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Berkeley Police Area Coordinators

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The Berkeley Police Department has four (4) Area Coordinators, each assigned to specific areas throughout the city.  An Area coordinator is a Police Officer who is assigned to collaborate with other City of Berkeley Departments and services, as well as work with the community to solve long term police related problems.

This position is considered a special assignment and BPD officers must interview and are selected for these roles.  The Area Coordinators work collaboratively with their respective area beat officers under the direction of his/her assigned Area Commander. They research special projects, attend community & Neighborhood Watch meetings, regularly exchange information with the patrol officers who work your beat and neighborhood and participate in dialogue through phone calls and emails. 

The general team/office line is (510) 981-5806. The team members spend at least half of their time in the field throughout the week doing special projects and attending meetings.

If you are not sure what beat you live or work in, please link to our Map of the city which lists all 16 beats and each coordinator that represents the area.  You can also link to the beat officer line-up to know which officer patrols your area.


 Area 1 - Officer Brandon Smith #3

 Beats 1, 2, 3 and 16

Area 2Officer Sean Tinney #63

Beats  6, 7, 8, and 9   

Area 3- Officer Jumaane. Jones #160

Beats  4, 5, 10, 11, and 12 

Area 4 - Officer Chris Scott #23

Beats  13, 14, and 15


AC Map 04032017

The Area Coordinators also work collaboratively with City of Berkeley staff to problem solve neighborhood issues. The Neighborhood Watch (NW)  program is a coordinated effort between several city departments and actively involved NW groups throughout the city.  Neighborhoods have historically participated and assisted the police department with information regarding  new crime trends in their areas.  The information provided by community members to our officers is invaluable, resourceful and encouraged. 

Officers often attend NW meetings to maintain relationships with established groups and build new ones with newly formed groups.  As in all diverse and fast paced cities, crime is ever changing and our officers depend on the participation of the surrounding communities to assist them when crime hits close to home.  We encourage neighbors to get to know neighbors, and communities to raise awareness to others in their neighborhoods when valuable information is shared. 




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