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General Information

Zoning Applications in Appeal Period
LAST UPDATED 01-17-2020

Projects listed below have been acted on by the Zoning Adjustments Board or the Zoning Officer.

  • Staff has issued a Notice of Decision announcing the action, appeal deadline and appeal instructions.
  • Decisions on Zoning Applications may be appealed:
    • Zoning Officer decisions are appealed to ZAB
    • ZAB decisions are appealed to City Council
KEY: Guidelines:
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Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2019-0012   1332 Alcatraz Add 6th bedroom. Leslie Mendez 01-29-20
ZP2018-0153   1533 Beverly  Major residential addition over 14' in average height with the addition of a 5th bedroom Allison Riemer 09-03-19
ZP2019-0113   1516 Carleton Demolish an existing 1,411 sq. ft. single family dwelling and garage on an existing 8,645 sq. ft. residential parcel and construct three new 2-story approx. 2,000 sq. ft. single family dwellings with 3 off-street parking spaces on the lot. Nicholas Armour 01-29-20
ZP2019-0092   1731 Channing  Raising a single-family dwelling by 4' and establishing a accessory dwelling unit in a rear portion of the dwelling. Allison Riemer 01-22-20
ZP2019-0131   1210 Cornell Demolition of the rear of an existing single-story 1,273 sq. ft. dwelling, and construction of a 1,400 sq. ft. two-story addition, including a ground-level deck to the rear, within non-conforming side yards. Alison Lenci 01-28-20
ZP2019-0178   1168 Cragmont To lift an existing home approximately 4 feet to create a 580-square-foot ground floor level (approx. 120 sq. ft. is already usable space) and to construct two new bay windows on the second story for a total of 46 square feet. Analisa Garcia 02-04-20
ZP2019-0136   1236 Dwight  Convert an existing garage to accessory building. This application is to allow previously unpermitted conversion. Annelise Dohr 01-27-20
 ZP2018-0236   0 Euclid New 50' high monopine wireless facility with related equipment Layal Nawfal 07-17-19
ZP2018-0108   2422 Fifth Convert existing dwelling unit into a medical office. Construct duplex at rear of property. Waive one residential parking space. Sharon Gong 11-19-19
DRSL2019-0020   1795 Fourth 1,350-sq. ft. addition to an existing 3,750 sq. ft. commercial building, conversion from 4 tenants to 2 tenants.  Work is shell only, tenant improvements under separate permit. Anne Burns  01-27-20
ZP2019-0037   1412 Hearst Second story addition to existing SFR. Cumulative major residential addition > 500SF. Annelise Dohr 02-06-20
ZP2019-0075   168 Hill Replace existing balcony with a deck. Residential addition over 14ft Annelise Dohr 01-27-20
ZP2019-0061   1581 Le Roy To make alterations to a landmark property including, (1) converting an existing K-12 School into a single family residence with 5 bedrooms, (2) establishing an ADU within the main building, (3) establishing a moderate impact home occupation, (4) adding 18 off-street parking spaces, (5) replacing existing fencing and constructing new fencing over 6 ft. in height, (6) creating a new deck over 14 ft. in average height and installing a hot tub on the new deck area, and (7) constructing an attached elevator shaft over 20 ft. in height. Fatema Crane 12-03-19
LMSAP2019-0004   1581 Le Roy  To make exterior alterations to an city landmark property, the Hillside School, including constructing new fences, off-street parking spaces, new window openings, an elevator shaft, and a new deck area. Fatema Crane
ZP2019-0146   1332-34 Oxford To legalize non-conforming residential density; vertical & horizontal expansion of non-conforming setback (side yard); horizontal expansion of non-conforming setback (front yard); residential addition over 14'; construction of accessory building (conversion from accessory structure); accessory building over height limit; addition of hot tub in required yard. Ashley James 01-29-20
ZP2018-0129   2307-09 Prince Conversion of 514 square foot of storage area in lower/basement to livable space, addition of bedrooms beyond the fifth and interior re-configuration, on an existing property with non conforming density. Ashley James 01-07-20
ZP2019-0116   1208 Rose Convert attached garage to habitable area and establish new parking space in the rear yard. Add a window to the converted garage which is in a non-conforming side setback. Ashley James 01-16-20
ZP2019-0085   2323 Rose Demo and rebuild of garage and deck within non-conforming front yard setback, over 12 feet in average height, hillside overlay.   Allison Riemer 01-23-20
ZP2019-0108   1562 San Lorenzo Major residential addition above 14 ft. in average height, by adding a 707 sq. ft. second story addition, and a 36 sq. ft. first floor addition. Vertically extend the non-conforming side yard. Alison Lenci 01-28-20
 ZP2018-0220   1835 San Pablo Demolition of existing 1-story commercial structure and construction of new 6-story mixed use building with 95 dwelling units, ground-level lobbies, parking and 4 live-work units, with State of California Density Bonus. Alison Lenci 01-07-20
ZP2018-0058   1446 Scenic Construct new ADU on a street 24' wide Vicky Schlepp 09-19-19
DRSA2020-0001      2929 Seventh New monument / directional sign at the northeast corner of 7th & Potter Streets, at the southwest corner of the 2929 Seventh Street property. This sign is consistent with the monument sign at 7th and Heinz. Anne Burns  01-30-20
ZP2019-0169   2768 Shasta Major residential addition over 14' in average height and over 20' in the Hillside Overlay. New hot tub. Nicholas Armour 01-27-20
ZP2019-0153   1505 Shattuck To establish retail wine sales (Type 20 ABC License) in an existing 1,300 sq. ft. one-story building on a  8,958 sq. ft. lot. Ashley James 01-07-20
ZP2019-0013   1801 Shattuck   Anne Burns  02-05-20
ZP2019-0107   1241 Sixth Change current vacant parking lot (lot is shared with U-HAUL) to a secured parking lot for M&A Towing. Parking for towed vehicles and tow trucks. No changes to the site, other than adding a new gate for the tow company. Ashley James 01-22-20
DRSA2019-0018   1850 Solano Install One set flood lit flat cut letters "Andronico's Community Markets" Anne Burns  01-22-20
ZP2019-0010   1061 Sterling  Extend existing elevated deck over 14' in height, replace existing sun-shade structure. Annelise Dohr 01-27-20
ZP2019-0184   1612 Stuart       To construct an accessory building that is 11' - 9" tall within 4' of the rear yard setback
 Analisa Garcia 02-04-20
 ZP2019-0034   1632 Stuart To (1) merge two parcels, 1632 Stuart (with two existing detached single-family residences) with a 1,290 sq. ft. vacant lot to the east, resulting in a new 8,143 sq. ft. parcel, (2) to construct a new detached one-story single 14 ft. tall family residence with a rear yard of 7 ft., where 20 ft. is required, and (3) to construct a new 262 sq. ft. addition to an existing detached 710 sq. ft. single-family residence, for a total of three single family residences on the parcel.  Fatema Crane 01-07-20
ZP2019-0007        1508 Virginia  Creating a 2nd story on an existing one-story single family home.
 Jim Frank 02-11-20
ZP2019-0188   1414 Walnut To replace an existing 6' tall chain-link fence located along the property line to the east at Walnut Street with new 8 ft. tall brown chain-link fence at a City of Berkeley Landmark property, the Former Garfield School. Alison Lenci 01-28-20
ZP2019-0099   1600 Walnut Vertical addition in non-conforming setback above 14 feet in average height, less than 200 sf of new floor area, reorient garage, and new retaining wall along property line. Ashley James 01-07-20


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