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Police Badge Stylized 4How Do I File A Commendation?

Commendations, either verbal or written, are one of the ways to let our officers and professional staff know that you appreciate their good work and any extraordinary customer service you may have received.  All commendations for any member of the City of Berkeley Police Department are forwarded to the Chief of Police and are formally documented with the employee's direct supervisor and in his/her personnel file when appropriate.  We are committed to providing the best customer service possible to our community members. If you wish to commend a member of our staff please feel free to call, write or email us.   


Commendations can be dropped off, faxed or mailed to:

City of Berkeley Police Department
2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley, CA. 94704-1109    (510) 981-5975

Commendations can be emailed to


Commendations Received:


January 21

I would like to commend Officer B. Kishiyama #57 for the compassionate way in which he communicated with me at the discovery of my brother's body during a welfare check on January 10.  He demonstrated the utmost kindness and patience during the entire process of waiting for me to arrive, seeking clarifications for the Coroner's Office and being sure I and my family were prepared to move forward.  Please see that this letter of commendation is entered into his file.

Sincerely and on behalf of my family,


November 3rd

We called because a deer was stuck between a metal pole and cement retaining wall.  The police officer who arrived did such an outstanding job.  She was patient, concerned and capable.  After much effort the deer was freed and ran off.  I and my neighbors are so grateful to this police officer.

October 21st

Dear Berkeley Police Department,

I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the respectful, competent and compassionate attitudes that I have experienced with the Officers of Berkeley's Police Department over the years.

Today was no exception.  The officers who came to handle the traffic incident at University and Action this morning, where a cab struck a pedestrian, were so great to everyone, handling the witnesses, victim and driver with respect, care and great competence.

Over the years I have had to call the police in Berkeley for different reasons and have always had great experience with their service and concern.  

I know that the police in other cities have had bad press especially recently but after seeing the way this Department has handled themselves over the years all of you need recognition and commendation.

I have thought of sending a note before and never did.  But after today I wanted to express my gratitude and respect!


October 15th

I deeply appreciate your help with my disabled car yesterday.  Having it die on Marin was a difficult situation as it was precariously stopped at the steepest incline at Grizzly Peak and impeding uphill traffic.

Without you help it could have developed into an even more unsafe situation.  I was so glad to see the BPD car approach and was relieved ed to know it was you coming to deal with the problem.  

Again, your having the PD car guide the tow truck driver with my car saved the day.

You acted beyond the call of duty--I was impressed by your professionalism and problem solving in all this.  You reminded me how great Berkeley's Police Department can be.  

September 7th

I am writing to express my appreciation for the professional and respectful attitude I received on Sunday eve from Officer Johnson.  I hesitated to call police at first concerned the call for service could result in criticism towards the complaining party.  As you know I have been deeply involved in community policing in Berkeley and recognize good service when it happens.  Officer Johnson is clearly a decent man but he is also a very capable and considerate cop whose approach to public safety creates a sense of mutual trust between community and police.

Thank You,

August 20th

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank Officer Frankel for responding to our security alarm this afternoon.  Coming back to the house by myself with two kids in tow, I was so relieved to see the note on our kitchen counter letting us know the house had been cleared and secured.  It's what every mom wants to know!  Thanks so much for your time and effort.  It made me feel safe knowing you had been here.

All the best,

August 16th,

Chief Meehan,

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Officer P. Hammonds Badge #157 for her exemplary service (8/8) last Saturday morning.  Officer Hammonds responded to a motor vehicle collision involving a pedestrian in district 6.  Fortunately, the accident was not fatal.  The pedestrian who was jobbing, suffered a few bruises and scrapes.  Officer Hammonds was professional courteous, and empathetic to both the elderly driver and the pedestrian.  She also stayed after the (7) fire department personnel left.  The jogger was waiting for a family member to pick her up.  However, after 40 minutes, they still had not arrived.  Officer Hammonds graciously drove her home.  

Given the recent events surrounding police conduct, I felt it was important to give credit where credit is due.  Although truthfully, I would have acknowledged her exceptional public service irregardless of the current environment between law enforcement and the community.

Fine job Officer Hammonds!

Kind Regards,

June 30th

To whom it may concern:

Last Friday, I was with family having lunch at Skate's restaurant before visiting other family in San Francisco, only to have the rear window broken out of our car and personal items stolen.  After calling 911, Officer M.J. Valle arrived to make a report.  I would like to compliment Officer Valle for his overall professionalism through the report, as well as your department.  Being away from home makes a thing like this a bigger problem generally, so a smooth process to account for it sure helps.  

Again, thanks for the concern and a job well done.


June 9th

I wish to thank the Berkeley Police for finding my missing Toyota Corolla withing one day!  Their prompt, courteous response to my complaint with phone follow ups, made me aware that they were on the job all the time.  I was told right away when the car was found and where I could go to get it.  Again, many thanks to the Berkeley Police.


May 26th

Dear Officer Kassebaum,

This is to thank you for your kind concern, for your protection and for you dedication.  It means a lot to me, that our Police Department had dedicated officers like you.  God bless you!


May 22nd

Hi Officer White,

I know you're no longer our community coordinator, however, lacking another contact point I'm sending this to you. 

Last night there was a break in down the street from me on Allston Way and it resulted in a search for suspects that I understand resulted in the capture of two persons and the return of the stolen items to the homeowners.

During the time that the officers were working in our neighborhood they handled themselves in a professional manner including their handling of bystanders, persons traveling through the neighborhood, the affected households and the suspects.

The timeliness of their response  and the peaceful outcome of a potentially explosive situation was gratifying.  


A Berkeley Community Member

May 2nd

Hi, I was 5150'd two years ago, and when I was being arrested I blew smoke in an officers face and he did not harm me in any way. I just want to tell you how much I respect the Berkeley Police for respecting my mental health and controlling their own emotions, you are an example for the rest of the country.

Thank you, 

Former member of a North Berkeley Co-Op

May 2nd

To whom it may concern;

On May 1st (last Friday evening), a large group of my friends and I got together and went out in the city of Berkeley. Around 9:15pm, an incident occurred involving a friend of mine and several Berkeley police officers. Fortunately, all officers on the scene were highly professional, understanding, and demonstrated what I can only call a super-human ability to diffuse a potentially awful situation in such a way that would make police officers across the country proud. And Her respective citizens, despite many holding/professing "anti-police" politics, would have had to accept and acknowledge these brave officers as professional, selfless, and indispensable, to say the least.

After the officers on scene CLEARLY established authority on a busy street corner largely populated by young barkeepers like my group, they kept the situation from escalating (which truly shocked me given the amount my friends had drank), dealt with it in a most appropriate fashion, and left the scene after seeing that the situation was extinguished properly. Furthermore, the officers also quite courteous to our group before departing.

Unfortunately, I failed to get the name/badge numbers of the officers on scene. I was the only completely sober member of our group, and for whatever reason, I feared asking for an officer's name/badge number might come off the wrong way to them and further stress an already volatile situation. So, I am unable to give credit where credit is due, but would still really like to do so.

So once again, it occurred between roughly 9:10pm and 9:30pm near Cafe Durant and I believe it had to do with an open alcohol container (22 year old male pedestrian). There were at least two male officers on bicycles who arrived after one male and one female officer in a marked police vehicle had stopped said individual. I was very impressed by these officers' handling of the situation and, though they have bigger fish to fry, I hope that this token of gratitude and praise reaches them.

Yours, very sincerely and respectfully,

March 20th

To whom it may concern:

I wanted to send a thank you to Officer Diaz on the great job he did on the above case.  He came to my apartment to let me know of the incident and waited as I was in the shower when he arrived.  He was very apologetic about the situation and helped easy any questions I had. 

Berkeley has a wonderful officer on duty and I'm proud to know he's watching over our community!

March 1st

Positive statement for Officer Hunt #133

When my wife and I were away our home alarm was energized.  We were concerned and had a detailed discussion with Officer Hunt #133.  He explained in detail how he had completely investigated our residence.  I was impressed with his thoroughness and diligence as well as his clear explanation.  I am certainly happy that officers such as Officer Hunt are in the Berkeley Police Department.


February 14th

I just wanted to praise the two officers (Officer Waite and his partner) who took seriously and followed up on what was an unfounded call that mentioned my address and apartment number this evening.  Although I was safe and nothing had occurred, they went through everything thoroughly and used the opportunity to educate me about what the process would entail if something had happened, and then called me to follow up with additional information.  (The follow up call occurred midway through my writing this praise, and it was when I asked Officer Waite for his name for this purpose; he told me that he didn't need praise because he was just doing his job, which I think is all the more reason for praise.)  I am happy to report such a positive experience with the Berkeley Police Department. 

November 26th

To Whom It May Concern:

Officer Crews (Badge 107) is a credit to the Berkeley Police Department.  On the evening of November 25th, there was a five car traffic accident on Tunnel Road.  Officer Crews was stationed on Tunnel and Domingo to stop traffic from driving east into the area of the accident.  Many of the drivers were rude and they complained loudly to Officer Crews.  Officer Crews responded professionally, forcefully, and respectfully.  She controlled the situation and removed the possibility of a hostile confrontation.

Thank you for hiring such food officers,

November 24th

I want to personally thank Officer Martinez (I do not know the name of the partner who was with him!) for checking and securing our home when our alarm went off last Wednesday afternoon, 11/19.  When he called me from the premises to tell me everything was OK and how they had checked through our hose, he was so professional, reassuring, and warm/ put my mind at ease and that is just what I appreciate it.  Please pass this on to him.


November 3rd

Hello there,

I would like to commend Officer Martinez for great community service delivered twice in fact in recent months to our home.

The first was regarding a stolen car - he put my husband and I at great ease, and in fact our car was recovered within 24 hours has he predicted.

He happened to also respond to a minor situation tonight:  I was trying to teach our 6-year-old-daughter how to dial 911 in case of emergencies, and managed to accidentally/unintentionally connect to the dispatcher who promptly send Officer Martinez out to make sure we were indeed all okay.  He not only ascertained that there was no problem (again, very sorry to take up people's time with this), but also talked to our daughter to reinforce the message about real emergencies.  I sent a note (see below) to all the Berkeley parents in her classroom about our experience, to help spread the word on what to tell their kids on how to use emergency services appropriately.  Thank you Officer Martinez!

Best regards, 

November 3rd

Dear Christine,

On behalf of the members and the board of the Berkeley Zen Center, I would like to express our deep appreciate for the careful and sensitive way the police responded  to the tragic attempted hijacking on September 19th on the corner of Russell and Otis St. which led to the Death of Nancy McClellan, one of our dear members.  The promptness with which she was taken to the hospital and the care she received was remarkable.  We were also impressed with Officer Polizziani's two follow up presentations regarding safety and awareness.  When we had our Sunday memorial service, although I didn't meet you, I heard that you were there as was the chief of police, and we thank you for your concern.  Although our neighborhood seems relatively safe, anything can happen anywhere, and there is no such thing as absolute safety.  Given that, we are glad to have established a good and cooperative relationship with the police who patrol the neighborhood.

With gratitude for your service,         

October 29th


I wanted to express my gratitude to you in regards to Detective A. McDougall.  I came down to Berkeley Police Station last Thursday and met with Detective McDougall about a scooter I had purchased that had been previously reported as stolen and then sold to me as a legitimate vehicle.  He has been helping me with a mess of paper work that the DMV and towing company have had a difficult time helping me sort out.  Detective McDougall has been kind, proactive & efficient, and helped sort out this issue in less than a week.  I am very impressed with the Berkeley PD.  Thank you so much for providing such an excellent and reliable presence in our community. 


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