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Daily Calls For Service Log  


The Daily Calls for Service Log is designed to allow the community to see the volume and general nature of police activity that occurs in the City of Berkeley.  The log is a list of calls for service, on-view activities and dispatched police calls for service.  The log is posted each weekday excluding weekends and holidays.  The weekend and holiday logs will generally be posted the following business day.  

The information contained in the log is based upon unverified, preliminary information.  The preliminary incident type may be changed at a later time based upon additional investigation.  Some calls for service information may be removed due to investigative restrictions and victim privacy rights.  If a call fits these criteria you may see the word “confidential” in the address section.  In some cases an address may not appear as locations are based on GPS coordinates and the information may not have transferred to the log.  In some cases an incident number may not be assigned because the call for service did not require an officer response and is merely for informational purposes.

The information in the log should not be used for comparison purposes and the Berkeley Police Department is not responsible for any error or omission.  Any use of the information for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. 

Click here for Legend of Call-Incident Types.





August 1st     August 2nd     August 3rd     August 4th      August 5th


July 1st     July 2nd     July 3rd     July 4th    July 5th    July 6th    July 7th   

July 8th     July 9th     July 10th    July 11th  July 12th  July 13th  July 14th

July 15th   July 16th    July 17th   July 18th  July 19th  July 20th  July 21st

July 22nd  July 23rd    July 24th   July 25th  July 26th  July 27th  July 28th

July 29th   July 30th    July 31st


June 1st        June 2nd      June 3rd      June 4th      June 5th      June 6th       June 7th

June 8th       June 9th       June 10th     June 11th    June 12th    June 13th     June 14th

June 15th     June 16th     June 17th      June 18th   June 19th    June 20th     June 21st      

June 22nd    June 23rd     June 24th      June 25th   June 26th   June 27th     June 28th

June 29th     June 30th


May 1st      May 2nd      May 3rd         May 4th      May 5th      May 6th      May 7th

May 8th      May 9th       May 10th       May 11th    May 12th    May 13th    May 14th

May 15th    May 16th     May 17th       May 18th    May 19th    May 20th    May 21st

May 22nd   May 23rd     May 24th       May 25th    May 26th    May 27th    May 28th

May 29th    May 30th     May 31st    


April 1st        April 2nd        April 3rd        April 4th        April 5th       April 6th      April 7th

April 8th        April 9th         April 10th      April 11th      April 12th     April 13th     April 14th

April 15th      April 16th       April 17th      April 18th      April 19th     April 20th     April 21st

April 22nd     April 23rd       April 24th      April 25th      April 26th     April 27th     April 28th

April 29th      April 30th


March 1st        March 2nd       March 3rd        March 4th        March 5th        March 6th        March 7th

March 8th        March 9th        March 10th       March 11th      March 12th      March 13th      March 14th

March 15th      March 16th      March 17th       March 18th      March 19th      March 20th      March 21st

March 22nd     March 23rd      March 24th       March 25th      March 26th      March 27th      March 28th

March 29th      March 30th      March 31st   


February 1st        February 2nd        February 3rd        February 4th          February 5th          February 6th        February 7th

February 8th        February 9th         February 10th       February 11th        February 12th        February 13th      February 14th

February 15th       February 16th      February 17th       February 18th        February 19th        February 20th      February 21st

February 22nd      February 23rd      February 24th       February 25th        February 26th        February 27th      February 28th


January 1st        January 2nd        January 3rd        January 4th        January 5th        January 6th        January 7th

January 8th        January 9th        January 10th       January 11th      January 12th      January 13th       January 14th

January 15th      January 16th       January 17th      January 18th      January 19th      January 20th       January 21st

January 22nd     January 23rd      January 24th       January 25th      January 26th      January 27th       January 28th    

January 29th      January 30th       January 31st   




December 1st     December 2nd     December 3rd     December 4th    December 5th     December 6th     December 7th

December 8th     December 9th      December 10th   December 11th  December 12th    December 13th   December 14th

December 15th   December 16th    December 17th   December 18th   December 19th   December 20th   December 21st

December 22nd  December 23rd    December 24th   December 25th   December 26th   December 27th   December 28th    

December 29th   December 30th    December 31st  


November 1st        November 2nd        November 3rd       November 4th        November 5th        November 6th

November 7th        November 8th        November 9th        November 10th      November 11th      November 12th

November 13th      November 14th       November 15th      November 16th     November 17th      November 18th

November 19th      November 20th       November 21st      November 22nd    November 23rd      November 24th    

November 25th      November 26th       November 27th      November 28th     November 29th       November 30th  


October 1st        October 2nd        October 3rd        October 4th        October 5th         October 6th

October 7th        October 8th         October 9th        October 10th      October 11th       October 12th

October 13th      October 14th       October 15th      October 16th       October 17th       October 18th

October 19th      October 20th       October 21st      October 22nd      October 23rd       October 24th

October 25th       October 26th      October 27th      October 28th       October 29th       October 30th

October 31st


September 1st        September 2nd        September 3rd         September 4th         September 5th           September 6th

September 7th        September 8th         September 9th          September 10th       September 11th        September 12th

September 13th      September 14th       September 15th       September 16th       September 17th        September 18th

September 19th      September 20th       September 21st       September 22nd      September 23rd        September 24th

September 25th      September 26th       September 27th        September 28th      September 29th         September 30th



August 1st            August 2nd            August 3rd            August 4th            August 5th               August 6th

August 7th            August 8th             August 9th            August 10th          August 11th              August 12th

August 13th          August 14th           August 15th           August 16th          August 17th             August 18th

August 19th          August 20th           August 21st           August 22nd         August 23rd             August 24th

August 25th          August 26th           August 27th           August 28th          August 29th             August 30th

August 31st



July 1st                July 2nd                July 3rd              July 4th               July 5th                July 6th

July 7th                July 8th                 July 9th              July 10th             July 11th              July 12th

July 13th              July 14th               July 15th            July 16th             July 17th              July 18th

July 19th              July 20th               July 21st            July 22nd            July 23rd              July 24th

July 25th              July 26th               July 27th            July 28th             July 29th              July 30th

July 31st    



June 1st                June 2nd               June 3rd                June 4th               June 5th               June 6th        

June 7th                June 8th                June 9th                June 10th             June 11th             June 12th    

June 13th              June 14th              June 15th              June 16th              June 17th             June 18th   

June 19th              June 20th              June 21st              June 22nd             June 23rd             June 24th    

June 25th              June 26th              June 27th              June 28th              June 29th             June 30th



May 1st                May 2nd                May 3rd                May 4th                May 5th               May 6th

May 7th                May 8th                 May 9th                May 10th              May 11th              May 12th

May 13th              May 14th               May 15th              May 16th               May 17th             May 18th

May 19th              May 20th               May 21st              May 22nd              May 23rd             May 24th

May 25th              May 26th               May 27th              May 28th               May 29th             May 30th

May 31st



April 1st                April 2nd                April 3rd               April 4th                April 5th               April 6th 

April 7th                April 8th                April 9th                April 10th              April 11th             April 12th 

April 13th              April 14th              April 15th              April 16th              April 17th             April 18th 

April 19th              April 20th              April 21st              April 22nd             April 23rd             April 24th

April 25th              April 26th              April 27th              April 28th              April 29th             April 30th







March 31st 

March 30th 

March 29th 

March 28th 

March 27th 

March 26th

March 25th

March 24th

March 23rd

March 22nd 

March 21st 

March 20th 

March 19th 

March 18th 

March 17th 

March 16th 

March 15th 

March 14th 

March 13th 

March 12th 

March 11th 

March 10th 

March 9th 

March 8th 

March 7th 

March 6th 

 March 5th

March 4

March 3

March 2

March 1

February 28th 

February 27th 

February 26th

February 25th

February 24th

February 23rd

February 22nd

February 21st

February 20th

February 19th

February 18th

February 17th

February 16th

February 15th

February 14th 

February 13th

February 12th 

February 11th 

February 10th

February 9th 

February 8th

February 7th

February 6th

February 5th

February 4th

February 3rd

February 2nd

February 1st

January 31st

January  30th

January 29th

January 28th

January 27th

January 26th

January 25th

January 24th

January 23rd

January 22nd

January 21st

January 20th

January 19th

January 18th

January 17th

January 16th

January 15th

January 14th

January 13th

January 12th

January 11th

January 10th

January 9th

January 8th

January 7th

January 6th

January 5th

January 4th

January 3rd

January 2nd

January 1st



December 31st 

December 30th 

December 29th 

December 28th 

December 27th 

December 26th 

December 25th 

December 24th 

December 23rd

December 22nd

December 21st

December 20th

December 19th

December 18th

December 17th

December 16th

December 15th

December 14th

December 13th 

December 12th 

December 11th 

December 10th

December 9th

December 8th

December 7th

December 6th

December 5th

December 4th

December 3

December 2

December 1

November 30

November 29

November 28th 

November 27th 

Novmeber 26th 

November 25th 

November 24th 

November 23rd 

November 22nd 

November 21st 

November 20

November 19

November 18

November 17

November 16

November 15

November 14

November 13

November 12th 

November 11

November 10th 

November 9th 

November 8th 

Novmeber 7th 

Novmeber 6th 

November 5th

November 4th

November 3rd

November 2nd

November 1st

October 31st

October 30th

October 29th

October 28th

October 27th

October 26th 

October 25th

October 24th

October 23rd

October 22nd

October 21st 

October 20th

October 19th

October 18th

October 17th

October 16th

October 15th

October 14th

October 13th

October 12th

October 11th 

October 10th

October 9th

October 8th

October 7th

October 6th

October 5th 

October 4th 

October 3rd

October 2nd

October 1st

September 30th

September 29th

September 28th

September 27th

September 26th 

September 25th 

September 24th

September 23rd

September 22nd

September 21st

September 20th

September 19th

September 18th

September 17th

September 16th

September 15th

September 14th

September 13th

September 12th

September 11th

September 10th

September 9th

September 8th

September 7th

September 6th 

September 5th

September 4th

September 3rd

September 2nd

September 1st

August 31st

August 30th

August 29th

August 28th

August 27th

August 26th

August 25th

August 24th 

August 23rd 

August 22nd

August 21st 

August 20th 

August 19th 

August 18th

August 17th 

August 16th 

August 15th

August 14th

August 13th

August 12th

August 11th

August 10th 

August 9th

August 8th

August 7th

August 6th  

August 5th

August 4th

August 3rd 

August 2nd 

August 1st

July 31st

July 30th

July 28th


July 26th 

July 25th

July 24th

July 23rd

July 22nd

July 21st

July 20th 

July 19th 

July 18th 

July 17th 

July 16th 

July 15th

July 14th

July 13th 

July 12th

July 11th  

July 10th

July 9th

July 8th

July 7th

July 6th 

July 5th

July 4th

July 3rd

July 2nd

July 1st

June 30th  

June 29th

June 28th

June 27th

June 26th

June 25th

June 24th

June 23rd

June 22nd

June 21st

June 20th

June 19th

June 18th

June 17th

June 16th

June 15th

June 14th

June 13th

June 12th

June 11th

June 10th

June 9th

June 8th

June 7th

June 6th  

June 5th

June 4th 

June 3rd

June 2nd 

June 1st

May 31st

May 30th

May 29th

May 28th

May 27th  

May 26th 

May 25th

May 24th

May 23rd

May 22nd

May 21st

May 20th 

May 18th

May 15th 

May 14th 

May 13th 

May 12th 

May 8th 

May 7th  

May 6th

May 5th




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