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Parks Recreation & Waterfront Department
Parks Recreation & Waterfront Department

Capital Projects Recurring Funding Allocation

Recurring capital funding is used to address our most critical unfunded needs and allows selected projects to be accomplished annually. These funds are also used selectively to leverage grants. Park improvements focus on direct benefits to park users and future sustainability. These improvements include safety and accessibility improvements; replacing deteriorated play equipment; repairing or replacing site furnishings; improvements to existing playing fields for increased youth sports opportunities; and basic infrastructure improvements, including rehabilitation of sports courts, lighting, eroded walkways and irrigation renovations for greater water efficiency.

Currently, PRW Department receives the following CIP funding each fiscal year:

Parks Tax Fund: $1,000,000
This funding source was recently increased from $350,000 to $1,000,000 with the passage of Measure F in 2014. This funding is limited Parks and Facilities within city limits.

General Fund (610): $400,000
This funding is to address outstanding ADA issues and improve Playground Equipment

Marina Fund: $350,000
This funding source contributes to Capital Projects in the Waterfront, City property west of Highway 80.

Camps Fund: $0
This fund has historically contributed $250,000 to the recurring CIP funding. However, since Berkeley Tuolumne Camp was destroyed in the 2013 Rim Fire (FY14), it has been unable to contribute.



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