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Berkeley, California (Monday, February 11, 2019) - Below are some cases that have occurred over the past few days that may be interest.  Information about the people arrested can be found through the City’s Open Data Portal using the associated case number:


Case #2019-00006375                       Disturbance

On February 5th at 1:42 am, officers responded to Taco Bell Cantina (2528 Durant Avenue) on report that a man had brandished a knife at restaurant staff after they asked him to leave.  When officers arrived, they detained the man outside of the restaurant without incident.  Officers learned that restaurant staff had asked the man to leave after he attempted to smoke marijuana inside the restaurant.  When asked to leave, the man became angry, pulled out a sharp bladed rod and challenged the staff to a fight.  When officers searched the man, they located the sharp metal rod as well as a quantity of methamphetamine.  Officers arrested the 32 year old man (unknown city of residence) on suspicion of exhibiting a deadly weapon, possession of controlled substances, possession of narcotics paraphernalia, violation of probation as well as an outstanding arrest warrant.


Case #2019-00006546                       Grand Theft

On February 5th at 7:03 pm, a man was working on his laptop in the outside seating of Caffé Strada (2300 College Avenue) when he had to step away briefly.  After stepping away, a suspect ran up and grabbed the laptop from the table.  The suspect was last seen running westbound on Bancroft Way before getting into a nearby parked car.  Witnesses described the suspect as male (unknown race), about 5’9” tall, with a medium build.


Case #2019-00006958                       Stolen Vehicle

On February 7th at about 7 pm, officers located a stolen Lexus driving in the area south of UC Berkeley.  After the Lexus made it to the 2000 block of Bancroft Way, officers tried to make an enforcement stop on the vehicle.  Instead of stopping, the suspect drove away in the opposing lanes of Bancroft Way and Shattuck Avenue—in the process striking two vehicles and ramming the door of a police car that an officer was getting out of.  Fortunately, the officer was able to avoid injury by quickly getting back in the police car just before the door was forcibly shut by the collision. The suspect continued to flee into South Berkeley and officers discontinued the pursuit because the suspect was driving so recklessly. The suspect was last seen getting on I-80 East.

Shortly thereafter, Albany PD located the Lexus abandoned on Eastshore Highway and believed the driver was inside the nearby Target store. Berkeley officers joined Albany officers in searching Target store and found the suspect inside.  The suspect (a 36 year old San Francisco man) was arrested for auto theft, felony evading, hit-run, and assault on an officer.


Case #2019-00006973                       Robbery

On February 7th at about 9 pm, a man was walking on the 2700 block of Fulton Street when two suspects approached him from behind.  The suspects took the cell phone from the man’s hands and tried to take his backpack as well.  The man held onto his backpack and the suspects knocked him to the ground.  The suspects then punched and kicked the man to get him to let go of the backpack.  Moments later, a vehicle pulled up and the suspects got inside and drove away.  Witnesses described the suspects as Black men, in their 20’s, with one of them having dreadlocks and wearing dark clothes.  Witnesses described the other suspect as having a thin build and wearing a lighter colored jacket and white shoes.  Although he did not want emergency medical assistance, the man (age 27) did have pain/bruising from the robbery.


Case #2019-00007031                       Commercial Burglary

On February 8th at 1:44 am, two suspects broke into the Chevron Gas station (1201 The Alameda) by throwing a brick through the front window.  The suspects then took over $7000 in cigarettes.  From the video surveillance, the suspects appeared to be two men wearing dark clothing that fled in a white SUV with two other suspects inside.


Case #2019-00007039                       Robbery

On February 8th at 7:44 am, a woman was walking into La Quinta Inn (920 University Avenue) when a suspect ran up behind her and grabbed the purse the woman was holding.  The suspect ran away and got into a waiting vehicle parked on University Avenue.  The vehicle sped off—later striking another vehicle at the intersection of Eighth and Cedar Street.  Witnesses described the suspect as a Black male, wearing dark colored clothing.  Although she did not want emergency medical assistance, the woman (age 51) did have cuts/pain/bruising from falling after the robbery.


Case #2019-00007067                       Found Gun

On February 8th at 10:30 am, a person reported finding a loaded handgun in the bushes on the 2700 block of Milvia Street.


Case #2019-00007147                       Robbery

On February 8th at 4:30 pm, a bicyclist was stopped at the westbound signal light of Hearst Avenue and Milvia Street when a suspect approached the bicyclist and knocked him to the ground. The suspect then rode away on the bicyclist’s rented FORD GoBike—last seen riding westbound on Hearst Avenue.  Witnesses described the suspect as a man (unknown race) with dreadlocks, about 6’ tall, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and light blue jeans.


Case #2019-00007226                       Car Stop reveals an Assault Rifle

On February 9th at 7:10 am, an officer on a security check of the marina stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation on Seawall Drive.  When the officer searched the vehicle, the officer located a loaded assault rifle.  The driver (a 37 year old Berkeley man) was arrested on suspicion of carrying a concealed assault weapon.


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