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Aquatic Park Improvement Program (APIP)

The Aquatic Park Improvement Program (APIP) consists of a series of capital improvements to Aquatic Park that will improve the hydrology and water quality of the lagoons, wetland and upland habitat, and user amenities, such as improved pathways, seating, overlooks, interpretive signage, etc. Phase I addresses the water quality and some of the habitat improvements by increasing the water circulation and tidal exchange to bring cooler, more saline Bay water into the lagoons, which will improve habitat for invertebrates and fish, and the birds that feed on them.

Phase I also includes removing invasive non-native plant species and replanting with appropriate native plants.

Phases 2 through 4 will further improve the upland habitat and will provide user amenities.

Current Status

The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that includes the Response to Comments on the Draft EIR is being prepared. When completed, it will be available for public review and comment, prior to going to the City Council for possible action.

APIP Documents


Aquatic Park Hydrology and Water Quality Reports (Other than APIP)

APIP Environmental Documents

APIP Environmental Documents

APIP Process to Date

  1. Aquatic Park Natural Resource Management Study completed, Laurel Marcus & Associates/Hydrologic Systems/Hydroikos Associates, (7/2003) *
  2. Parks & Recreation Commission/Aquatic Park Subcommittee Meetings, (13 meetings: June 2006 – June 2007; January 2008)
  3. P & R Commission approved modified scenario 4B (1/28/2008 )
  4. APIP EIR Scoping Meeting #1, (7/9/2009)
  5. APIP EIR Scoping Meeting #2,(10/24/2011) (at Parks & Recreation Commission)
  6. APIP EIR Scoping Meeting #3, (11/16/2011)
  7. Draft APIP EIR Public Comment Period (extended), (11/8/2012 – 2/11/2013)
  8. Draft EIR Public Hearing (at Parks & Recreation Commission, (12/3/2012)
  9. Draft EIR Public Hearing #2, (12/12/2012)
  10. Council Actions/Presentations
    • 6/24/2008 – Staff presentation and Council action

Council directs staff to begin environmental review process with the modified scenario 4B as the Preferred Alternative and Scenario 4B as the Secondary Alternative

    • 6/23/2009 –Staff presentation and Council discussion


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