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Parks Division
Parks Division

Parks Maintenance

1325 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA 94702

(510) 981-6660


It is the goal of the Berkeley Parks Recreation and Waterfront Department to maintain and improve the City's parks and park facilities, grounds, medians, urban forest, and waterfront in safe, functional and attractive condition; and to involve and engage the community in the implementation of the mission.

The City of Berkeley Parks department maintains 52 parks that include 48 play areas; 21 turf medians, triangles, and dividers; 44 parking and vacant lots; 75 paths, walks and steps; and Berkeley Marina.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, and suggestions about our  maintenance, rules or features at our Parks Customer Service

Tel:      (510) 981-6660

Fax:     (510) 981-6665

e-Mail: Parks Maintenance


 Mobile Unit Supervisors and Senior Landscape Gardeners

Mobile Unit 1: Landscape Gardener Supervisor, Vacant, (North Berkeley & Weekend Service Telephone: 510-981-6663)

Mobile Unit 2: Landscape Gardener SupervisorPam Boland (West Berkeley & Sports Fields / Mowing Telephone: 510-981-6637)

Mobile Unit 3: Landscape Gardener Supervisor, Melissa Marizette-Green (South Berkeley Telephone: 510-981-6639)

Waterfront Unit: Landscape Gardener Supervisor, Matt Shogren (Waterfront Telephone: 510-981-6731)

(Please check the Parks List for each park's assigned Mobile Unit)




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