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General Information


CoBWEB External Links Policy

 Purpose of CoBWEB


The purpose of the City of Berkeley website (“CoBWEB”) is to provide information about City services, laws, policies, and initiatives. CoBWEB is not intended to provide a forum for debate or public exchange of information, but rather is maintained for the exclusive use of the City of Berkeley to communicate with the public.

 A primary function of CoBWEB is to provide information about City government and City services to the public.  A secondary function is to make available to the public information provided by outside entities by providing information as to how those entities can be contacted or, in some cases, providing Links to their websites. This policy guides the creation of such Links.


 “CoBWEB” means the City of Berkeley Website, and includes all documents, databases, log files, web pages, and other information residing on any City-owned web server. This includes - but is not limited to - all information housed on a City of Berkeley web server using html, asp, word, pdf, and / or database storage formats. 

 “Link” means the creation of implied or explicit hyperlinks or connections from images, notices, and other communications on the City of Berkeley to other websites or locations on the world wide web, including:

  • Hyperlinks activated by clicking on an image or text, leading to a web page that does not reside on a City of Berkeley web server (explicit);
  • Mention of a URL address providing users with the address of a web page that does not reside on a City of Berkeley web server, or (implied);
  • Any other explicit or implied facilitation of movement from CoBWEB to another web page that does not reside on a City of Berkeley web server. 


 Links from CoBWEB to other sites on the Internet do not constitute an endorsement, and the City is not responsible for the content, quality, or accuracy of any materials referenced or linked through the City of Berkeley’s Website. By using CoBWEB, the user acknowledges and accepts that the City of Berkeley is not responsible for any materials stored on other Internet sites, nor it is liable for any inaccurate, defamatory, offensive, or illegal materials found on other Internet sites, and that the risk of injury from viewing, hearing, downloading, or storing such materials rests entirely with the user. The City of Berkeley does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at these locations, and disclaims any and all liability for their contents.

 General Links Policy

 Approval. No Link from CoBWEB, including from a Single Topic Web Page, may be created without prior approval of the department director (or the department CoBWEB development representative, serving as an agent of the department director) based on a determination that the proposed Link page meets the criteria of this Policy. Such approval may in any written form, including an e-mail correspondence.

 Accessibility. The PIO may not approve any Link unless it follows all universal accessibility and design guidelines set forth in the "ADA & Universal Accessibility Compliance" of the City of Berkeley Web Policy, employs correct and functional HTML coding, and has an attractive and professional design format.

 General Criteria. Links to outside entities must provide a benefit to the City and persons using CoBWEB by:

  • Providing public notice of a specific event which is open to the public and has received City sponsorship in the form of a City Council resolution; or
  • Advancing goals established by the City Council. 

 Links to Vendors. To avoid the perception that the City endorses or provides favorable treatment to any private person or business enterprise, the City does not allow corporate or commercial logos or direct Links to vendor sites.

Requests for Links. The City does not accept requests for placement of Links on CoBWEB .  Any City employee who receives a request to place a Link on CoBWEB shall state that requests are not accepted and refer the requestor to the City’s Public Information Officer (PIO). The PIO may obtain or accept relevant information from the requestor about the good or service it provides, and may then determine whether a Link to that requestor would comply with this policy and if so, whether or not to create such Link.

Links Potentially Permissible throughout CoBWEB. The following types of Links may be permitted throughout CoBWEB, subject to approval by the PIO, if they comport with the general policy set forth above.

  • Links to other governmental agencies;
  • Links to organizations that have received formal sponsorship from the City of Berkeley in the form of a City Council resolution, or with which the City has entered into a joint initiative to achieve a City objective.

Single Topic Web Page Link Policy

The City may choose to create single Web pages on CoBWEB that are limited to a specific topic defined by the City but that connect website visitors to resources outside the City. Such Single Topic Web pages must conform with the general links policy above, be directly relevant to and consistent with the stated purpose of the web page and meet all of the following criteria:

1.   Each Single Topic Web page:

  • Shall be identified as such, and its nature and governing policies shall be clearly stated on the top of the page;
  • Shall be limited to a single Web page;
  • Shall be limited to a single identified topic a clearly identified category of Links.

2.   A Single Topic Web page may only be established pursuant to written approval by the PIO (acting as an agent of the City Manager), based on a determination that the proposed Single Topic Web page meets the criteria of this Policy. The PIO shall maintain a written record of all such approvals, and any Single Topic Web page that has not been approved by the PIO shall be immediately removed. 

3.   Single Topic Web pages may be established only if they advance initiatives that are being actively and explicitly undertaken by the City for a public purpose or provide access to news or information about the City of Berkeley, its businesses, tourist attractions, and similar tourism information.

4.   The following Single Topic Web pages are authorized under this policy:

  • Public and private educational institutions and museums.
  • Hospitals and medical clinics.
  • Local and regional economic development organizations that assist the City in promoting and supporting local businesses and job growth.
  • Entities and organizations whose primary purpose is to provide information about Berkeley hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and similar of tourism information. Directional information of interest to the public, such as maps, directories of goods and services in Berkeley.
  • Legally authorized radio and television stations that provide service in Berkeley.
  • Print publications that provide news and information about Berkeley and are delivered or sold in Berkeley, and that are published at least once per week.



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