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Parks Recreation & Waterfront Department
Parks Recreation & Waterfront Department

PRW Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

PRW’s capital funding is made up of Recurring Capital from the Parks Tax, General Fund, Marina Fund and the Camps Fund. This $1.75 M, along with Bond Measure funds from Measure WW and now T1 Bond Measure funds are used to address our most critical unfunded needs. Measure F, the 2014 Parks Tax increase approved by Berkeley voters has increased parks tax yearly capital from $250,000 to $1,000,000 since FY2016. Capital Improvements include safety and accessibility; replacing deteriorated play equipment, repairing or replacing site furnishings; improvement to existing playing field and basic infrastructure improvements.

PRW Projects in the Public Process Phase  

The following projects are currently taking comments. Please click on each project to learn more.  To provide comments, click on the Email associated with the project manager.

Funded Capital/ Major Maintenance Projects
The Currently Funded Projects List contains a list of all funded projects.  The PRW Detailed Project Summary provides a more extensive details about each currently funded PRW Capital and major maintenance projects. 

PRW Capital Projects Approval

City Council authorizes Capital Improvement Projects every two years when they approve the bi-annual budget.  A detailed look at the FY18 and FY19 approved projects is in the City of Berkeley’s Capital Improvement Program Document. These projects are first reviewed by the Parks and Waterfront Commission and then approved by the City Council. Residents interested in proposing future projects or advocating for a particular project should attend a Parks and Waterfront Commission meeting.

Minor Maintenance Projects

The passage of Measure F also allocated $450,000 for yearly parks minor maintenance projects starting in FY16. Below are the lists of completed projects from FY16 through FY19.

FY16 Minor Maintenance
FY17 Minor Maintenance
FY18 Minor Maintenance 
FY 19 Minor Maintenance


Unfunded Capital Projects

As of March 2019, the PRW Department estimates that our building, park, waterfront and camps inventory of Unfunded Capital and Major Maintenance Needs is approximately $181M.  

Parks Tax Audit

The City Auditor has completed audit of 2016 non-salary related Parks Tax expenditures. This Audit included expenditures for all Capital and Minor Maintenance expenses. The Auditors report and results can be reviewed in here. Parks tax audit report

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