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2009 Draft Southside Plan Chapters

The 2009 Draft Southside Plan is an updated version of the 2003 Draft Southside Plan.  The 2003 Plan was written between 1999 and 2003, and was reviewed by the public and commissions in 2003, but its adoption could not be considered until the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) was released in 2008.  As a result, portions of the Plan are outdated, either due to changes in the Southside itself or changes to city and state ordinances and required an update.  However, the policies and zoning amendments in the 2003 draft continue to be valuable and worth implementing because the underlying issues in the Southside have not changed. 

At the direction of the Planning Commission, amendments to the 2003 Plan have been proposed.  The chapters listed below are shown in a “track-change” format, so that proposed amendments to the 2003 draft Southside Plan are apparent.  These amendments are intended to update, clarify and correct the Southside Plan, without changing the intent of the document.  These amendments fall into two categories:

Updates to the Plan:  These additions, shown in italics, indicate changes in the Southside area and local policies that have occurred since 2003.  They are intended to inform the reader of current conditions in the Southside.

Corrections to the Plan:  Changes to the Plan are suggested to correct mistakes in the text and to clarify policies and proposed zoning code language that had become inaccurate due to changes in city and state ordinances.  These proposed changes are intended to bring the zoning language into conformance with current law while keeping the original direction of the Plan. 

Formatting and page numbering will be addressed in the final version of the Plan.

Introduction and Plan Goals

  • Introduction
  • Southside Planning Process
  • Related Planning Studies

Land Use and Housing Element

Transportation Element

Economic Development Element

Community Character Element

Public Safety Element

Southside Design Guidelines

Zoning Districts

  • C-T  Telegraph Avenue Commercial District  (existing district, with Southside revisions)
  • R-SMU  Residential Southside Mixed Use District  (new district per the Southside Plan)
  • R-S  Residential Southside District  (new district per the Southside Plan)
  • R-3  Multiple Family Residential District  (existing district, with Southside revisions)


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