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Police Department
Police Department

Crime Challenges in the City of Berkeley
and how we can make a difference

The City of Berkeley faces crime challenges not unlike the majority of our neighboring communities, or towns and municipalities across the country. This is not an excuse and frankly, there are no excuses for crime...but we do experience it in our community.

The City of Berkeley Police Department (BPD) has little tolerance for it and we trust you don't either. However, we cannot arrest our way out of all crime. We cannot incarcerate our way out of crime and fewer property crime suspects spend long periods in custody in current times.

Collaboration between community members, business owners/workers, police and City services is essential to any successful policing program. BPD would love to be at the right place and time when every crime happens. This is one of the key motivators and energizers for officers, and yet, it is just not humanly or geographically or statistically possible. When BPD officers hear the "Alert Tones" over the police radio - "Beep! Beep! Beep! "Berkeley units, a robbery just prior.", be assured that the BPD officers on the streets and often officers and detectives in offices dash to the area because he/she or the team wants to catch the individual or individuals who are victimizing community members.

With all that said, collaboration includes crime prevention. BPD has recently been focusing our message on community members making small lifestyle changes. It is true, Little Things Can Make a BIG Difference. Perhaps hearing this saddens or frustrates you and yet, the City of Berkeley is a city, a dense urban enviroment in which we cannot leave our doors unlocked, valuables in our vehicles, bicycles unattended or locked with just cable locks, laptops unattended on cafe tables and gear in an unlocked fitness center locker amongst other activities. As long as the opportunistic theives know they can steal items in our community, they will continue to return. Let's thwart them!

                                                                         Just a few examples 
   - Mom leaves jog stroller on porch. Suspect steals it.
   - Couple leaves GPS on dashboard in parked car as they take a stroll.
      They return and window of car is smashed, GPS is gone.
   - Man leaves laptop on cafe table while he orders his latte, suspect takes off with it.
   - Two youngsters leave bikes outside store, come out after buying drinks -bikes
    are gone.

 The following pages are the start of a series entitled Crime Challenges in the City of Berkeley and what we can do to make a difference. Thank you for taking a few moments to review them and make those changes that make a difference.   

Car in Motion

List Of Crime Challenges
Auto Theft
Bike Theft
Burglary of Homes
Robbery & Theft of Smartphones, Laptops and...

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