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The General Plan includes an ambitious list of actions and programs. Given the large number of policies and actions and the limited resources that are available to the City annually, it is not possible to fund every action and program in the plan at once. Effective implementation of this General Plan will require a periodic process to prioritize the actions and programs to determine the priority for funding specific actions and programs each year over the 20-year life of the General Plan.

To ensure that the City’s biennial budget decisions are consistent with the General Plan and the community has the opportunity to prioritize General Plan actions and programs prior to the City Council’s biennial budget decisions, the Implementation Element establishes a public process for making recommendations to the City Council on the status of the plan and proposed budget allocations. This approach to General Plan implementation ensures that the plan remains a dynamic, responsive document and that the City’s budget decisions are consistent with the long-term goals of the City’s General Plan.


The objectives of the Implementation Chapter are to:

1. Ensure effective implementation of the General Plan by coordinating General Plan priorities with the City Council’s budget and capital improvement decisions.

2. Ensure that annual budget and capital improvement plan expenditures address current community priorities and needs as well as long-term goals for the physical development of the city.

3. Ensure that the General Plan remains a dynamic, up-to-date, responsive guide for the physical development of the city.

Policy and Actions

Policy IM-1 General Plan Implementation

Maintain the General Plan as a dynamic, responsive, up-to-date guide for public decision-making and expenditures.


A. Annually, the Planning Commission will hold at least one public meeting to discuss the status of the General Plan and progress made toward implementation.

B. Biennially, the City staff will prepare a status report for the Planning Commission on the General Plan that includes: 1) a summary or matrix evaluating the City’s progress toward achieving the General Plan’s objectives and implementing the policies and actions, 2) any recommended amendments to the General Plan or Area Plans, and 3) any staff recommendations regarding future year(s) funding for General Plan actions and programs. The report should be available to the Commission no later than December of the year prior to the adoption of the biennial City Budget. All relevant City departments should participate in the preparation of the report, and the report should be circulated to all relevant boards and commissions prior to the Planning Commission public meeting. After its meeting on the status of the General Plan, the Planning Commission should forward a report to the City Council on progress made in implementing the Plan and include any recommendations regarding the highest priority General Plan actions or programs that should be funded in the upcoming biennial budget.

C. Prior to the adoption of the citywide Budget and Capital Improvement Program, the City Council shall review progress made in implementing the General Plan and associated Area Plans.

D. When adopting the City Budget and Capital Improvement Program, the City Council shall include a finding of consistency with the General Plan and associated Area Plans.

E. To help ensure adequate funds for capital improvements identified in the General Plan, the City should maintain capital reserve funds and whenever possible set funds aside each year for future capital projects. Expenditures from the committed reserves should be made in consultation with appropriate boards and commissions through the annual review and biennial budget process.

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