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Property Owner Inspection Request

Berkeley Municipal Code (BMC) Section 12.48 established the City's Rental Housing Safety Program (RHSP). The RHSP allows owners to request inspection of their residential rental unit(s) in lieu of the annual requirement that owners certify that their rental unit(s) meet certain safety standards as contained in Schedule A of the City's Housing Safety Checklist. All units receiving a City Housing Inspection where either no violations have been found to exist or where any violations found have been corrected will be exempt from the Schedule A of the required Certification until the earlier of either July 1st of the third year following the date of the inspection or the revocation of a certificate of compliance issued by the City.

There is no charge for the initial inspection or for the first re-inspection where all violations cited have been corrected. However, if violations are found and are not corrected by the first re inspection a fee will be charged based on the fee schedule set forth in City Council Resolution No. 62,230 N.S.

Please be informed that we may not be able to accommodate your request but will inform you if this is the case. Also, in order for us to inspect the unit, if the unit is occupied, it will be your responsibility to make arrangements with the tenant as to the date/time of the inspection and to allow access to the City's housing inspector. Units that are vacant, or have been grouped together so that the inspector can inspect more than one unit will have preference.

Property Owner Inspection Requests are reviewed during normal business hours, Phone Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM -- Walk-In Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM - - - - - - - - - - - Housing Inspector Hours: Phone Hours: 8:00-9:00 AM -- Walk-In Hours: By Appointment Only - - - - - - -. You will be contacted within 10 business days of your submittal regarding your request. At that time you will be informed if we are able to accommodate your request. If we are able to accommodate the request, arrangements will be made at that time. Please be aware you and/or a legal representative must be on-site to provide access for the inspection on the pre-arranged date/time.

If you are not the property owner, but a rental tenant wishing to schedule a safety inspection to follow up on a Schedule A self-inspections done for your building, or to investigate a new safety issue, then please go to the Tenant Inspection Request / Request for Service.

If you are the property owner, or legal represntative acting on behalf of the owner, please fill out the requested information for PROPERTY DETAILS and PROPERTY OWNER / OWNER REPRESENTATIVE.

All fields marked by (*) on this page are mandatory.


Main Information

(*) Property address:
Complex / building name:
(*) Total rental units:
(*) Inspect common areas?

Please be advised that inspectors have an obligation to cite apparent and immediate health and safety hazards in their path of travel even if you have stated that you do not want common areas inspected.

Preferred inspection date(s) / time(s):

Apartments / Rental Units

You must create a list of all apartments / rental units you wish to be inspected. Fill out information for one unit at a time, and click 'Insert to List  (↓)' button to insert to list below. Use 'auto-repeat' to copy same street address to each rental unit and also increment unit # by 1.

(*) Unit address:
(*) Apartment / Unit #:
(*) Rental status:

Unit AddressUnit #Rental StatusEdit
0 rental units in list


In the space provided, please indicate the primary contact person with whom the City would coordinate and schedule the inspection. The primary contact person must be present for the inspection, or else designate a secondary contact person to be present.

Primary Contact Person is  >  >  >  >  >  >  >

Primary Contact Person

(*) Last name
(*) First name
(*) Mailing address Apt/Suite/Bldg
(*) City State
(*) Zip code
Property Management Company (if applicable)

Contact Info

(*) Primary / day phone #
Secondary phone #
(*) Email address
(*) Is Primary Contact Person attending inspection?

Is there anything else we should know about the property or your reasons for requesting the inspection?
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