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Environmental Health Division
Environmental Health Division

Food Safety

Minimum Safe Cooking Temperatures

The information below gives you the minimum internal cooking temperature for different types of food products.  Adequate cooking at the minimum temperature will reduce your chances of foodborne illness.

Food *


Cooked vegetables for hot holding

 135 °F

Raw shell eggs for immediate service, fish, and single pieces of meat

 145 °F 

Raw eggs and foods containing raw eggs not prepared for immediate service, comminuted meat, any food containing comminuted meat, and injected meats

 155 °F

Poultry, comminuted poultry, and stuffed foods such as stufed fish, meat, pasta or poultry

 165 °F 

*All temperatures are internal

Helpful Hints in the Kitchen

How to keep your kitchen counters clean

Bleach and commercial kitchen cleaning agents are good sanitizers, provided they are used according to product directions.  They are effective in destroying bacteria.  Soap and hot water does a good job of removing dirt and grease, but does not kill bacteria.  Also, be sure to keep dishcloths and sponges clean because, when wet, they may harbor bacteria and promote their growth.

How to defrost my meat, poultry and fish

It is recommended that food be thawed or defrosted in the refrigerator or microwave or by putting the package in a water-tight plastic bag submerged in cold water and changing the water every 30 minutes.  Changing the water ensures that the food is kept cold, an important factor for slowing bacterial growth that may occur on the outer thawed portions while the inner areas are still thawing.

When microwaving, follow directions on package.  Leave about 2 inches between food and the inside surface of the microwave to allow heat to circulate.  Foods defrosted in the microwave oven should be cooked immediately after thawing / defrosting.

Do not thaw / defrost meat, poultry and fish products on the counter or in the sink without cold water; bacteria can multiply rapidly at room temperature.

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