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Environmental Health Division
Environmental Health Division

Online  Food Facility Inspection Results

The Division of Environmental Health conducts annual routine inspections of  all food establishments in the city that includes: restaurants, markets, deli's and liquor stores. This website was designed to educate and inform the public of the current health status of your favorite eating establishment.  You can also follow these methods to protect food you prepare at home for your family.

Our goal during inspections is to look for the most significant factors that contribute to foodborne illness.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified five risk factors as contributors to investigated and confirmed foodborne illness outbreaks. This  website will focus on eliminating those CDC risk factors.

The five CDC risk factors are identified below:


Division of Environmental Health: Holding Temperature Improper holding temperatures Holding food at an unsafe temperature that  may cause a foodborne illness.  In general, food should be kept out of the Temperature  Danger Zone (41°F - 135°F). 
Division of Environmental Health: Holding Temperature


Not heating food to temperatures that kill bacteria which may cause a foodborne illness.  In general, foods should be thoroughly cooked to safe temperatures. 
Division of Environmental Health: Personal Hygiene

Poor personal hygiene

Unsanitary habits by employees like not washing their hands before beginning work or after using the restroom.  Poor personal hygiene by an employee may cause a foodborne illness.
Division of Environmental Health: Warewashing

Contaminated equipment

Using unclean utensils or equipment in the preparation of food may cause a foodborne illness.  Food contact surfaces must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized after each use. 
Division of Environmental Health: Food from Unsafe Source Foods from
unsafe sources
Using food from home or unlicensed providers may cause a foodborne illness.  Food must come from an approved and reputable supplier.

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