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General Information

  Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 09-20-2017

  • Projects listed below have been acted on by the Zoning Adjustments Board or the Zoning Officer.
  • Staff has issued a Notice of Decision announcing the action, appeal deadline and appeal instructions.
  • Decisions on Zoning Applications may be appealed:
    • Zoning Officer decisions are appealed to ZAB
    • ZAB decisions are appealed to City Council
KEY: Guidelines:
Click on address to view the Notice of Decision
Click on the Assigned Planner's name to email them




Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

LMSAP2017-0003 3228 Adeline Seismic upgrade, storefront restoration, new stairs, landings and balconies at rear, new roof; and all window replacement (wood). Fatema Crane 09-27-17
ZP2017-0062 1735 Allston Revert two existing two units into a single family as originally permitted and constructed: 1) remove kitchen from ground floor; 2) remove one front entry door and foyer space; and 3) provide framing and finish materials to accommodate future seismic upgrade. James Frank 09-20-17
LMIN2017-0003 2030 Bancroft Landmark Initiation Fatema Crane 09-27-17
ZP2017-0050 1432 Blake Addition of fifth bedroom to existing parcel Alison Lenci 09-18-17
ZP2016-0062 1436 Campus New single family home with 5 bedrooms, carport in front yard setback and hot tub Immanuel Bereket 09-12-17
ZP2016-0254 1441 Campus To create an approximately 90 SF of new floor area at the rear of a SFR, within a rear yard setback of 5'-10" where 15'-3" is otherwise required Lucy Sundelson 08-03-17
ZP2017-0084 2025 Center Modify construction hours for parking garage Lucy Sundelson 08-03-17
ZP2017-0053 2136 Center To establish beer and wine service at an existing quick serve restaurant Alison Lenci 09-26-17
ZP2016-0214 3014 College Remodel and add 1611 sq. ft. to existing 4-unit building by raising building and converting attic space James Frank 09-19-17
ZP2017-0093 1065 Creston Residential addition over 14' average height James Frank 10-04-17
ZP2017-0036 199 Fairlawn 270 sq. ft. addition with reduction of front yard setback in R-1(H) Sydney Stephenson 09-20-17
ZP2016-0247 1446 Fifth To construct  four (4) three-story  detached dwelling units with each with enclosed garage in the Mixed-Use Residential District (MU-R) Lucy Sundelson 10-03-17
LMSAP2017-0004 1915 Fourth Addition of new window, and door openings on façade of Spenger's building Fatema Crane 09-27-17
ZP2017-0047 1805 Franklin Major residential addition over 14' in average height and vertical expansion of non-conforming setback James Frank 09-11-17
ZP2017-0063 835 Hearst  Lifting an existing single family dwelling to create a new 2nd floor at 835 Hearst  Lucy Sundelson 08-07-17
ZP2016-0203 2334 Jefferson To allow residential addition to exceed 14' in average height Lucy Sundelson 10-03-17
ZP2017-0076 933 Keeler Interior remodel of master bedroom and bathroom on 2nd floor, including enclosing an existing exterior covered balcony off the master bedroom about 14 feet in average height. James Frank 09-20-17
ZP2017-0115 1248  M L King Jr. Excavate within non-conforming front yard setback to create @ 64sf addition. Vicky Schlepp 09-18-17
LMIN2017-0004 1905 M L King Jr. Landmark Initiation Fatema Crane 09-27-17
ZP2017-0097 539 Neilson Vertically extend a nonconforming front and side yard to raise an existing single family dwelling 3' and excavate for a habitable lower level Charles Enchill 10-10-17
ZP2017-0138 2436 Oregon Remove existing window and create two new windows in the east elevation of a SFR, within a non-conforming side yard setback of 3'-3" where a minimum of 4' is otherwise required. Charles Enchill 09-26-17
ZP2016-0207 2527 San Pablo New 6-story mixed use project with 63 apartments and ground floor retail. Leslie Mendez 08-16-17
ZP2016-0134 3100 San Pablo Change of use from office to medical Greg Powell 08-03-17
ZP2016-0142 970 Santa Barbara  Major residential addition  James Frank 07-11-17
LMIN2017-0002 2526 Shattuck Landmark Initiation Fatema Crane 09-27-17
ZP2017-0075 1680 Short Addition over 14' in height; master bedroom and closet on upper level of house Lucy Sundelson 10-03-17
DRCF2017-0005 2777 Shattuck Final Design Review Anne Burns 08-09-17
ZP2016-0129 2212 Tenth Demolish existing single family home and construct 2 dwelling units on the property. Immanuel Bereket 09-12-17
ZP2017-0043 2621 Tenth Demolition of two derelict former dwelling units Layal Nawfal 08-10-17
ZP2017-0054 2405 Valley Residential remodel including excavation within non-conforming front and side yard at SFR James Frank 09-18-17
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