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Department of Planning & Development
Department of Planning & Development


Street and Sidewalk Use Permits


a.    Construction where storage of materials, debris or equipment is involved within the public right-of-way.
b.    House moving
c.    Demolition where storage of materials, debris or equipment is involved with the public right-of-way.
d.    Debris boxes by contractors.

Enabling Resolution/Ordinance: 

BMC 16.16.010, 16.16.030, 16.16.070, 16.16.080, Resolution No. 4111-N.S.

Payment Provisions: 

Time of Payment:     At the time permit is issued.

Location of Payment:     Permit Service Center, 2120 Milvia Street

Payment Conditions:     Check, cash or credit card.

Inspections After Fee is Paid: 

Any changes in construction methods, pedestrian protection and controls or use of the area covered by this permit must be reported prior to implementation.

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Engineering Permit Information 

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