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Frequently Asked Questions About  Berkeley Marina 


Are there Liveaboard accommodations? 

The Berkeley Marina does have liveaboard vessels provided each vessel meets criteria for legal liveaboard status. The Marina is regulated by San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission permit. Currently, Marinas are granted 10% of their total berthing to liveaboards. The criteria to meet liveaboard status is: Vessel must be a minimum 24ft in length, kept in good repair and in seaworthy condition. Vessel must not be permanently attached to the Dock and must leave the marina waters once each 180 day period.  

Vessels must be inspected by the Harbormaster on conditions of holding tanks, sinks, heads, valves and vents. Vessels must be currently registered or documented. Persons interested in Liveaboard availability should contact the Marina Office at 510-981-6740.  

Are there Waitlists?  

 Not at this time, please check back with the Marina office.

Are Berths available?   

We have non-Liveaboard and commercial berths available to accommodate many boaters, but the availability becomes limited during spring-fall season.  

Are there Dry storage for trailer vessels?  

Yes, Berkeley Marina Accommodates Dry Storage berthers.  

Contact the Marina office for further information.  

Are there Visitor Berths for weekend boaters? 

Yes, contact the Marina office or call Berkeley Marina on your VHF radio, channel 16 or call 510-981-6740.  

What are the costs involved with having a berth at the Berkeley Marina?  

Berthing Fees - New Effective August 1st 2015 

Where is the Harbormaster's Office located?   

Map and Directions 

What are fees for using Launch Ramp?  

$15.00 per launch  

Do I need a license to fish?  

Yes, a fishing license is needed to fish everywhere at the Berkeley Marina. 

Where can I get bait? Live bait?  

There is a bait receiver at the end of our K dock. They are usually open 5:00am – 9:00am during season. The Bait Shop on University Ave has more convenient hours and sometimes will stock up on live bait as well. They are open 5:00am – 7:00pm 

How do I book a fishing trip on a charter boat in the Berkeley Marina?  

Call the Bait Shop (510) 849-2727. They book charter boats. 

Where can I park at the Marina?  

There is public parking at the Berkeley Marina. Unless otherwise marked, those spots are 72 hour parking with no permit needed. 

Can I bring an RV/Camper to the Marina?  


How do I make a reservation for a boat slip over the weekend?  

Call the Berkeley Marina Office at (510) 981-6740. First come, First Serve. We will make reservations 72 hours or less in advance.

How do I check the availability of boat slips at the Marina?  

Call the Berkeley Marina Office at (510) 981-6740 

What are the Harbormaster's Office hours? 

Weekdays (Monday – Friday) 8:00am – 4:00pm 

Weekends (Saturday) 8:00am- 4:00pm 

How do I reserve a park area/picnic spot at the Marina?  

We do not make reservations for picnic areas at the Shorebird Park area or Ceasar Chavez Park. All picnic areas are first come first serve. Group size is limited to under 50 people unless you get a special event permit. 

How do I get in contact with Adventure Playground?  

Call the Shorebird Nature Center (510) 981-6720 email us at

Information is also on the website: 

What information is available at the Shorebird Nature Center?  

Straw Bale Building - Information on our 'Green Building' 

Shorebird Nature Center - Shorebird Nature Center. Email  @ 

Summer Programs Shorebird Nature Center - Information on classes and programs 

When is the next lien boat auction? 

We have boat auctions every 6 months or so. We will post information on the boats at least 30 days in advance: 

  Berkeley Marina Lien Sales  

What are the Rules at the Berkeley Marina? 

Park rules - Rules for Shorebird Park  

MARINA ORDINANCE 6.20 - Rules for the entire Waterfront 


  Concerning Marina issues, please  

  Please call  

  Customer Service (510) 981-6740  


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