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Housing Code Enforcement
Housing Code Enforcement

California Carbon Monoxide Device(s) Requirements 


A California State Law (SB-183) aimed at preventing deaths and injuries caused by the odorless and colorless gas, carbon monoxide, makes it mandatory for property owners to install carbon monoxide device(s) in all residential dwelling units intended for human occupancy (both owner occupied and rental).  

The Details 

Property owners should be aware that all dwelling units intended for human occupancy shall have carbon monoxide device(s) that are listed and approved by the State Fire Marshal.  Carbon monoxide device(s) are required in each existing dwelling unit if the dwelling or building is equipped with a fossil fuel burning appliances, fireplace, or an attached garage.  

With respect to the number and placement of the carbon monoxide device(s), the owner shall install the device(s) in a manner consistent with building standards for new construction relevant to the type of occupancy and/or per the manufacturers’ installation instructions. Reference California Residential Code R315 and/or California Building Code 420.6/420.6.2.6. 

Additionally, all carbon monoxide device(s) shall be operable at the time that the tenant (renters, new owner) takes possession. A tenant shall be responsible for notifying the owner or owner’s agent if the tenant becomes aware of an inoperable or deficient device(s). The owner or owner’s agent shall correct any reported deficiencies or inoperable device(s) as soon as the owner or owner’s agent receives notice from the tenant that the carbon device(s) is inoperable. 


Per California State Law violation of this requirement becomes an infraction and is punishable by a maximum fine of $200.00 for each offense. Enforcement in existing residential unit(s) is the responsibility of Housing Code Enforcement, within the Berkeley Planning and Development Department. 


  •  For questions pertaining to permitted new construction contact the Building & Safety Division at (510) 981-7440. 
  •  For questions pertaining to existing housing or rental housing contact the Housing Code Enforcement office at (510) 981-5444. 




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