the suspect put the gun in his jacket.  Officers then got out of their patrol vehicle, drew their duty weapons and ordered the suspect to put his hands in the air.  Instead of complying with their orders, the suspect put his hands back in his jacket and pulled out the handgun.  Officers ordered the suspect to drop the gun.  Thankfully, the suspect dropped the gun and officers were able to safely detain him.  After speaking with the suspect, officers determined that he was intoxicated and that the gun was actually a replica firearm (BB gun) that did not have the “orange tip” that usually marks a replica firearm.  The suspect (a 48 year old Berkeley man) was arrested on suspicion of having an imitation firearm altered to resemble an air rifle as well as public intoxication.

Case 2019-00009782




On February 24th at 12:22 am, a man (age 21) and woman (age 18) were walking on the 1800 block of Berkeley Way when two suspects approached them and tried to take their backpacks.  After a struggle, the suspects were able to take one of the backpacks and they left the area.  As a result of the robbery, the 21 year old man received cuts/abrasions on his legs after being pushed to the ground when the suspects took his backpack.  Witnesses described one of the suspects as a Black male, in his 20’s, wearing all black clothing.  Witnesses described the other suspect as a Black male, with a thin build, wearing all black clothing.

Case 2019-00009994



Parolee arrested after casing vehicles near the Police Department

On February 24th at 5 pm, officers spotted a suspect looking into cars in the off-street parking lot on the 1800 block of Allston Way (just outside the south gates of the Police Department).  When the suspect saw the officers, the suspect walked away from them—toward MLK Jr. Way.  When officers detained the suspect, they discovered that he had an outstanding parole warrant.  The suspect [a 27 year old man (address unknown)] was arrested for his outstanding warrant.

Case 2019-00010081



Vehicle Stop leads to the arrest of identity theft suspects

On February 25th at 12:42 am, an officer spotted a U-Haul truck driving in the area of University Avenue and Eighth Street.  When the officer stopped the truck for an equipment violation, the officer determined that the driver was unlicensed.  When the officer searched the vehicle, the officer discovered checkbooks, identification and US Mail that did not belong to the driver or passenger.

As the investigation continued, officers discovered paperwork for over 200 identity theft profiles as well as checks and tax forms that did not belong to the passenger.

The driver (a 35 year old San Francisco woman) and passenger (a 30 year old Berkeley man) were arrested on multiple counts of suspicion of having the identification of 10+ people with the intent to defraud as well as possession of stolen property.

Case 2019-00010153



One common theme between most of these incidents is that they are occurring during the hours of darkness.  When you are out at night, please consider travelling through well-lit areas or travelling with a friend.  When travelling with a personal electronic device—such as a cell phone or laptop, consider keeping it out of sight when possible.  If you see something that you think is suspicious, be sure to say something by notifying the nearest police agency.


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